Classic quotes : Those who do n’t get it are always anxious, and those who are always tired of it
  1. From a teenager to an old age, I have met the rest of my life, and I always want to spend a lifetime with your fingers.
  2. Be a self-disciplined person and live your loneliness and simplicity.
  3, this is a hurry to pass, why bother.
  4. There were many things you couldn't figure out at the time, don't worry, after a while, if you think again, you won't remember.
  5. Love is a kind of snatch. Others secretly attack your heart, occupy your life, and seize the master and occupy it. - Lin Yutang "Red Peony"
  6. If the word "give up" appears in your mind, be sure to tell yourself that you have nothing, and where is the thing to let you give up.
  7. I hope that when you are sad, you are not crying with your pillow, but you can book your flight ticket immediately to where you want to go.
  8. Kindness is useless, you have to be beautiful and you have to be rich. In high school, I have enough money to spend enough sleep, and in college, I have enough sleep to spend enough money. Now that I am at work, I do n’t have enough money to spend enough sleep.
  9. Many troubles in life stem from our blind comparison with others, and forgetting to enjoy our own lives. ——Carnegie's Weakness of Human Nature
  10. For mature love , you should prepare yourself for maturity first.
  11. How many people still love your happy youth, only one person loves the wrinkles on your old face.
  12. Parents are always unable to distinguish between explanation and retorting. If you explain, you retort. If you say something, you raise the bar. If you don't speak, it is the default.
  13. I found that those girls who have a lot of money for their cars and cars are doing very well. Only those girls who have a lot of emotions have a mess.
  14. Your age won't pass Children's Day, but your IQ is OK. The best thing in the world is eating meat. Never betray, never deceive, eat a pound, grow a pound, and always treat each other sincerely.
  15. The status quo of contemporary young people's social life: no one wants to go out when they want to go out, and they don't want to go out when someone makes an appointment.
  16. There are two major misunderstandings in life: one is to live for others, and the other is to see others' lives. In fact, as long as you feel happy, you don't have to prove anything to others; don't patronize and look at others, you have gone the wrong way.
  17, you see, if you don't work hard, you can't afford to buy, you have nothing to do except you are getting older, your hair is getting younger, and your face is getting older.
  18. Like you, I want to give you the sweetest part of grapefruit, the little mango on the cream cake, the biggest chicken leg for you, and all the lovely ones.
  19. I hope you in front of the screen: ranking ten consecutive victories, eating spicy but not acne, going out to have money to pick up, luck is bursting, good exam results, more and more beautiful.
  20. Those who can't get it are always anxious, and those who are together are always tired.