Classic quotes : dreams that are out of reach , but also down-to-earth
  1. May you be safe and happy and get what you want. The winter was gone, and Xinghe Changming.
  2. I have no interest in meeting you. I just want to make the probability of losing you zero.
  3, outside things come in, I open up all my senses to accept, but the visitors are all guests.
  4, no matter how sad and wronged, you must speed up your steps to go home. You may be small outside, but when you get home, you are all your parents.
  5. When you hesitate to do something, in fact, you already have a choice in your heart, but you have not enough reason to convince yourself.
  6. When you treat the seemingly boring little things in life with an interesting attitude, you will gain a small and certain happiness, and you will feel that life is extremely beautiful.
  7. The moon is extremely bright, and the clouds are very gentle. All the thoughts of you fall into the warm breath.
  8. In the future, the people you meet will be people with other people in their hearts. No one will love you with all of them. Hearing the past, ten memories and nine sadness, hearing love , ten people have nine injuries!
  9. After crying, remember to grow up.
  10. Be a girl with texture: read and travel, go to bed early and get up early; beautiful and elegant, self-reliance and independence.
  11. The smartest way to deal with the world is to not only cast eyes on the world, but also mingle with it.
  12. You don't have nothing, at least you have meat.
  13. Like it or not, it's not suitable. If you're not together, it turns out to be three things. ——August Changan's "Orange Health Huainan · Secret Love"
  14. If there is a good person in the heart, all eyes are passers-by.
  15. The pillow has a dream that is already moldy, and the dream is filled with people who ca n’t have it. How many people say that, I wish you happiness, and there is a hidden word behind it, I still love you!
  16. Bright and happy.
  17. Hope that in the future, be positive and don't be too bad. If you can't do anything well, do it first to make yourself happy.
  18. At first, you were a name; later, you were a back.
  19. The greatest peace of mind is self-discipline, tenderness and love for yourself.
  20. Have a distant dream, but also have the ability to be down-to-earth.