Classic quote : I want to start with you at the first sight, and end with the old
  1. At the age of a girl, you have grown into a succulent plant.
  No matter how good others are, all I want is you.
  3, not taking advantage is education, especially for friends.
  4. The whole world knows that from the beginning to the end I only like you, and only you, and I still doubt it.
  5, maturity, not that you can use a lot of principles to enlighten others, but that you can convince yourself to understand the people and things around you.
  6, determined to do things, to remain calm but surging.
  7. May you have armor and weakness, goodness has principles, and weakness has a bottom line.
  8. Some things can only be done by one person. Some levels can only be passed by one person. Some roads can only be walked alone. ——Long Yingtai's "Watching"
  9, some people, nothing at night, do not read books, do not play games, did not fall in love or chat, but always stay up all night ...
  10. I like cherry blossoms in spring, cornflowers in summer, thyme in autumn, plums in winter, and you every day.
  11. I want to be a terminator, to end you in the past, and to be a beginner, so that you can start to love someone.
  12. Don't embarrass yourself, just live like yourself. ——Higashino Keigo "Transform"
  13. In life , there are always people who can make you smile even if they are not around you. This is really good.
  14, can be plummeted but want to blockbuster.
  15. I dare not think hard about myself, I am afraid that I finally know that I am not a pearl jade; however, with a little hope in my heart, I will not be willing to associate with rubble. -"Mountain Moon"
  16. I hope that your marriage is because of love, not for living or persuading your parents.
  17. Don't embarrass yourself, just live like yourself.
  18. Don't be too sad about being ignored. You have also ignored many people before you even noticed it. Sadness in this world is flowing.
  19. The so-called growing up is that you know what's going on; the so-called maturity is that you knowingly don't know after you know it.
  20. I want to start with you at the first sight and end at the end.