Inspirational quotes about goodness
  1. Every kind person always likes to think about people's benefits, always thinks of people better than in fact, and always loves to exaggerate their benefits. For such people, the disillusionment in the future is very sad, and even more sad when they feel that they are responsible. -Dostoevsky
  2. Utilitarianism is the purpose of a machine and the basis for examining the value of the machine, and kindness is only the purpose and will of a person. - Rabindranath Tagore "nationalism"
  3, a good dyeing heart, immortal. Hundreds of lights are bright, thousands of miles bright. ——Northern and Southern Dynasties Xiao Gang
  4. One evil, ten good. -"Song History. Biography of Bessian
  5. Only reason can teach us to know good and evil, and make us like good and hate. Although conscience does not depend on reason, conscience cannot develop without reason. -Rousseau
  6. Come out, my heart, with your love to meet it. -Tagore
  7. The most beautiful music of the soul is kindness! . ——Roman Roland
  8. Don't take evil for small, don't take small for good! ——Liu Bei
  9. Goodness is the most precious thing, and it can be used forever in one's life;
  10. The difference between good and evil lies in the behavior itself, not in the presence or absence of status. - Shakespeare
  11. People who always think about how to do good things don't have time to do good things. -Tagore
  12. Good words are more important than money. ——Jin Gehong
  13, raise the heart is not good at widowed. -Mencius
  14, the end of the good also. -Wang Anshi's "On Rites and Music"
  15. Love and goodness are happiness and truth, the only possible happiness and truth in the world. -Roman Rowland's Tolstoy
  16. Be a kind person and seek happiness for humanity. -Gorky
  17. If you sing beauty, there will be listeners even if you are in the center of the desert. -Ha Gibran
  18. Without simplicity, kindness, and truth, there is no greatness. -Lev. Tolstoy
  19. If "good" has a reason, it is no longer good. If "goodness" has its consequences, it cannot be called "goodness". "Goodness" is something beyond causality. -Lev Tor
  20. Really talented people are always kind, frank, straightforward, and never hold back. -Balzac
  21. No cutting good, no labor. - Confucius ' Analects of Confucius Gongye Chang "
  22. The best way to avoid doing bad things is to do good things, because the most difficult thing in the world is to try to do nothing. -Carlisle
  23. It is good to be as good as evil, and evil to be astonishing. ——Zuo Zhuan
  24. The source of goodness is in the heart. If you dig, it will gush out. -Aurelios
  25. For me, the meaning of life is to be in a position to think for others, worry about others, and be happy for others. ——Einstein
  26. Talented people are always kind, frank, straightforward, and never hold back. -Balzac
  27. Goodness is not a science, but a behavior. ——Roman Roland
  28. Beauty is a symbol of goodness. -Miguel Dufheimer
  29. Conscience is a sentry for each of us. It is on duty there to monitor us and not to do illegal things. It is an undercover agent embedded in the central fortress of the ego. ——Maum
  30. The beauty without virtue is fleeting; but because you have a beautiful soul in your beauty, your beauty is eternal. ——Shakespeare
  31. The purpose of intellectual desire is truth; the purpose of moral desire is good; the purpose of aesthetic desire is beauty, truth, goodness and beauty, that is, human ideals. -Kuroda Pengxin
  32. When a person's words and deeds are inconsistent, this is completely bad, which leads to hypocrisy. -Lenin
  33. What is money compared to a pure conscience? -Hardy
  34. Important signs of personality maturity: tolerance, tolerance, and kindness. ——Dell Carnegie
  35. If beauty is a letter of recommendation, then kindness is a credit card. -Bulwar-Lishun
  36. A great deal of good deeds may come out of sternness, more out of love, but most of all out of clear understanding and unbiased justice. -Goethe
  37. The conscience, it condemns people, is enough to scare me. This is true for adults and children. — Dickens' Great Expectations
  38. If black and white and good and evil are put in one place, in contrast, the scores will be visible to each other. -Qiao Yan
  39. Charitable acts can relieve others' pain more than money. -Rousseau
  40. Doing good to the good will make him better; doing good to the wicked will make him even worse. -Michelangelo
  41. Malice and kindness are both magnifying glasses, but the former has a larger magnification. -Halifax
  42. Of all moral qualities, a good nature is most needed in the world. ——Russell
  43. Truth, kindness, and beauty are very similar qualities. Adding some rare and outstanding feelings to the first two qualities, it really looks beautiful, and goodness also looks beautiful. -Diderot
  44. Those who are good will be morally virtuous, those who are good will be at home, and those who are good will be happy. ——Ming Fang Xiaozhen
  45. Wherever noble people go, there is always a strong defender around them-that is, conscience. -Scott
  46. ​​For the kind-hearted person, the idea of ​​paying for the price must be paid is an insult. Virtue is not an ornament, but a manifestation of a beautiful soul. ——Gide
  47, simple but can move my heart more than clever words. ——Shakespeare
  48. But only a good character will never become excessive for God or man. ——Bacon
  49. Compassion is not from reluctance, it is from the earth like the dew; it is not only for those who are happy to give, but also for those who are happy. ——Shakespeare
  50. If everything is good, everything is beautiful. ——Research on Tolstoy Works
  51. Touching the warmth of human kindness can heal the wounds of the soul and body. -Rozov
  52. Have a direct interest in the beauty of nature ... always a sign of kindness. -Kant
  53.The gentleman is too good to be good-Mencius