Classic Quotations : It doesn't have to be bright to live, but it must have its own color
  1. Some things have been changing, but some things have never been changed, but they are always insisted that they no longer need others to know.
  2. Cross the borders of friends, either lovers or strangers!
  3. In the tired life, we must embrace some tender dreams .
  4, enjoy the busy, adapt to loneliness.
  5. I see that all beings are plants, but you are Castle Peak.
  6, my boyfriend can warm up! Knowing I'm busy, I haven't seen it in these ten years!
  7. Being good to one person may take a lot of accumulation to be grateful and remember; but if it hurts one person, one time is enough to hold on for a long time.
  8. Where you are is the end of the earth I have to miss. -"The End of the World"
  9. You have unique qualities, wonderful, mysterious, and magical. --"Dumbo"
  10. Many times we are entangled in whether we miss someone, in fact, we do n’t have to entangle, and entanglement is useless. When choosing to tangled, you have already chosen to miss.
  11. All the hardships are yours. You drink on an empty stomach, play on a mobile phone when you are motion sick, and love him after you break up!
  12. Repeated tolerance and accommodation are the reasons why others continue to hurt you.
  13. No matter at what age, I think we should learn to be gentle with those around us.
  14. If someone hugs me at this time, I will definitely cry. If not, I will stick to it.
  15. At first you were a name, later you were a back, and finally you were a story.
  16. When you hesitate to do something, in fact, you already have a choice in your heart, but you have not enough reason to convince yourself.
  17, like you, not a little like, but want to spend the rest of your life with you.
  18. In life, it ’s not that sometimes you smile and sometimes you smile.
  19. The years have torn people and their growth beyond recognition. You can't be my poem, just as I can't be your dream.
  20. It doesn't have to be bright to live, but it must have its own color.