1. Happy in "Poetry", standing in courtesy and becoming happy. - Confucius
  2. The book is not only a life, but also a source of cultural life in the present, the past and the future. - Kufayev
  3. A person leaves the book and cannot live as if he had left the air. ——Kololev
  4, experienced people read with two eyes, one eye sees the words on the paper, the other eye sees the back of the paper. - Goethe
  5. Books are the tools to transform the soul. What humans need is an inspiring nutrient. Reading is the kind of nourishment. - Hugo
  6, set up to take the school as the first, the study is based on reading. - Ouyang Xiu
  7, determined to think about the true character, reading must work hard. ——阮元
  8. Reading gives people happiness, gives people brilliance, and gives people talent. - Bacon
  9, read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles. ——Liu Wei
  10, books - the window of the world through the mind. There are no books in the house, just like the room has no windows. -- Wilson
  11. The book is a consultant at any time. You can supply the knowledge you need at any time, and you can repeat the number of times of this consultant according to your wishes. - Keller
  12. The influence of people is short and weak, and the influence of the book is extensive and far-reaching. - Pushkin
  13. Learning without thinking is awkward, thinking without learning is awkward. --Confucius
  14, reading bogey to read, dead reading horns. ——Ye Shengtao
  15. Reading is easy, and thinking is difficult, but the lack of one is useless. - Franklin
  16, the law of reading, in a gradual and gradual, familiar and thoughtful. - Zhu Xi
  17. A book is not a lifeless thing. It contains a potential for life and is as active as the author. Not only that, it is also like a treasure bottle, which preserves the purest essence of the author's vibrant wisdom. - Milton
  18, the old book does not bother to read back, familiar with the self-knowledge. --Su Shi
  19, there are three readings, that is, the heart is coming, the eyes are coming, the mouth is coming. - Zhu Xi
  20. Books have made us the successors of spiritual life in all ages. ——Chinninger
  21. Books are the most patient, patient and most enjoyable partner. It will not abandon you in any difficult and difficult time. ——Herzen
  22, reading a million volumes, the pen is like a god. - Du Fu
  23, the martyrdom must eventually build a new country, and still have to read a good book. - Guo Moruo
  24. Books are the legacy of genius to human beings, passed down from generation to generation, and are gifts for those who have not yet been born. - Edison
  25, the bird wants to fly high first to shake the wings, people seeking to go to school first. ——Li Kuchan
  26. Books introduce us to the most beautiful society and make us aware of the great wise men of all ages. - Smithers
  27. Books through the mind to observe the window of the world. There are no books in the house, just like the room has no windows. -- Wilson
  28. Books are the foundation of any kind of knowledge and the basis of any subject. - Zweig
  29, sensitive and eager to learn, not shame to ask. ——Confucius 
  30, the industry is good at diligence, absurd in play; - Han Yu
  31. Books are the mentor of the young, and the nurses of the elderly. When the silence is over, the books make us entertain and stay away from all the pain. ——Curryer
  32, can read at any time, no need for tables and chairs, no need to agree on time and place. - Aiken
  33. Read more, but don't read too many books. - Franklin