Incentive to make progress inspirational quotes 2016
  1. Tell you the mystery that made me reach my goal. My only strength is my persistence . -Pasteur
  2. The strengths or weaknesses of people in willpower and struggle are often one of the important reasons leading to their success or failure. -Hardy
  3. Even if you encounter an unfortunate disaster, do not give up what has already started. ——Anonymous
  4. Experience and perseverance are the feet of success. ——Anonymous
  5. Remember, the harder and harder the environment, the more you need firm perseverance and confidence, and the more harmful is slackness. --Leo Tolstoy
  6. Great work is done not with strength but with patience. -Johnson
  7. The will expressed in human behavior, like all other external things, is determined by universal laws of nature. -Hegel
  8, things are very simple people, all the secrets are only two words: perseverance, adhere to the bottom. -Dostoevsky
  9. Only those who are strong can have sacred will, and those who fight can win. -Goethe
  10, the sky is healthy, the gentleman is constantly improving. ——Wen Tianxiang
  11. Discoverers, especially young fledgling discoverers, need courage to ignore the indifference and doubt of others, to persist in their will to discover, and to continue their research. -Beveridge
  12, do it according to your own will, don't listen to those gossip, you will succeed. ——Nasredan? Hocha
  13. Try to focus your energy on one focal point, just like a lens. -Fabre
  14. A weak-willed person cannot be sincere. -La Rochefoucauld
  15. Once the path of life is chosen, go to the end bravely and never turn back. ——Zola
  16. A determined person will find his way. ——Anonymous
  17. Without great willpower, it is impossible to have a great talent. -Balzac
  18. With a strong will , you will overcome bad luck. ——Anonymous
  19. Steel is trained in the fire and rapid cooling, so it can be hard and not afraid of anything. Our generation has also exercised in such struggles and terrible trials, and learned not to succumb to life. --Ostrovsky
  20. People who never lament the hard times and never sorrow for their own destiny are indeed great men. -Seneca
  21. Will is not simply the desire and satisfaction, but also the desire and suppression, desire and abandonment. If your child is only trained to fulfill his wishes, he will not have the greatest will. -Macalenko
  22. Whether it is a big or a small matter, as long as you think it is done well, do it firmly. This is the character. -Goethe
  23. Even when the eyes are fixed on the earth, the superb gaze still maintains the ability to stare at the sun. ——Hugo
  24. The success of a big event is not in the strength but in how long it lasts. -Johnson
  25. To be tenacious, the most important thing is to stick to it. -Dostoevsky
  26. One of the great advantages of a great person is that he is indomitable in adverse and difficult encounters. -Beethoven
  27. Those who do not lose courage in major events have to be regarded as good soldiers. I do n’t feel bored even if I have nothing to do. I can tolerate whatever happens to him. No matter what you want him to do, he always insists on his own ideas. This is a good soldier. -Gogol
  28. Dao is enough to forget things and spring, Zhi is enough to flourish. --Su Shi
  29. If a person can go towards his ideal direction with confidence and make up his mind to live the life he wants, he will surely get unexpected success. ——Dell? Carnegie
  30. As long as there is an infinite self-confidence that fills the heart, and then with strong will and independent wisdom, one day will succeed. -Maupassant
  31. My essence is not the result of my will. On the contrary, my will is the result of my essence, because I have existence first, then there is will, and existence can have no will, but without existence there is no will. -Feuerbach
  32. There is a proverb in Italy: the requirements for a singer are first of all throat, throat and throat. I now imitate badly according to this formula: a requirement to become equal to the "person" that Gorky claims First, will, will, and will. --Ostrovsky
  33. You should cultivate confidence in yourself and your own strength. This kind of confidence is obtained by overcoming obstacles, cultivating will, and exercising will. -Gorky
  34. The most important thing in life is to have an ambitious goal, and use talent and perseverance to accomplish it. ——Goethe
  35. Remember! The more serious the situation, the more difficult it is, the more you need to be firm, motivated, and decisive, and the more ineffective the more harmful it is. --Leo Tolstoy
  36. Career is often accomplished through perseverance and impatience. I saw with my own eyes in the desert that the hurrying traveler fell behind calmly; the galloping horse fell behind, and the camel came forward slowly. -Sadie