Classic quote : Meeting is always inexplicable, leaving is always natural
  1. When you meet cute people, life becomes better all of a sudden, the streets and evening breeze are all sweet.
  2. You have missed the gorgeous Xia Hua, you will surely walk into the quiet leaves of autumn leaves. Anything, anyone, will be a thing of the past, don't go through it with it.
  3. In fact, you are not very good to me, you just speak beautifully.
  4. Reading the works of genius, it seems that he is a genius. -Mu Xin's "Literature Memoirs"
  5. Some things can't be changed by hard work, just like the RMB 50 yuan is designed to look good, and there is no one hundred yuan like it.
  6. Don't be the one who was bruised all over by his injuries, but coaxed back by a word .
  7. Be happy, sooner or later you will be the treasure of others.
  8. What you give with all your thoughts is not necessarily what the other party wants. Prosperity fades away. The heart remains the same. Only the banknotes, you can see the truth in the dull.
  9. Feelings are not about finding the best person, but about finding the best person for you.
  10. You did not lose to the cruel present, but to regret the past yesterday and worry about the future tomorrow.
  11. Do you know what is human's biggest weapon? It's the determination to get out. ——Kisaro Isaka
  12. Sensitivity is really painful. As long as you know that the other party is wrong, you will die.
  13. Whether you are single, in love, or in love, I hope you can understand that the goal of life is not love , but happiness.
  14. Beautiful people are easy to forgive even if they make mistakes. People who look ugly can't forgive others, let alone make no mistakes.
  15. There are too many bad people in this world. Fortunately, I am not a good person.
  16. To put it bluntly, feelings are just things that do n’t exist without contact. You did n’t stay, and I did n’t look back. I hope you will be better, so good that you forget that I have been there.
  17. I really want to sell the house I live in to travel, but unfortunately the landlord does not agree.
  18. The moon meets the cloud, the flower meets the wind, and the moonlight is beautiful tonight, because you are by your side.
  19. Everything will have a happy result. If not, it will prove that it has not reached the end.
  20. It's always inexplicable to meet, leaving always to let go.