Nurse learning inspirational quotes
  1. I use the heart water to pour out the flame of your wounds. I use the emotion to really smooth the wounds of your heart.
  2, patient-centered, wholeheartedly serving patients, is our eternal duty, excellence is our eternal pursuit.
  3, the top of the hat is on the head, the vows are in mind, the bitterness is hidden in the heart, and the smile hangs on the face.
  4, I would like to exchange my sincere service for your satisfactory answer, that is my great happiness.
  5, the pursuit of excellence in technology, the pursuit of wholehearted service.
  6, I am a professional like a mother to the child: dedication!
  7. Please take care of the patient as a relative.
  8, life first, the patient is supreme.
  9. Your health, my happiness, your smile is the best encouragement and reward for us .
  10. With a sincere heart, be kind to the patients in pain.
  11, choose this profession, they chose to give.
  12. Leave the bitterness, tiredness, and grievances to yourself, and give music, safety, and health to the patient.
  13. Don't let silence become the connotation of youth, let the flower of life bloom in confidence .
  14. Seek trust with technology and survive with service.
  15. Respect for the patient is to respect oneself, and to care for the patient is to care for the hospital.
  16, your health, my pursuit.
  17, come on! Don't let time dilute the enthusiasm of work.
  18, I am willing to care for each patient with a beautiful mind and superb technology, so that the patient's life continues, health reappears, happiness forever.
  19. Since the appearance of the goddess of the lantern, we have it today; let us take the light in her hand and continue to go.
  20, be kind to life, let the patient rest assured.
  21, do things with heart, low-key people , give health and happiness to others, leave fatigue and hardship to yourself.
  22. I want to burn myself and illuminate others like a candle.
  23. From the smiling face of the patient's recovery, I deeply feel the greatness of the nursing profession. For example, a candle burns itself, illuminates others, silently guards the patient's life and protects the patient's health.
  24, with the heart as a lamp, willing to be the guardian angel of life.
  25, care, hospitality, patient health is our persistent pursuit.
  26, can become a nurse because of the call of God, because people are the most precious, able to take care of people to make him recover, is a sacred job.
  27, we have the wings of angels in our hearts, open our wings and care for every patient with the wings of love.
  28. Burn yourself like a candle, illuminate others, and write real life with wisdom and sweat.
  29. Some people compare nurses to "white angels". We don't have the freedom of angels. The health and life of patients occupy everything we have. Service Commitment: In the future work, I will use my love, care and care to maintain health and care for every patient.
  30. Being honest , doing things seriously, people-oriented, and willing to contribute.
  31. Don't underestimate your work. Believe that nurses are valuable. With full enthusiasm and enthusiasm, care will definitely develop.
  32. Careful, agree to do.
  33, the pursuit of perfect service, to be a patient's close friends.
  34. Congratulate your heart, use my love, sincerity, and carefulness to change your comfort, peace of mind, and peace of mind.