1. Do your current job well, be able to imagine the future, focus on the things at hand, fall into endless worries about what has not happened, and do nothing to help things, but instead add trouble to yourself.

  2. In the course of success , you will always encounter difficulties and need the help of others. Be good at accepting these help, because this is also an important opportunity in your life. But don't let yourself not work because someone helps, others will only help those who can't do it after hard work!

  3, inertial thinking is the main culprit leading to your failure, we must learn to innovate, innovation to open up a new world for you, sometimes thinking from another angle, will let you find new opportunities.

  4. Learn to adjust your goals at any time according to the development of events and the environment. It is a good thing to be firm, but you can't lose other opportunities for the unreachable goals.

  5. Don't think about the opportunities that you don't need all day long. For you, the opportunities you can use are valuable. The opportunities you can't use are others. Don't envy other people's earned pots. Thinking about the opportunity that does not belong to you, your life will be very painful.

  6. If you have an idea, you have to act. Even if the failure ends, dragging will make you lose your chance. The idea can only be achieved if it is turned into action, otherwise the idea will always be an idea. People who don't have ideas won't succeed, but only those who don't have ideas will have no achievements!

  7. Before you do anything, you must have the right direction. Blind actions will only lead to failure. The right direction is the premise of success, no or lost direction, it is difficult to succeed in doing things.

  8. To do anything, the most important thing is to satisfy yourself, listen to others' opinions, meet others, do things according to other people's ideas, and finally lose yourself. Remember, no matter what you do, just satisfy yourself and be the greatest success!

  9, be a person must be honest , relying on fraud can make you rich for a while, but will never let you get rich forever, blindly fraud, will make you bloodless!

  10, success requires some courage and adventurous spirit, calmly face life, dare to take risks, in the face of danger or difficulty, the more fear is the more dangerous, the fearless will have a solution.

  11. All the rewards in the world are merits, not hard work, no credit, no more hard work, no work, only one with the final desired result, the process makes sense, people never They are all heroes in terms of success or failure.

  12, ignorance is not terrible, terrible is not knowing how to understand, things that you don't understand or are not good at, you must ask clearly before you act, you can't blindly do it.

  13. Laziness is the biggest enemy of your life. You can get rich by hard work and gains from luck.

  14. What do you get when you pay, and if you pay the most, you can get the best reward.

  15. Trustworthiness is your capital: trust is like a wire. Once it is established, it can resist the pull of the accident. Once it is broken, it is difficult to connect it. When you get along with others, others must first trust you and treat you with sincerity. When others feel that you are unreliable, your chances are lost.

  16. True friendship is not a blessing, and after discovering the other's shortcomings, you can really point out and help correct it, so that it will continue to be perfect, and be away from those who blindly shoot you. Let your ears enjoy, but it will make your life suffer!

  17, look at the advantages of others, think more about the benefits of others, do not be grateful to you for doing a hundred good things , do something that makes you dissatisfied, hate, such people do not allow, let alone What a big deal has been achieved.

  18, unity is strength, learn to cooperate with others, only unite, only have a strong force to face the impact of the outside world, in order to effectively avoid risks, thereby protecting the interests of each partner.

  19, cherish the learning opportunities in front of you, when you have the opportunity to learn a variety of experience, you must cherish. It's not a lifetime to mix and match, and many processes can't be omitted. At least learning these experiences can make you take a lot of detours.

  20, everyone's choice is the best choice in the scope of their own ability, most people are slaves of security, when you feel that life is easy, the sense of accomplishment is bursting, it is likely that you just chose Basic difficulty, and outside your circle, there are many people who are several times or even dozens of times more powerful than you. From the very beginning, it is the highest difficulty and now it is dozens or even hundreds of times more than your wealth. Your so-called success may be just a stoppage in their eyes. Don't be a frog in warm water. Only when you get out of your own comfort zone, your life really begins!