Classic quote : We learned to say goodbye, but underestimated the miss
  1. Don't worry, there will be unexpected luck and unexpected joy.
  2. Later, you will find that there are two kinds of people who love you in this world. One is to love you in a way that satisfies you, and the other is to love you in a way that satisfies you! Which one would you choose?
  3. Sometimes, people who are not good at expressing are disadvantaged, pay a lot, and use affection, but no one says hello.
  4. Don't just fall a few times, you say it's life, the days are long, don't be disappointed.
  5. I like you this sentence is too slight, I love you this sentence is too heavy, I want to work hard with you this sentence is just right.
  6. The so-called good days, but eat well and sleep well, all the loved ones are all settled, it is okay to go to bed early, and make more money when you are free.
  7, I like a flower, I don't have to pick it down; I like a cloud, I don't have to get it; I like the wind, and I don't have to stop it. --"once a Thief"
  8. When you are young, don't worry about getting rid of poverty or getting rid of poverty. When you get rid of poverty, you can get rid of it at any time; if you don't get rid of poverty, you won't be happy if you get rid of it.
  9. Forgive me for being too greedy, and I would like to accompany you for two years.
  10. Have to live through the days of no one to embrace your poetry and the distance.
  11. Seeing you are also good to others, I don't care much about you.
  12, I am empty-handed, but my heart is heavy.
  13, life is not only mourning, but also the food in the small restaurant, the cats around the corner, sweet watermelon, cheer up, life is joy!
  14. It's true to love someone wholeheartedly, but it's not right that only that person is left in life.
  15. When you hear the sound of time passing, you will feel the sun is longer. I now know how to appreciate the long days. ——Truman Capoti, The Grass Harp
  16. Those difficult life obstacles should be awake and faced. On the new day, you must live well and love yourself.
  17. Fate is destined to encounter, can not be replaced, want to try to let it go but not get it, only those who know me know. -"Destined"
  18. The brightest stars in the sky are like your eyes.
  19. Silence makes people repent, as if there are many buds that have withered before they bloom. ——Mark Levy's "Upside Down Horizon"
  20. We learned to say goodbye, but underestimated our thoughts.