You get sick once you understand
  I haven't been feeling well recently, and I have been suffering from a cold and fever in the hospital for several days.
  Last night I was in the hospital for an outpatient consultation. At that time it was more than 11 o'clock. There were still many people in the hospital. There were adults and children waiting in the anxious hall. There were also couples or couples quietly lined up in the pharmacy. It's someone like me who comes to the doctor alone, like me.
  I was bored and brushed my circle of friends. I saw friends asking a question in the circle of friends: "When will human nature be completely exposed?"
  I was thinking of commenting on him. Talking about money is the most human nature. If you lack money, you will understand.
  Before the words were typed, the outpatient doctor called to me and could see a doctor.
  As soon as I walked in, I found two people standing inside, a young man and an elderly aunt. The two should be mother and child. The young people are dressed in a trendy style. The aunt is dressed a little plainly. What, while the doctor was writing the medical records, the atmosphere was a little awkward.
  I went to the doctor, handed the registered ticket to the doctor, and whispered, was it me?
  After seeing the doctor nodded and confirmed, I sat down and saw the doctor with ease. My problem is not big, I have a little cold and a low fever, and it's solved soon. I can get home with some medicine.
  When the doctor wrote me the medical records, the mother and son next to each other suddenly quarreled.
  The young man said aloud, "I have no money to treat you! I have to pay back the loan. Where can I find a deposit, and you need to see someone for a loan, I can't afford it."
  The aunt said weakly: "Mom will return the money to you when I return to my hometown. I ca n’t help it. I know that you are busy with work and don't dare to disturb you. This time, the mother can't stand it, child.
  The young man's face was iron and blue and he threw down the sentence severely: "I will give you a thousand, and the rest you will find someone to borrow!"
  Then he strode out of the clinic, and her aunt followed.
  I can't help but ask the doctor what the situation is?
  The doctor said that the aunt's condition was a little serious and required hospitalization for observation. He had a high fever and high blood pressure.
  I asked her to go through the hospitalization procedure and needed to pay some money first. These days, the aunt came alone, and tonight she did n’t have enough money, so she called and called her son to pay for the medicine.
  Who knows, her son refused to pay her medicine for life or death, about 3,000 yuan, and has been arguing here for a long time.
  When I got home, I turned on my phone and found that the interface was still in the circle of friends. I saw a friend ’s question: "When will human nature be completely exposed?"
  The answer to this question may be just like this sentence: "Hospitals are the most human-tested places"
  Not only to test human nature, but also to be able to see the heart, many people, many things, a disease, you will understand.
  This experience reminded me of a conversation between mother and child I saw a while ago.
  The child asked, "If I get terminally ill, will you send me to treatment, mom?"
  The mother said, "Yes, you will be sent to the hospital if you lose your home."
  The child then said, "Me too. If my mother is seriously ill, I will give you all my medical treatment."
  At this time, the mother said, "If your mother is terminally ill, leave me alone. If you cure it, it's Baizhi. You have to keep the money."
  To be honest, I am a person with high tears. Generally speaking, it is difficult to encounter things that make me want to cry, but I saw this conversation that day, but I couldn't help but want to cry.
  Say something that happened to me. On one occasion, my mother was uncomfortable doing surgery.
  Everyone in my family knows what's going on, but I don't know.
  I work in a field and go home at most once a month. I hurried away after staying for a day or two.
  Every time I go home, my mother is bracing herself for a good look. It gives me the impression that her body is very healthy and I don't need to worry about anything.
  However, at that time my mother had surgery, my sister could not help but call and tell me, come home and have a look, mother missed you.
  I was busy at the time, so I replied casually. Let's talk in a few days. I've been busy recently.
  My sister remained silent for a few seconds, and then said that her mother was sick and had just returned home after surgery.
  I was stunned immediately, because I happened to talk to my mother that morning, and the phone was still fine. Why did I suddenly get sick for surgery.
  When I came home, I saw my mother's face was very bad, and the whole person lost weight. I was very distressed and anxious. I asked her, you are sick, why not tell me?
  She replied weakly, wasn't it okay for me to tell you what worries you for nothing, not a big deal.
  I don't know what to say, I just feel sad.
  It took me a long time to learn the news. At that time, my mother passed by with death.
  When I was sick, she couldn't wait for the illness to happen to her; she was sick, but she couldn't bear telling me, just because I was worried.
  Many times, see if someone loves you or not, in fact, you will understand when you are sick.
  I wonder if you have seen it?
  "The airport witnessed more sincere kisses than the wedding scene, and the hospital walls heard more prayers than the church."
  Many people have asked me, how do you see if someone loves you? How to see if a person is really good to you? How to see people's hearts clearly?
  I used to say that if you do n’t have any money, you will understand.
  Now I want to give another answer, that is, if you are sick, you will understand.
  Many people say, "People who love you will remember the milk tea you like to drink, and they will pick you up when it rains and chat with you every day."
  To be realistic, this is not true love for you. Any one of these things can say that you can do it. Do you believe it?
  Do you feel that when you have a serious illness, lying quietly in the hospital ward, your so-called person who loves you will come to chat with you every day, give you food, take care of your life, and be willing to treat you as always Ok?
  I think most people can't.
  A person who is really good to you, no matter what happens, he will always be good to you.
  Many things, when you get sick, you understand everything.