The most beautiful scenery in the world is on both sides of the way home
  I have dreamed of returning to my hometown, or the streets and old houses that I am familiar with, and I walked through them, just like when I walked through it many times.
  In fact, I haven't thought of it for a long time. The busy and trivial life and the increasingly blurred memories have made me far away from it.
  But the strange thing is that every time the year is approaching, there always seems to be a faint line that is touching and reminding me to go back to the place where I was born and grew up.
  About hometown, it is a picture composed of many growing fragments. The grandfather sat on the doorstep of the house with his cane bent, his father returned after a hard day's work, and his mother would bring out a scent of dishes from the kitchen.
  In the setting sun, the pond behind the house kept screaming of frogs in the summer, and the big yellow flowers bloomed in the loofah scaffolding on the open space next door. Picking up shells, walking on the beach, and making sand castles are always fun to discover.
  Until 15 years old, he left the house for the first time to study outside. I remember that every time I was unwilling to leave school, my mother would comfort me while packing my luggage. "Three years will soon pass, just stick to it." Where will I know then, and what will start after this will be my long journey of growth, a constant farewell to my life and home?
  After graduating from work, I stayed at home for a while. My favorite thing to do at the age of eighteen is to stand around the balcony on the top of the building in the sunset and watch the road winding from a distance behind me. Circling down the mountain, finally fell into the blue sea in front of me.
  And the room where I grew up. The mother always cleaned the spotless floor, the evening light was scattered, and the diary written by the girl's mind was still turning on a certain page, and the wind-chirped wind chimes still swayed in the wind. Everything seems to have passed away yesterday.
  Because of this dream, I drove back to my hometown in Zhou Wei.
  From the top of the mountain, you can see the whole town. Under the blue sea and blue sky, the town stands there in a peaceful and peaceful way. The ship was scattered on the surface of the sea, and looked far away, like the time that has never passed here, and like every time I bid farewell to it, it was always joyous and sad.
  Think of a sentence I've seen : Wherever I miss , where my hometown is. "
  As a young man, I have thought of leaving this place countless times to see the outside world. But it wasn't until I really left it that I found out that the complex of roots had long been integrated into my veins.
  This peace of mind is home.
  I think everyone must have such a place in their hearts.
  It is the dusk of the smoke in your memory, the scent of the food when your mother calls you home for dinner, the snack that the grandmother uses to save money, the stone road in front of the house, the flower in the alley Blossoming falling old tree.
  And they all have a common name, called a distant home.
  I have heard a friend tell her story. When her father was born, she planted a small peach tree in the corner of the yard, and she also got a nickname, peach.
  Peach and Peach grew up slowly until Peach grew up and left the house. The peach tree also became an agreement between her and her father. Every time she called, her father would always tell her that the peach blossoms, the peaches bear fruit, and the peach leaves fall.
  Later, she stayed in a big city to work, got married, and had her own children. The time to go back was getting less and less. A few years ago, Peach Tree was crushed by a snowstorm, and her father died of serious illness. The courtyard without peach trees is like an empty house without a father's home.
  "Now, as long as I close my eyes, I will think of the spring blossoming under the peach tree. I reach out to catch the petals. Behind me are my young and busy parents. In my heart, this is the most beautiful picture I will never forget. "When she talked about her past, there were tears in her eyes.
  Behind is the hometown, and in front is the distance. Unfortunately, we always have a long way to go before we understand that the most precious thing is actually not in the distance that we are looking for, but in the immediate vicinity.
  After watching a clip in the movie, the hero returns to his hometown with frustration after experiencing a double blow from marriage and career. In his spare time, his mother would walk with him and follow the same path as he did in his youth.
  The final shot of the movie is that they walked a familiar mountain road, the stairs extended upward, slowly overlapping their background with the appearance of young, from white hair to blue silk. The four seasons of the road on both sides of the road, old and young, are silent, but the deep affection flowing during it is enough to soothe all the heartaches.
  San Mao said: Parents are the stars in our lives .
  I think so. If there is any constant warmth in this world, I think it must come from the home behind.
  Because it will always turn around, waiting for you to return to the forest like a weary bird, selfless and firm. In my lifetime, as long as I have this determined family relationship, my heart will have a home.
  It was another year of the Spring Festival, and it was also a year of returning home.
  Not long ago, I chatted with a familiar courier brother and learned that he was about to join the returning army of the Spring Festival. In order to save money on the ticket for this trip home, he needs to start queuing for tickets early, and then spend a whole day and night on the crowded noisy hard-skinned train.
  But in his opinion, these are not scary. "I must go back home. I have been touring hard for a year, so that is the moment of reunion."
  Yeah, Xiangguanyu. The way home may be long and distant. Inevitably, in the hearts of everyone who packs their bags and prepares to leave, the road must be the most beautiful scenery after the bustling world.
  Why do you have to go home for Chinese New Year not far away?
  Because as many wanderers are on the road, there are as many family relationships waiting. And each new year, in fact, is a deep call to affection, is the silent expectation of parents, is telling you: no matter how big the world, remember to go home.
  As long as you set foot on this road and go to the other end of the road, you will be able to get rid of your exhaustion and let the soul get the warmest comfort and the most appropriate placement.
  Some people say that in life, everyone will walk through many places and see many views, but the most beautiful scenery is not only one, it is the way home. And the greatest happiness in the world is that the parents are alive and the family is reunited.
  The purpose of the heart, as in the past, is the meaning of returning home.
  While there are still people waiting in your hometown, remember to go home.
  Regardless of this year, whether you have a good life, success or failure, how many setbacks you have experienced , and where you have been, don't forget that behind you, the smoke is rising and the lights are flashing.
  That is, your home.