Man, everything except health is a cloud
  Some people say, "Mood is the first gate to health; with good mood, health will go with you."
  As the saying goes: "You have 10,000 functions. You can conquer the world and even change the race. You have no health and can only talk."
  Therefore, "Health is the greatest capital and the most precious wealth in life. Only when you have health can you have happiness in life, and when you have health, you have life in the future. Health is the prerequisite for everything.
  Remember to cherish yourself, don't wait to lose, then you know that you lost your last capital and defeated the bottom line of life .
  Born in the world of thousands, the competition is fierce. In order to survive and to have a good life for the family, people constantly work overtime during the day and night, squandering their physical health.
  But one day, although the money was made and the career was successful , he found that his body was exhausted!
  If you think about it, it really costs more! Life is alive, life is only once for us, and a healthy body is especially important for each of us!
  A person can have no money, fame and wealth, but must not have a healthy body. If you don't have a strong body, what do you get the world?
  You must know that health is a person's greatest capital, and it is also a person's spiritual food!
  Life is short. A healthy body is the capital of survival. The primary condition for happiness is health. Only a healthy body has a healthy spirit. Therefore, "Health and happiness are the most valuable."
  You can think of money and fame as dung, but you can't waste your health, because once your health is overdrawn, you will not be able to buy any more money. Regret is too late!
  Without health, you have nothing!
  You must know that health is the responsibility of the family. If you are an unhealthy and infirm patient, your family will be covered by dark clouds, and your family will lose the joyful atmosphere that normal families should have!
  Therefore, each of us should consciously establish a sense and concept of enhancing health, pay attention to the physical and mental health of ourselves and our family, and truly understand health as an inescapable responsibility!
  Only when you are physically and mentally healthy will your quality of life improve and your life will be better! Your family will feel warmer!
  Because physical health is the foundation of a family's happiness, and also the source of happiness. If there is no health, everything is superfluous, as the so-called "health is blessing" is the truth!
  The Bible's famous saying says: "There is no better wealth in the world than health, and no greater happiness than inner happiness!"
  Gorky also said: "Health is something like gold." Life can be without gold, but not without health. As long as health exists, there will naturally be gold, because gold is created by man!
  Without money, we can work hard. Without health, your life is about to decline and perish.
  The so-called: "Man can do a lot of stupid things in life, but the most stupid thing is to ignore health."
  Therefore, as a wise person, do not decorate yourself with treasures, but arm your body with health. Only in this way, you are the smartest wise man and you can be called a happy person!