100 famous quotes about success
  1. Success is an idea, success is an idea, success is a mentality, and success is a habit.
  2. The cycle of success: clear goals-implement the plan-positive action-encountered problems-close to successful people- persist .
  3, the new and old ideas, can accept new things.
  4. Life is not afraid of coming back, but there is no future.
  5. Owning resources cannot succeed, and making good use of resources can succeed.
  6, efforts must have results, but not necessarily good results.
  7. On the way to success, distress and joy are twin brothers. When distress appears, please believe that joy will follow.
  8. Failure is the mother of success, and review is the father of success.
  9. Money is not noble and lowly. Money in the hands of noble people will become noble; money in the hands of vulgar people will become low-level vulgar.
  10. Opportunities are like thieves. They disappear without a trace when they come, and they suffer heavy losses when they leave.
  11. The biggest difference between success and failure is the idea.
  12, small success depends on itself, big success depends on the team.
  13. We don't care about success, how can success care about us.
  14. The people who fail are often those who are morally disheartened.
  15. What you see and hear makes a lifetime, and unknowingly kills you.
  16. The winner says: Although this is difficult, it is possible; the loser says: That is possible, but it is too difficult.
  17. There are 20-year-old rotten trees and 80-year-old evergreens in the world.
  18. Those who do not see opportunities are stupid people; those who cannot seize opportunities are mediocre; those who have opportunities do not seize are sinners.
  19. What is success? Doing every little thing well is success.
  20. Find a spare tire when you are good, and a retreat when you are bad.
  21. It is not regrettable to be born poor, but regretful to be poor when dead.
  22. Birds cannot fly without wings, and people do not succeed without ambition.
  23. There is only one word difference between success and failure: active or passive.
  24. The winner will say, "I'll do something for you! And the loser says: That's not my business.
  25. The saddest part of life is: 1 Good teachers do n’t learn; 2 Good friends do n’t pay; 3 Good opportunities do n’t hold.
  26. What kind of idea has what kind of future; what kind of idea has what kind of life.
  27. The person in front of you will definitely lose the future.
  28. Three conditions for success: (1) opportunity; (2) one who desires change and works very hard; (3) noble person to help.
  29. The success or failure of life often lies in the difference in one mind.
  30. People without crisis is the biggest crisis, and meeting the status quo is the biggest trap.
  31. Success belongs to people who are ready.
  32. Talking about setbacks before success is called vomiting bitter water; coming back to talk about setbacks after success is called ——experience talk.
  33. Success is two forces: one that supports us; one that opposes us.
  34. Success is between eyebrows-confidence.
  35. Success requires the gentleman's encouragement and the villain's stimulation.
  36. Wrinkles can grow in our heads, but not in our ideas.
  37. A person who frequently turns around cannot go far.
  38. The secret of success: Cherish, care, and be grateful .
  39. Empty pockets cannot hinder your future, empty heads will always be poor.
  40. No one is far-sighted, he must be near-worried. Born in sorrow, died in peace.
  41. If you want to succeed, you must overlap with the ideas, steps and time of the successful person.
  42. Attitude determines success, not changing attitude after success.
  43. There is only one reason for success, but there are a thousand reasons for failure.
  44. Before building a successful career, build a successful team.
  45. Solve problems with successful experiences; don't solve problems with your own ideas.
  46. ​​Success never gives up, and giving up never succeeds.
  47. Giving money is the best policy, giving ability is the middle policy, giving concept is the best policy.
  48. The speed of success = morality + cultivation + maturity.
  49. Three fatal injuries in life: work hard and stay the same; the results of hard work cannot be accumulated;
  50. It ’s hard to buy a long time ago. It ’s hard to buy regret medicine.
  51. Behind success is the word failure.
  52. To change destiny, change your mind first.
  53. What we do not know does not mean that it did not happen. What we do not understand does not mean that it does not exist.
  54. The gap between the rich and the poor lies in the different ideas.
  55, billions of wealth can not buy a good idea; good ideas can make you billions of dollars in wealth.
  56. The only constant word in the world is the word "change".
  57. It is better to be laughed for a while than to be laughed for a lifetime.
  58. Successful leaders are not thermometers but thermostats.
  59. One word in life is the word "find".
  60. Winners often have plans, and losers often have excuses.
  61. Many people today are not unwilling to accept new ideas, but are not willing to abandon old ideas.
  62. The trajectory of success: mentality-ability-organization-performance.
  63. Success means that we have the right to choose our lives.
  64. It takes only 0.05 seconds for a message to travel from one end of the earth to the other, but it takes one year, three years or even ten years for an idea to travel from outside the brain to the brain.
  65. Being rich is not being content, being rich is being expensive, being poor is being poor, being poor is being poor, and being cheap is being cheap.
  66. All successful people are seizing the opportunity, and all failing ones are waiting to be seen.
  67, success in desperation, plum blossom cold.
  68, people often use known things to judge unknown things; people often take wrong inferences as correct conclusions.
  69. The brave is fearless, the wise is fearless.
  70. A person must know how to give up and choose to succeed.
  71. A person who can learn from others is a person who wants to succeed.
  72. One person is unsuccessful because of two words-fear.
  73. 99% of success is mind, 1% is ability.
  74. In life, if you want happiness, you must have the ability to predict the future.
  75. The same quality is better than the price, and the same price is better than the quality.
  76. Successful people get rid of difficulties, and failed people get rid of them.
  77. A person cannot enter the temple of wisdom without giving up his past ignorance.
  78. I am unique in the world and I will succeed!
  79. The two characteristics of success: (1) the charm of affinity; (2) the attitude of being arrogant.