When upset, remember these three words
  Everyone has a time to cry: when encountering difficulties, there is no one behind, no one can understand the grievances, no one can tell. Sometimes I want to shout loudly, because there is too much helplessness and stress in my heart.
  We are all this way, fragile and strong at the same time . Everyone faces different difficulties and the number varies, but no one's life is smooth. So, when you are upset, please remember three sentences:
  The first sentence is okay.
  broke up? it's OK. Don't blame yourself, maybe it's not your problem, it's just that the other party doesn't have that blessing. Don't indulge in sorrow , the other party breaks into your life, and at least gives you a special lesson. With lessons learned, you will live more beautifully!
  fall down? it's OK. Wherever I fall, I get up from there, and then go forward bravely. You will find that the goal is not as far away as you think. A fall is just a reminder to see the road underneath, whether you need to take a detour, or clear some obstacles before starting.
  Made a mistake? it's OK. People can not escape from doing wrong? The valuable thing is to correct the mistakes and take responsibility for the mistakes you make. Remember the feeling of making mistakes and always remind yourself not to repeat the same mistakes.
  In many upset moments, saying "no matter" to yourself is to reconcile with yourself.
  The second sentence will pass.
  Some people say, "It's so difficult and annoying, I really want to give up!" I advise them to say to themselves "it will pass."
  There is a saying like this: "If you can, I really want to choose after knowing the answer. However, all this is just delusion. Everyone can only panicly write the only answer on the examination paper of life."
  There are not so many ifs in life. Having choices means gains and losses. But no matter how you choose, we should be happy about what we have caught, not always regret our choice when we encounter difficulties. Thinking about giving up again and again will only add to the annoyance.
  Life is not perfect. What each choice will get, you will also encounter different difficulties and troubles. Since it's not perfect, why not focus on what we have and go all out to live a good life now?
  Third sentence, you are loved.
  Watched a video like this: A girl smiled helplessly at a party and said, "No one wants me." The voice had just fallen, and a boy's voice came from behind him, "I want!" The boy stepped out of his seat and went straight to the stage of the party.
  How much courage a person has to be able to cover up the true thoughts in his heart and openly say that no one wants it; what is the power to let a person say the words "I want" without hesitation.
  Maybe if you live alone for a long time, you will feel that no one wants, no one cares, you will be panic and annoying. But in fact, there may be someone around you who has been secretly loving you.
  When you are upset that no one loves you, cares about you, and cares about you, remember: you are loved.
  I know life is not easy, but it doesn't matter, are n’t all those who live wonderfully who dare to face up to the problem and actively solve it?
  So, hold on to what you have, bravely welcome the future, and do n’t cling to what has happened, so that you can quickly get rid of your troubles and resurrect with blood.
  Please believe that all difficulties and troubles will pass. You are not alone, you are loved.