Keep your heart simple, and you must be "confused"
  "It's really a good day to be unsatisfactory." In the afternoon, I received a message from my friend Wei Wei, and there was only such a sigh.
  I asked her what was wrong, Wei Wei said, "It's just some unhappy things, I can't help but sigh. But I don't want to spread negative energy, I plan to go to work to watch a movie, and then buy a little cake. A new cake shop opened near the company, and I heard it tasted particularly good. "
  I laughed at her and responded, "Do whatever you want, do whatever you want, just be happy."
  I like chatting with Wei Wei very much. She seems to be a born optimist . Anything that is unhappy to her may be offset by other fun and interesting things.
  Once we went shopping and expressed this kind of view with her, Wei Wei couldn't help laughing, then she said to me very seriously: "There are more unpleasant things, and always sad, then there is still time Do you want to enjoy the beauty? When you are upset, just two words of emotion are enough. Be a man , keep your heart simple, and you have to be confused. "
  Keep your heart simple, and you have to be confused. I think about it a few times, and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.
  Everyone has unhappy moments. What do you do then? Is it noisy with others, or is it a sullen life? Is it a particularly irritable overeating, or does someone find a ruthless meal? These instinctive reactions when you are unhappy do not make things go smoothly, but are easily negative.
  When you are unhappy, ask yourself, why not? Is it your fault or someone else's fault? It is enough to correct your own mistakes, there is no need to live with yourself; the mistakes of others have nothing to do with yourself, and there is no need to waste your energy.
  Keep your heart simple, and people will be confused. Life will be happier.
  Many troubles in life are often brought to myself.
  When you are lamenting the unsatisfactory life, think about those who live in war-torn countries, and you may understand that what you are accustomed to may be what others are envious of;
  When you are worried about a little trivial matter, think about that we are still alive and able to perceive the beauty of the world. Isn't this the biggest possession?
  Money and fame, life does not bring death but not death, troubles and sorrows will eventually become a thing of the past. Since you are happy and unhappy, why not choose a positive and optimistic lifestyle?
  Humans, it hurts too much to talk, and it hurts to think too much. Instead of hurting and hurting, it's better to be pure and uncomfortable.
  Just like a passage I have read: "When you are upset, think about life as subtraction. If you see one side and one side less, you live one day and one less day. What is the trouble? Do n’t miss people or forget them If you do n’t think about others, you do n’t care about people ’s grievances, and you can stand up to your conscience. ”
  Look at everything in a short way. It's better to look at short people than long at others. Rather than staring at the lives of others, it is better to reflect on your own words and deeds;
  Take care of everything lightly. In fact, many things you worry about will never happen at all. Rather than cherish every moment and talk about the future;
  Look down on everything. If something doesn't belong to you, don't be too stubborn. Think more about what you have, and less tangled those worthless details. All possessions should be thankful , especially time and life .
  Many times, change your perspective and change your mindset. If you want to understand, you will have less trouble.