1, the life force of hardy seed, never to sing Jitu curse song.
  2. Why do people always like to swear words to others? I think that most people may mistakenly believe that the merits of others will be degraded by their own glory.
  3. If you want to overcome your fears, don't just think about yourself, try to help others, and fear will disappear.
  4. If you compare talent to sword, then diligence is a sharpening stone.
  5. Only when you climb the summit can you see the scenery there.
  6. In the desert, only the footsteps of the past are the symbol of hope.
  7, to your beautiful hopes and pursuits to open Internet cafes, nine hundred and ninety-nine times lost, there are a thousand times...
  8. I have always wanted to believe in the best side of everyone - this will save a lot of trouble.
  9. I am always surprised. Although everyone loves themselves more than others, they value others' opinions but pay more attention to their own judgments.
  10. People who tremble in the cold feel the warmth of the sun, and those who have experienced various life troubles know the preciousness of life.
  11. Stress---On the road to career success , you are the prelude to the ignorance of the ignorant, and the prelude to the forge ahead.
  12. There is only one thing in life that is successful – you can live in your own way.
  13. Thorns and bumps are the reversal of the will of the pioneers; the difficulties and dangers are the stepping stones on the road of the pioneers.
  14. People who like to work can be delighted by the completion of one thing. This kind of person is the happiest. However, correcting the shortcomings and compensating for the mistakes is the highest happiness.
  15. The world's most vast is the ocean. The sky is wider than the ocean. The broader than the sky is the human heart.
  16. The winner knows that there is no shortcut to reach the peak. They climb up the mountain step by step, and the helicopter is useless to them. 144. To enter a different new industry, you must have confidence in yourself. In the face of ruthless blows and unfair fate, you must be self-sustaining.
  17. The pride of the sail is to stand up in the wind and waves. Aphorisms
  18. If you are angry, please face the mirror before facing your lover. Look at yourself, do you like this face now? 107, learning is like climbing a mountain. Climb up this head, there is another higher mountain, never ending.
  19. The winners of the world are willing to pay far more than the rules, but also do it with joy.
  20. The world is not in the hands of those who are ridiculed, but in the hands of those who can withstand ridicule and criticism.
  21, the future is not fixed there waiting for you to approach, but depends on you to create. The road to the future will not wait to be discovered, but the process of opening up and opening the road will change both you and the future.
  22. Habits are turning our lives into a certain fossil of the day, and our souls are losing their freedom and becoming slaves to a stream of calm and unpassive time.
  23, the joy of Monday morning is no problem! There will be another week before the next Monday.
  24, a good book is the blood of the master's soul, can save the collection from generation to generation.
  25. The problem is not: what one can scorn, despise or criticize, but what he can love, value, and appreciate.
  26, the mountain road twists and turns, but after all, it extends toward the top.
  27, a way is only suitable for one type of person, everyone should pursue their own way; people standing on their own periphery, please be careful, don't fall!
  28, conforming to the society, obeying the things that parents and teachers tell you, is a safe and simple way to survive, but this is not called life, to live, you have to find out what is true.
  29, the art of life is more like the art of wrestling, but less like the art of dancing; the most important thing is: to stand firm and prepare for unforeseen attacks.
  30. Instead of revisiting the illusory rose-like dreams innumerable times, it is better to go to a quiet lakeside to pick a golden wild chrysanthemum.
  31. Learning is the property we carry with us. Where we are, our knowledge is with us.
  32. The person who surrounds the full stop of life cannot be half-step ahead.
  33. The pine tree stands erect on the cliff, and the glory is not because it has the inner temperament of being brave in the snow.
  34. Courage is the ability to transcend anger, misery, fear, and injustice. At the same time, the heart clearly tells that life is beautiful. Despite the hardships, life is meaningful.
  35. The footprints in the desert quickly disappeared. A piece of hard-working songs has been stirring for a long time in the hearts of the trekkers.
  36, rest is not doing nothing, lying in the grass under the tree in the summer, listening to the sound of the sound of the water, watching the clouds drifting, is not a waste of time.
  37. If you don't cultivate, don't plant, and fertile fertile soil can't grow crops, don't struggle , don't create, and beautiful youth can't bear fruit.
  38. Although living in a place with pleasant climate, it is inevitable that it is harassed by mosquitoes and flies. Although enjoying the grand joy, it is also inevitable.
  39. True friendship is like good health. Without loss, it will not understand its value.
  40. All wealth is built on health. It is stupid to waste money, and wasting a second-degree murder.
  41. The cultivation of good habits lies in the temptation to be free from bad habits.
  42. The easiest thing we don't regret is time, and the one we should worry the most is time; because there is no time, we can't do anything in the world.
  43. Pain is the original appearance of life. The last joy of our human beings is to recall the painful experiences we have experienced in the past.
  44. People are animals that can be trained with language pointers. I hope that everyone can have the ears to listen to the words of others.
  45, the waves would rather smash on the reef mountain that blocked the road, and would not take a step back.
  46. ​​If your heart is burning, then if you need it, you can use it as a torch.
  47. If the blade is afraid of hurting itself and is not in contact with the sharpening stone, it will never be sharp.
  48. Only the people who are down to earth, the earth is willing to leave his footprints.
  49. The real discovery journey is not just to find new scenery, but also to have a new look.
  50. In the peaceful and serene nature, there are indeed things that cause trouble, doubt, and oppression. Please look at the blue sky and the twinkling stars! Your heart will calm down.
  51, life is a long-distance running, the starting point is not necessarily the end of the champion.
  52. The most common courage is to be honest and upright in daily life, to resist temptation, to dare to tell the truth, to express one's true side, not to be hypocritical.
  53. Writing is just like life. It is a journey of discovery.
  54. Laughter is like music. In places where you can hear laughter, all kinds of disasters in life are gone.
  55. I have never met a wealthy person who is happy, but I rarely meet a poor person who does not want to become a wealthy person.
  56. The history of world progress was written by those who did not want to bow to the losers.
  57. Opportunities are only open to those who are proactive and enterprising, and mediocrity can never be patronized.
  58. Winning or losing does not care about the strength of the outside world - it is important to fully exploit your inner qualities.
  59, one or two thoughtful words, a broad understanding of the attitudes of others, these can reduce the harm to others and keep his face.
  60. If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, then what is the significance of my survival?
  61, as long as you can imagine, you can do it; as long as you can dream, you can achieve. 
  62. The world is always full of good things, but the people who can see these beautiful things are actually few and far between.
  63. A good holiday is spent with people who are more vague about time than you are.
  64. Why are we so fame and fortune? If a person and his companions maintain a different speed, perhaps he hears different melodies in his ears, letting him follow the melody he hears, no matter how fast or slow.
  65. Vanity is hard to say is a bad deed, but all evil deeds are born around vanity, but they are just means to satisfy vanity.