100 inspirational quotes
  1. Adolescents are a beautiful and inaccessible period, the beginning of all future light and happiness. -Kalinin
  2. People's aspirations are usually directly proportional to their abilities. -Johnson
  3, time grabbed and said it is gold, if you can't catch it, it is flowing.
  4. Husbands should be high-spirited, admire sages, be passionate, abandon doubt and stagnation, so that the ambitions of Jiji are exposed, and they feel a little bit; tolerate and stretch, go to fine, consult widely. Why it hurts beauty and why it hurts. Ruozhi is not fortitude, is not generous, stubbornly stagnates in the vulgar, stays in love in silence, perpetually drifts into mediocrity, can not help but be indecent. ——Zhu Geliang
  5. If a husband learns to learn, it is necessary to learn, and then he must learn. ——Zhu Geliang
  6. Everyone must have the ambition to be a great hero! Be a pioneer. - Zhou Enlai
  7. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband can't be ambitious. -Kong Qiu
  8. Anyone with a will can do it! ——Liu Xiu
  9. There is nothing in the world that cannot stand. ——Wang Yangming
  10. Those who have established great events in the past must not only have transcendent talents, they must also have perseverance. --Su Shi
  11. If a person does not reach the highest peak, he will not have a moment of peace, and he will not feel the tranquility and glory of life . ——Shaw Burner
  12. Chinchilla An Zhihong's aspirations. ——Sima Qian
  13. Warrior's own warrior's ambition: transform forever and start from zero; all shameful declines can only make people look like enemies and step into mud. ——Guo Xiaochuan
  14. The worst part is that people are often hindered by wrong ambitions in their lives and do not know it. They can only understand when they get rid of those obstacles. -Goethe
  15. The sky will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, and they must first suffer their minds, strain their bones, starve their skin, empty their bodies, and disturb their actions, so they must be patient and gain what they cannot. -"Mencius"
  16. People have no good will, although brave will hurt. -"Huainanzi"
  17, the strong minded, the master of fame. Those who are not lazy, the teachers of all good. -"Baopuzi"
  18. Why do people worry that their reputations are not upheld? ——Liu Yiqing
  19, the eldest husband lives, when sweeping the world, peace of mind! -"Han Han Book"
  20, the eldest husband when the male fly, can be quiet? -"Han Han Book"
  21. Aspiration and love are the wings of great behavior. -Goethe
  22. Aiming at work achievement is the three major elements of human activities. Ambition is the door to your career, and work is your journey into the room. At the end of this journey, a success is waiting to celebrate the results of your efforts. -Pasteur
  23. Water-excited stones are humming, others are great-spirited. ——Qiu Jin
  24. Don't climb high mountains, don't know the size of the sky; ——Condition
  25, will be the best Ling Ling, a glimpse of the mountains. -Du Fu
  26. The ambition is the Big Dipper in the dark night. -Browning
  27. Someone asked Eagle: "Why did you go to educate your children at high altitude?" Eagle replied: "If I educate them against the ground, then they will grow up. How can they have the courage to approach the sun?" — Lai Sim
  28. The true intellect is resolute ambition. ——Napoleon
  29. Being poor and lazy is really poor, and being cheap and unmotivated is really low. -Rodin
  30. If a person does not know where he is heading, then any wind is not a tailwind. -Seneca
  31. If anyone has aspirations, everything can be done. ——Smiles
  32. The spirit is contagious, and you can infect the spirit enveloped in your environment. Those people around you constantly struggling up the victory will encourage inspire you to do more strenuous struggle , in order to achieve looks like as they do. ——Steven
  33. Keeping a dragon in your heart is both torture and fun. ——Hugo
  34. The closer the goal, the more difficult it is. -Goethe
  35. In the face of cliffs, you can't see a crack for a hundred years, but with an axe, you have to go one inch into the other, you have to go one foot into the foot, and you keep accumulating. ——Hua Luogeng
  36. The hard and high-quality steel bars are made after a thousand hammers; magnificent and beautiful shells are obtained by water exposure. Our will and perseverance must also be severely tested in the fierce struggle to undergo long-term exercise. Only in this way can you make yourself enthusiastic and aggressive in the face of difficulties. -Kalinin
  37. Scholars must first make up their minds. Today, the yoyos just look at the fact that their knowledge has never been done, and they have been beaten up in a random way. This is just unwilling. ——Zhu Xi
  38. Ambition is the most important thing for a scholar. -Sun Yat-sen
  39. The mind cannot fall in one day, and the heart cannot be left in one day. ——Wang Yu
  40. Leap forward, not ten steps; ——Condition
  41. She sacrifice her, the rotten wood is not broken; ——Condition
  42. If the mind is not true, the heart is not hot, and if the heart is not hot, the work is not tight. -Yan Yuan
  43. Determined to be firm and not to say, success is in a hurry. ——Zhang Xiaoxiang
  44. Without unwavering confidence, any action will fail. --China? Irving
  45. When we only encounter a boat heading in the wind, we can adjust the course and go roundabout; however, when the sea is rough and we want to stop in place, we must break down. Watch out, young helmsman, don't let your cables loose, don't let your anchor sway, and don't let the boat drift away before you notice it. -Rousseau
  46. ​​Life is an endless and ruthless battle. Everyone who wants to be called a human must fight against the invisible enemy from time to time. ——Roman? Roland
  47. As long as you work in one direction, everything will become handy. -Browning
  48. Great people have passed through the barren desert before they reached the peak of glory. -Balzac
  49. Whoever has the will to succeed will succeed. ——Roman? Roland
  50. A person who never doubts the direction and purpose of life will never despair. -Moriak
  51. Unwilling to stand, like a boat without a rudder, a horse without a title, drifting and running, what is the reason? There is nothing in the world that cannot stand. Although there are hundreds of craftsmanship skills, no one is not indifferent. —— "Legal Regulations"
  52. Morality and ethics are all established in ambition, without ambition, nothing can be done. ——Shen Juyi
  53, settled Qingshan did not relax, Li Gen was originally in the broken rock, Zhi Mo Wan hit is still tough, let the wind from east to west, north and south. ——Zheng Banqiao
  54. Do everything in a down-to-earth manner, do not relax in imagination, do not hesitate to speak in vain, but do practical work with a realistic attitude. If you study with this attitude, the truth is clear, and if you work with this attitude, you can do your work. ——Li Dazhao
  55. All new things are always like this at the beginning. At first many people were enthusiastic, but soon they were cold and let go. Because he has understood that it can't be done without hard work, and only those who want to do it can endure this pain. -Dostoevsky
  56. One dollar a day, thousands of dollars a day, rope sawn wood broken, water dripping through. -Ban Gu
  57. Hurry is not up to speed, and seeing small profits is not a big deal. ——Disciple of Kongqiu in Spring and Autumn
  58. Although there are things that are easy to be born in the world, they are exposed on one day and cold on the tenth. ——Meng Yue
  59. The main road is not necessarily a straight and straight straight road. It is inevitable that there are some twists and turns and rugged obstacles. It is necessary to go around some bends and even go astray. ——Zhu Guangqian
  60. Anxiety can rejuvenate the country, Yiyu can perish, and natural reason. -Ouyang Xiu
  61. Bai Shou's heart is taming the sea, and his youthful spirit walks thousands of mountains. ——Lin Boqu
  62, willing to meet when China takes off the world. ——Zhou Enlai
  63. Young people must first establish ambitions and set their ambitions, and secondly, they must be determined to serve the country.
  64. The people should be a useful talent; for this purpose, a struggle goal must be chosen to study and practice hard. ——Wu Yuzhang
  65. Sexual infatuation is its ambition. Therefore, the book fancier will work, and the art fancier will be good. World
  66, Luo Tuo and failed, all claim to not be foolish. ——Pu Songling
  67. Zi said: "Aspirations to the Tao, according to virtue, rely on benevolence, and enjoy art."-"The Analects"
  68. Those who have no ambitions, no obviousness, no faintness, no great achievements. ——Condition
  69, Tian Xingjian, gentleman is constantly improving. -"The Book of Changes"
  70, Zhizhan also, not to win, but to win. --"Han Fei"
  71. When we stop before some difficulties, he always says, "You will make it good! With your cleverness, this little thing will not embarrass you!" And we are often because of our father. In other words, miraculously fix things that would otherwise be bad, and became interested in work that was originally considered to be fearful. ——Roland
  72. If a person is not far-fashioned and absent-minded, he will not learn. ——Zhang Zai
  73, full food all day long, without any intention, difficult to sting. -"The Analects of Confucius? Positive
  74. Life is a hero, and death is also a ghost male. So far, thinking about Xiang Yu, he refuses to pass Jiangdong. ——Li Qingzhao
  75. The world in which people live is like a boat sailing in the sea. The most important thing is to identify the direction of progress. -Pan Yan
  76. Any occupation is not simple. It is certainly not difficult to complete the task in general, but it is not so easy to achieve real career achievements and contribute to society. With ambition, we will always raise the bar to ask ourselves. ——Xie Jueyu
  77. The descendants of Mo Jiao Sang Ma are trapped in poverty, and the clouds are better off than the poor. -Yang Chao
  78. It is dangerous to run a ship in rough waves, but as long as you are good at handling the rudder, you can save yourself from danger and cross the ocean to settle on the other side. The same is true of a young person's employment. Surrounded by difficulties, you have to deal with it calmly and break down layers of obstacles. Then you will find your Kangzhuang Avenue. You have to know that God will never disappoint the aspirations of those who care for you. Unless you are afraid and courageous, you will fail. ——Dell? Carnegie
  79. Deep dive into the idea, why not get it, start your spirit and do nothing. ——Lu Kun
  80. If you enter, you will settle down, and if you retreat, you will settle down to repair what you have failed. ——Zhang Yanghao
  81. If you are unclear, you cannot see the Tao; ——Lin Ye
  82. An ambitious person, the goal for which he is fighting should be ambitious and noble, and not a coward blinded by private interests. ——Yin Qinggong
  83. I think that all broad-minded people have ambitious ambitions; but the people with the big ambitions I value are those who take this path firmly and confidently, not those who try to taste it at once. -Dickens
  84. The higher the goal a person pursues, the faster his talent develops, and the better it is for society. -Gorky
  85. Take the picture as the owner and make the man stronger. ——Wang Yan
  86. Aspirant is no longer young, and aspirant is a hundred years old. ——Shi Yukun
  87, the world rises and falls, the husband is responsible. ——Gu Yanwu
  88. The painter must draw the dragon in the clouds, and the man must be the hero. ——Qiu Jin
  89. Tomorrow is coming again, how much tomorrow! Every day, tomorrow, everything will happen. Everyone is tired tomorrow, and tomorrow is bound to be old. Morning faint billowing east. This ancient and ancient day falls west. A hundred years tomorrow can geometry? Please listen to my "Song of Tomorrow". ——Wen Jia
  90. According to my observations, most people have emerged in the waste time of others. ——Ford
  91. Do not return in the heyday, it is difficult to get to the morning in a day, and you should encourage yourself in time. -Tao Qian
  92. The clock ticks with the movement of the hands: "Seconds" are the soldiers marching in arrogance, "Minutes" is the noncommissioned officer, and "Hours" are the brave officers leading the charge. So when you are bored and cranky, remember that you have thousands of troops on your palm; you are their commander in chief. As you review them, you might as well ask yourself-whether they played the most role in the battle. ——Philip? Cai? Johnson
  93. Life is based on time. Wasting other people's time is equal to killing money and wasting one's own time is equal to chronic suicide. ——Lu Xun
  94. Today is life, today is motivation, today is behavior, today is creation. ——Li Dazhao
  95, life is too short, too much work to do, I have to race against time. ——Edison
  96. Real agility is a very valuable thing. Because time is the measure of a business, such as money is the measure of goods. -Eph? Bacon
  97. An inch of time is an inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy an inch of time.
  98. Time is a lovely lover. How much I love you, every minute and every second is telling: labor, creation! Don't waste your life! ——Yu Sha
  99. Lost cattle and sheep can be recovered; but lost time cannot be recovered. -Qiao Yan
  100. Generosity of time is equal to chronic suicide. --Ostrovsky