Classic quote : I hope you have survived loneliness and hidden under the stars and the sea
  1. Thousands of lights, I just want to go to the house where you are.
  2. The most terrible thing is to accept yourself completely. -Jung
  3. Once some people miss it, they will no longer take the initiative to contact in their lives, and they are unwilling to disturb your life, even the occasional greetings. This is how they grow up.
  4. Missing is the moon in the sky and the lake on the ground. Although they are not together, they are in each other's heart.
  5, some people, some things, forget it, forget it, people have never put you at ease, why should you be affectionate. Some loves, once turned around, are boundless with mountains and rivers; some words, before they can speak in the future, have become a cold memory.
  6, we can quarrel, you can delete friends, but you can not help but understand my righteousness, do not understand my temper, can not make up with me again.
  7. Dig your own pit and jump, you ca n’t climb out and laugh, life is occasionally smart and silly most of the time.
  8. Don't try to be successful, but hope everything is willing.
  9. The old man has failed you, so why should you fail time again.
  10, people are so stupid, knowing that it is impossible, knowing that they are small, but they still spare their lives to protect their important things. Some things are indeed worth chasing, even if that road is difficult, you have to go.
  11. Live up to the gift of time and strive to live your best.
  12. In fact, many things have been foreseen from the beginning. All the frustrations in the future are just to delay the dismissal. Some words have been buried in my heart for a long time, and I have no chance to say, but when I have a chance to say, I cannot say.
  13. I will miss you when I am free. I ca n’t do anything but I miss you.
  14. You are still young, don't make a living, there are thousands of possibilities in the next life.
  15. I know that the feeling of love will fade, like old photos, and you will always be beautiful in my heart, to the last moment of my life . -"August Photo Gallery"
  16. Everything that can promote human development is the most beautiful, all good, and all poetic. ——Ai Qing
  17. Instead of caring about others' betrayal and badness, it is better to manage your own dignity and beauty.
  18. Good night means the soul is snoring today, Good morning means the soul is open today.
  19, life advice: whether it is feelings or life, accept as soon as you see good, or withdraw if not.
  20, I hope you have survived loneliness, hidden under the stars and the sea.