1, not afraid to read less, I am afraid that I can not remember. ——Xu Teli
  2, Mo is idle, white head, empty and sad! ——Yue Fei
  3, books are to cultivate our mentor, no need to whip and root, no words and reprimands, no tuition fees, no formality, love for books, is the love of talent. - Debury
  4, familiar with the 300 poems of the Tang Dynasty, will not be poetry will be embarrassing. ——Sun Yan’s "Three Prefaces of Tang Poetry"
  5, the book to the singularity of reading; - "The Couplet Collection"
  6, read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles. ——Liu Wei
  7, the book is also medicine, good reading can be medical fools. ——Liu Xiang
  8. If life is likened to the artistic conception of creation, then reading is like sunshine. - Chi Li
  9. Books are the food of the juvenile. It makes the elderly happy, and it is also a refuge for prosperity and danger, and comforting the soul. When the family becomes a happy seed, it does not become an obstacle outside, but at the time of travel, it is a nighttime companion. - Cicero
  10. Reading is to build up your own thoughts with the help of others' thoughts. ——Lu Ba Jin
  11, rice can not eat a day, I feel that I can not sleep for a day, books can not be read one day. - Mao Zedong
  12, read a good book, like a friend. ——臧克家
  13, there are three readings, that is, the heart is coming, the eyes are coming, the mouth is coming - Zhu Xi
  14. Standing on the basis of establishing a school, the study is based on reading. - Ouyang Xiu
  15. Reading without thinking is equal to eating without digesting. - Polk
  16. Study for the rise of China. - Zhou Enlai
  17. Books are ships of thought sailing in the waves of the times. They carefully transport precious goods to generation after generation. - Bacon
  18, reading bogey to read, die reading horns. ——Ye Shengtao
  19. In addition to the barbaric state, the whole world is ruled by books. - Fortel
  20. Books are the best friends. When you encounter any difficulties in your life, you can ask for help. It will never turn you back. ——Dude
  21, young and not working hard, the old man is sad. - "Han Yue Fu · Long Song"
  22. Books are the most patient, patient and most enjoyable partner. It will not abandon you in any difficult and difficult time. ——Herzen
  23. Books are tools for cultivating wisdom. - Comenius
  24, or for 辍, one exposure to the cold, although reading a hundred years, I have not seen it. ——(明) Wu Mengxiang
  25. Books are the foundation of any kind of knowledge and the foundation of any subject - Zweig
  26, Qi Wen a total appreciation, doubts like analysis. - Tao Yuanming
  27, the book is a consultant at any time, can provide the knowledge you need at any time, and can repeat the number of consultants according to your wishes. - Keller
  28. Books are not lifeless things. They contain a potential for life and are as active as the author. Not only that, it is also like a treasure bottle, which preserves the purest essence of the author's vibrant wisdom. - Milton
  29, black hair does not know how to work early, white first regrets reading late. ——Yan Zhenqing
  30, reading a hundred times, its righteousness. - "Three Kingdoms"
  31. Book - This is the spiritual legacy of this generation to another generation. This is the advice of the old man who is going to be alive to the young man who just started living. This is the standing man who will go to rest and take the post to take over his post. The command. ——Herzen
  32, the old book does not bother to read back, familiar with the self-knowledge. --Su Shi
  33. Books - A window into the world through the mind. There are no books in the house, just like the room has no windows. -- Wilson
  34. At the end of the martial arts, a new country must be built, and a good book must be read. - Guo Moruo
  35, I have come to know the words of the world, and I am determined to read the books of the world. --Su Shi
  36. When the book is used, it hates less, and the matter is not difficult. - Lu You
  37. Is it clear that the channel is clear? Come to the active head to come alive. - Zhu Xi
  38, black hair does not know how to work early, white hair regrets reading late. ——Yan Zhenqing
  39. An experienced person reads two eyes, one eye sees the words on the paper, and the other eye sees the back of the paper. - Goethe
  40. If you don't study, your thoughts will stop. - Diderot
  41. Cleverness lies in diligence, and genius lies in accumulation. - Hua Luogeng
  42. Books are inseparable life partners and mentors for young people. - Gorky
  43. Books are the long light that the world has accumulated wisdom. - Didis
  44, the bird wants to fly high first to shake the wings, people seeking to go to school first. ——Li Kuchan
  45. The biggest reason for reading is to get rid of mediocrity. One day, one more life will be wonderful; one day will be more mediocre. - Yu
  46. ​​Don't be greedy for reading, but think more. This kind of reading has benefited me a lot. - Rousseau
  47. Books are tools for making souls. - Hugo
  48, reading is not in the three more five drums, the work is only afraid of exposure to ten cold. - Guo Moruo
  49. Non-indifferent, no ambition, no peace and no distance. - Zhuge Liang
  50, the book is more like a deceased person, and the morning fainting is happy. - Yu Qian
  51. The ideal book is the key to wisdom. --Leo Tolstoy
  52, do not be evil, and do not be small and not. - Chen Shou, "Three Kingdoms"
  53. A person who loves books, he must not lack a loyal friend, a good teacher, a lovely partner, a warm comforter. - Barro
  54. Work with the courageous people and read without words. ——Zhou Enlai
  55, the law of reading, in a gradual and gradual, familiar and thoughtful. - Zhu Xi
  56. Books are the world's nutritional products. There are no books in life, just like there is no sunshine; there is no book in wisdom, just like a bird has no wings. - Shakespeare
  57, to the world of music, all day in the book case. ——(Song) Ouyang Xiu
  58. There are three readings, which means that the heart is coming, the eyes are coming, and the mouth is coming. - Zhu Xi
  59. Aspirations is one of the most important things for a scholar. - Sun Yat-sen
  60, the book idiots will work, the art idiots will be good. —— Pu Songling
  61. Books are friends. Although there is no enthusiasm, they are very loyal. - Hugo
  62. Books are the experience of predecessors. ——Labre
  63, reading is easy, thinking is difficult, but the lack of one, it is useless. - Franklin
  64, determined to think about the true character, reading must work hard. ——阮元
  65. Reading is also like “opening the gold in the sand” like mining. ——Zhao Shuli