Some words from Ma Yun blow up the circle of friends: those social rules you do n’t know ...
  Recently, Ma Yun's speech on "life planning" has blown up the whole circle of friends.
  What he said in it: "What age are you going to do?" Many people have benefited a lot.
  1, trying to learn not necessarily amount to anything, but do not work hard will never amount to anything
  In the video, Ma Yun said: Before the age of 20, try to be a good student.
  For us before the age of 20, learning is a top priority in life. You can't learn well, but it doesn't mean you can learn without heart.
  Hard work is not necessarily rewarding, but it is not rewarding if you do not study.
  During the school period, Ma Yun took the two-year middle school entrance examination before reluctantly entering a local high school.
  Later, I participated in the college entrance examination, but also dropped for two years in a row. In the end, because my family was too poor, I had to study while working while I was admitted to university in the third year.
  As long as we are dedicated to everything, we will not regret countless times after many years:
  If I could work harder when I was in school that year, would it be a little better now?
  2, learn to choose and persist , you have won the initiative in life
  Before the age of 30, you have to follow someone and go to a smaller company.
  Working in a large enterprise is a good learning process for us, just like the existence of small parts in a large machine.
  But if you are in a small company, you can learn more. For example enthusiasm, dreams and struggle .
  These three words seem very empty, but they actually determine the success or failure of a person in this life.
  Some people are "dead" when they step into the society. They have nothing to do from 9 to 5 every day. If you brush your circle of friends, you can leave work.
  Some people have been fighting all their lives for life.
  In small startups, it can be tiring and hard, but you will learn how to accomplish a lot of things in a short period of time, and you will learn how to use your strengths to make things the best.
  So before the age of 30, what matters is not which company you go to, what matters is which boss you follow.
  Because a good boss will teach you something different, and those experiences are hard to change.
  A thousand miles of horses will never meet Bole in their life, and they are no different from ordinary horses.
  When students from world-renowned colleges and universities asked Jack Ma: What kind of academic requirements does your company have for recruiting?
  Ma Yun's reply was: "No, nothing at all! If our company has any requirements for academic qualifications, then Ma Yun has been shut out by Alibaba."
  When he talked about Alibaba's start-up team, there were a total of 18 start-ups, all of whom actually graduated from poor schools.
  Therefore, nothing in life is absolutely okay, and nothing is absolutely impossible.
  He also emphasized that the alarm bell awakened many self-righteous people:
  "If you graduated from a prestigious school, please respect the students from the poorer schools; but if you graduated from a poorer school, learn to respect yourself."
  If you live in the world, don't go vain, don't go so far, don't look down on anyone.
  Because, as long as you work hard, everyone will have a chance.
  3. Examining and understanding yourself is the key to success in life
  When you are over 30, you have to think hard about whether you are working for yourself.
  It is not to deal with and perfunctory anyone, and it is no longer pursuing like headless flies. At this age, you should pinpoint your goals and work hard to do better.
  Many new and incredible ideas should be discarded. When you start a family, the responsibility on your shoulders becomes heavier and you need to think more.
  What you want to think about is: are you doing what you do best?
  It is not easy for a person to be sophisticated and professional in a certain field of work.
  Many people have changed a lot of jobs in this life, and also transferred to many different fields, but in the end, there is no one that he is really good at.
  Because I know that I can be replaced at any time, I feel uneasy all the time.
  In work, the real strength is the ability to jump at any time.
  Because you know, as long as you do what you are good at, you're not afraid of losing your job. When you have this self-confidence, you have a solid foothold in society.
  4, life is your own, do not let anyone upset your rhythm
  Ma Yun once said: Don't tell your children, you have to be Ma Yun second.
  And tell him that you want to live a healthy and happy life. Doing what you want to do is happiness.
  Slowly you will find that the most important thing in life is: life requires one step at a time, don't let anyone disrupt your rhythm.
  Everyone is born different. So there is no real template for our lives.
  Some people know what they want at the age of 16, but change their mind at the age of 26;
  Some people have been admitted to the teacher, but do not want to end there and resign.
  Some people have children but become single;
  Some people are married but never have children;
  Some people are unmarried all their lives but live out of themselves;
  Some people are in a relationship, but they love others;
  Some people clearly love each other, but they still fail to be together in the end;
  But everyone has their own time and rhythm. Maybe someone around you is ahead of you or behind you, but they all have their own rhythm.
  Ma Yun founded Alibaba after being refused countless times at the age of 35; Yu Minhong was fired at the age of 28 after he was expelled from the school.
  It's like someone who isn't married at the age of 30, but has a happy life. Compared with someone who is married in their 20s but is unhappy, it is also a matter of rejoicing and success.
  Some people only find a job at the age of 27, start a family at the age of 35, and buy a house at the age of 40 ... This is not a shame, and it should not be a reason for your pain and decadence.
  Einstein once said: "Not every calculated thing is meaningful; not every meaningful thing can be calculated."
  Our life has infinite possibilities, so don't set limits on yourself, and don't let anyone lead your life and disrupt your rhythm.
  Rather than get confused, rather than follow the wave, rather than sway, learn to face yourself, think about what you want to do and what kind of life you want to live.
  From now on, one step at a time, go to get what you want, live the life you want, and let those who have laughed at us shut their mouths obediently.
  Life is your own. No rush, no impatient, no pride. The rest of my life is long, don't panic.