100 management inspirational quotes that impact the world
  1. If you can't beat your opponents, join them. ——American Business
  2. While hesitant can avoid the possibility of doing something wrong, it also loses the chance of success . ——Dr. Wang An, Chinese American entrepreneur
  3. Within the enterprise, there is only cost. -Peter Durak, American Management Guru
  4. A company must develop rapidly by hiring good talents, especially smart talents. ——Bill Gates, the richest man in the world
  5. Companies that use love as a cohesive force are much more stable than those that rely on fear. ——Heber Kelleher, President of Southwest Airlines
  6. Staff training is a strategic investment with the smallest risks and the greatest returns for the company. ——Warren Benis, a famous professor of business management
  7. The most basic ability of managers: effective communication. -British management scientist L. Wild
  8. The more refined the strategy, the easier it will be to implement it thoroughly. ——John Reed, Chairman of Citibank
  9. For product quality, either 100 points or 0 points. ——Kinosuke Matsushita, the god of Japanese business
  10. If you emphasize something, you check; if you don't check, it means no attention. -Gerstner, President of IBM
  11. Cooperation is fundamental to the prosperity of all teams. -David Steele, leader of the Liberal Party
  12. The fewer management levels, the better. --Ben Bidwell, Chairman, Chrysler Motors
  13. Not only reward success, but also reward failure. -Jack Welch, President of General Electric
  14. Management is communication, communication and communication. -Jack Welch, President of General Electric
  15. Third-rate ideas and first-rate execution are always better than first-rate ideas and third-rate execution ...—— Sun Zhengyi, Chairman of SoftBank Japan
  16. Innovation is the only way to eliminate ourselves, otherwise competition will eliminate us. ——Andy Grove, President of Intel Corporation
  17. Put people first, and respect for employees is the key to success. ——IBM founder Thomas Watson
  18. Do everything possible to invite a highly qualified expert doctor, it is better to ask for a cheap Jianghulang on call. ——Management scholar James Collins
  19. The biggest asset of an enterprise is people. ——Kinosuke Matsushita, the god of Japanese business
  20. Effective managers are good at employing people. -Peter Durak, a famous management scientist
  21. None of the world's poor-quality, inexpensive products can survive for long. ——Xu Shiming, General Manager of ASUS
  22. Innovation is creating a resource. ——Master Peter Durak
  23. The crisis not only brings trouble, but also contains unlimited business opportunities. ——Greg Brenniman, President of Continental Airlines
  24. Communication is the concentration of management. ——Sam Walton, President of Wal-Mart
  25. Reward what you get. ——Management expert Mitchell Laberford
  26. Quality equals profit. ——Management thinker Tom Peters
  27. The inequality of details means that 1% of errors will cause 100% of errors. ——Wang Zhongqiu, author of "Details determine success or failure"
  28. First, do not say bad things about competitors; second, do not say bad words about competitors; third, do not say bad words about competitors. ——Ma Yun , President of Alibaba
  29. Think more about competitors. ——Bill Gates, the richest man in the world
  30. You cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. ——Master Peter Durak
  31. If the yield is predetermined to be 85%, it means that 15% of errors are allowed. ——Master Philip Crosby
  32. Authorization and trust is the way to effective authorization. ——Management expert Ke Wei
  33. If GM cannot get the first or second spot in a certain field, GM will buy or withdraw its business in this field. -Jack Welch, President of General Electric
  34. Of every 100 large-scale companies that go bankrupt in the world, 85% are caused by the careless decisions of corporate managers. ——World-renowned consulting company. ——American Rand Corporation
  35. Prevention is the best way to resolve crises. ——Michael Crister, British crisis management expert
  36. Never make a major decision without choice. -Lee Echoka, President, Chrysler Automobiles
  37. Talent is the most profitable commodity, and the company that can manage talents is the ultimate big winner. ——Liu Chuanzhi , President of Lenovo Group
  38. It is not easy to do a simple thing, and it is not trivial to do every ordinary thing. ——Zhang Ruimin , President of Haier
  39. Quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty. -Jack Welch, President of General Electric
  The 40th and 20th centuries are the century of productivity, and the 21st century are the century of quality. ——Dr. Joseph Zhulan, famous American quality management scientist
  41. Perish without innovation. -Henry Ford, founder of Ford
  42. Big success depends on team, small success depends on individual. ——Bill Gates, the richest man in the world
  43. Not good at listening to different voices is the biggest negligence of managers. ——Mary Kay, American female entrepreneur
  44. Save every penny for customers. ——Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton
  45. The only advantage of sustainable competition comes from the ability to innovate over competitors. ——Famous management consultant James Morse
  46. ​​Enterprises are people. ——Kinosuke Matsushita, the god of Japanese business
  47. The best CEO is to build their team to achieve their dreams. Even Michael Jordan needs teammates to play games together. ——Charles Lee, Chairman of General Telephone Electronics
  48. Less management means better management. -Jack Welch, President of General Electric
  49. Let the process speak, and the process is the only way to turn the talk into doing. ——Strategist Jiang Ruxiang
  50. Creative imitation is not a cloud of people, but a transcendence and re-creation. -Theodore Levitt, professor at Harvard University
  51. If you use him, trust him; if you don't trust him, don't use him. ——The god of management, Konosuke Matsushita
  52. There are only two ways to make more money: either sell more or reduce management fees. -Lee Ekoka, President of Chrysler Motors
  53. The devil exists in the details. ——International Architecture Master Mies van der Rohe
  54. A successful decision is equal to 90% of information plus 10% of intuition. ——S.M.Walson, American entrepreneur
  55. Successful business leaders are not only authorized masters, but also masters of control. -Peter Staple
  56. Equalitarianism cannot be practiced. Equalitarianism punishes well and encourages poor performance. All that is gained is a bad workforce. ——Stig, a management scholar
  57. The right decision comes from the wisdom of everyone. -American sociologist T. Day
  58. Those who can use their wisdom to complete their work are great. ——Dan Piat
  59. Seizing the opportunity and making quick decisions is the key to the success of modern enterprises. ——Eisenhardt, Professor, Stanford University, USA
  60. Emotional investment is the investment that has the least cost and the highest rate of return among all investments. —— Fujita, Chairman of Japan McDonald's
  61. A great enterprise will always tremble at achievement, such as thin ice. ——Zhang Ruimin, President of Haier Group
  62. Management is a serious love. ——Silos Maycock, Chairman, American International Agricultural Machinery Commercial Corporation
  63. Management is decision-making. ——Herbert Simon, famous American management scientist
  64. We only dug out our top 20 people, then I tell you that Microsoft will become a trivial company. ——Bill Gates, the richest man in the world
  65. Corporate management used to be communication, now communication, and future communication. ——Kinosuke Matsushita, the god of Japanese business
  66. If there is a project, we must first consider whether anyone will do it. If no one does, we must give up. This is a necessary condition ...—— Liu Chuanzhi, President of Lenovo Group
  67. The only lasting competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster than your competitors ...-Shell Oil Company Deger
  68. Customers are an important source of innovation. -Management Peter Tom Peters
  69. In the new economic era, not big fish eat small fish, but fast fish eat slow fish. -Chambers, President, Cisco, USA
  70. Operation management and cost analysis must be traced to the last point ...—— Wang Yongqing, Chairman of Formosa Plastics Group
  71. Errors occur in the details, and success depends on the system. ——Bill Maret, President of Maret, the world's largest hotel chain
  72. Create man before creation. ——Kinosuke Matsushita, the god of Japanese business
  73. Speed ​​is everything, it is an indispensable factor for competition. -Jack Welch, President of General Electric
  74. Saving money is making money. ——John Rockefeller
  75. The execution of an enterprise depends on discipline. ——Lu Zhengxin, President of China Construction Corporation, Taiwan
  76. The competition is like a sharpening stone. It sharpened us very sharply, and then we started off with a knife and cut off the competition. ——360 Hong Zhou, President of 360
  77. Microsoft is always only 18 months from bankruptcy. ——Bill Gates, the richest man in the world
  78. Employing people is not how to reduce people's weaknesses, but how to make use of their strengths. -Peter Durak, a famous management scientist
  79. Authorization is like flying a kite. The weak line of the subordinate's ability will be closed, and the strong line of the subordinates will be released. ——Lin Zhengda, International Strategic Management Consultant
  80. It is important to formulate the right strategy, but what is more important is the execution of the strategy. ——Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo Group
  81. Don't make any decision until there are different opinions. ——Alfred Sloan, President of General Motors
  82. I will defeat you today. I will defeat you if I do not sleep. This is our culture. ——Hu Bolin, general manager of Oracle China
  83. Management is to do countless small details. ——Lin Zhengda, International Strategic Management Consultant
  84. A good retreat should be rewarded just like a great victory. -Swiss military theorist Fimini
  85. We announce that we pay attention to actual performance and pay attention to practical results, but often reward those who specialize in superficial articles and speculation ...—— Management expert Mitchell Laberford
  86. Don't miss any details. ——Kinosuke Matsushita, the god of Japanese business
  87. Product quality is produced, not tested. ——Dr. William Deming, American Master of Quality Management
  88. Love your employees, he will love your business a hundred times. ——Famous words from French business circles
  89. Innovation is the only way to grow a company. -Jeffrey the Master of Management
  90. The future competition of enterprises is the competition of details. —— "Pop Business" Bruno Titz
  91. In addition to being grateful, it is also necessary to clasp your hands together and lead the employees with the devotion of worshipping Buddha. ——Kinosuke Matsushita, the god of Japanese business
  92. It is the employees who feed the company. ——Li Jiacheng, the richest man in Asia
  93. It would be more beneficial to treat your competitors as opponents rather than enemies. ——Harvard Business School professor Rosabes Moss Kanter
  94. Management is the simplification of complex issues and the planning of chaotic matters. -Jack Welch, President of General Electric
  95. The success of an enterprise depends on the team, not the individual. ——Master Robert Kelly
  96. Ask the right person to get in the car, and the inappropriate person to get off. ——Management scholar James Collins
  97. It cannot be managed if it cannot be assessed. -Management scientist Joan Margarita 
  98. Trust is good, but monitoring is more important. ——Lenin, leader of the former Soviet Union
  In the 99th and 21st century, no sense of crisis is the biggest crisis. -Richard Pascal, Harvard Business School Professor
  100. Don't put all your eggs in the same basket. -Tobin, American economist