There are three good attitudes in life: relax, not entangle
  Many people often complain that they are tired of living, but the difference is that some people can look for the bright and sunny growth after complaining, while others only curl up in the shadows and complain.
  We all have to experience the peaks and troughs of life, and we will appreciate the sadness and joy of the world. Therefore, it is more important than to afford to learn to let go lightly, more important than to have to learn to lose frankly, and more important than resentment to learn to forgive.
  First, relax.
  Many people are unhappy because of the gap or conflict between people, but as they get older, they will find that many things are really unnecessary.
  For example , fighting in the workplace , fighting against each other in business, and dismantling competitors from each other, we thought that if we defeated others, we would win the fame and interest we wanted. It was not until later that it became clear that mutual trust, understanding, and tolerance between people is far more valuable than a penny and a half earned.
  We are alive, not for some vanity. What makes people happy are often seemingly trivial things, such as mutual understanding between colleagues, mutual help between peers, and even mutual encouragement between opponents . It's not good to be alone, but everyone is really good.
  Don't deliberately block the way of others because of greed, because everyone will walk together, the road will become wider and wider. Don't be jealous and deliberately do bad things to others, because others are not good, and you will not be very good. Don't fight for what you don't deserve because you're a winner, because Germany doesn't deserve a position, and there is often a remnant.
  Money can never be earned, and happiness can never be enjoyed. But being kind and kind, taking a few bucks and giving a few steps can bring you a steady stream of good luck.
  Second, don't entangle.
  Have you wept over the spilled milk, frustrated over the wrong path, and saddened the unworthy? There are always regrets of all sizes in life. Instead of continuing to struggle, the better option is to stop losses in a timely manner.
  Whatever you lose, no matter how you redeem it, you also lose it. Love the wrong person, no matter how you regret it, you also love the wrong. Most of the time, we spend too much time and energy worth pursuing, exploring, and experiencing, who are not worthy, have missed, or cannot change.
  But rather than compete with past mistakes, it is better to accept it, face it, and change it.
  First of all, you need to know that time will not go backwards, it will only continue to move forward, you cannot restart everything. Secondly, you have to understand that no one is perfect enough, you must admit that you are wrong, and you can change it after you acknowledge it. If you just evade, the days will only get worse. Even if something can't be changed, we can still change the mindset of things.
  Third, underestimate.
  Have you ever thought about something for what? For example, if the leader arranges a little more work for you, you will show all kinds of unhappiness. For example, if a friend gives you less money for a meal, you always keep in mind and try to get the other person to return. You just hold the feather arrow, and you can repeat the old thing at any time.
  In fact, there are many things that we don't need to worry about, and even that doesn't make much sense. There is a saying that the widest in the world is the ocean, the wider than the ocean is the sky, and the wider than the sky is the human heart.
  When you have the ability, do more, not only exercise you, the leader will also look at it. When a meal can't get you wrong, check out a few more times, friends can't forget you. When a few angry words don't have much influence on you, don't go better than really, love talents will put your goodness in your heart.
  If you care too much about some trivial matters, you will lose weight. When you enlarge the pattern, increase the realm, and relax your mind, your entanglement, pain, and unhappiness will be much less.
  Just like your eyes, if you just stare at a square inch of your feet, you will naturally not have as many, so beautiful, and so wide-open scenery when you look into the distance.
  Some people say that life is unsatisfactory, which is out of ten, but most of the troubles can be mastered and eliminated.
  The momentary life experience has something to do with the situation we face, but the final state of your whole person is still determined by your mentality.
  May you have good luck, if not for the time being, may you be calm and learn to calm down.
  May you have good popularity, if not for the time being, may you learn to be tolerant in misunderstanding.
  May you have a good life, if not for the time being, may you be merciful in misfortune.
  May you have these three good mentalities, and live a peaceful, simple and happy life.