No matter how many times you ran, you should take a look
  1.Time is given to reliable people and things
  The so-called reliable, but sincere feelings, do the facts.
  2. Good at communicating with others and adopting others' opinions appropriately
  Acceptance and acceptance are signs of maturity, but do not rely too much on others, do not believe in yourself blindly, do nine points in everything, and leave one point to test.
  3. Think about what you really want, keep thinking if you can't figure it out ...
  If you have a clear goal, you will take a lot less detours and repeatedly ask yourself what you want. Thinking is the first manifestation of maturity.
  4. Few attendances for more than 10 people
  What ’s the point of having dinner with someone who does n’t know who to eat with?
  5. Some things can be slowed down and things slowed down
  For things that can't be solved right now, just calmly wait and learn to act wisely.
  6, refuse to do everything by yourself, learn to grasp the big and let the small
  Dealing with big things and important things with limited energy is a must for a successful person.
  7, reduce the number of times used by others, reduce the burden for yourself
  It is said that you have to suffer, but some losses must be understood so as not to make the same mistake next time.
  8. Don't think you are better than others, even if you are excellent
  When the water is full, it overflows, and the monthly profit is a loss. Everyone understands the truth. The key is to keep the truth in mind.
  9. Reduce dwelling time and get close to nature
  Nature is always mysterious and beautiful. If you go out for a walk, you will find something different.
  10, often ask yourself, who has kindness to himself but has not yet repaid
  Whoever it is should be, and if others have kindness to themselves, they will take the initiative to repay.
  Tea cold, do not adjourned, 
  adjourned, nor is the original flavor; 
  people go, do not bother to stay, and 
  then left, not the original feeling; 
  feeling is gone, do not recollection, 
  Aftertaste, it is not the original mood.
  Slowly it will be far away, and 
  gradually it will fade. 
  When you have it, cherish it.
  Love yourself, love your family, and 
  love your friends. 
  Because you don't have a long 
  life, you won't necessarily meet in the next life.