A man doing things inspirational famous Daquan
  1. Experience, environment and genetics have created your face. For better or worse, you have to cultivate your own garden; for better or worse, you have to play the strings in life . ——Carnegie
  2. No matter how the crow decorates itself with peacock feathers, the crow is a crow after all. -Stalin
  3. Open the window! Don't call it to cover the blue sky; let the scent of flowers drift into my house; let the sun's initial light spread through every corner of my body. -Tagore
  4. There are two kinds of people in the world. One kind of person spends years of his life; the other kind of person lives a meaningful life. In the eyes of the first person, life is a sleep. If he thinks that he sleeps on a bed that is warm and soft, then he is very satisfied. In the eyes of the second person, he can say, Life is about building merits ... People enjoy their happiness in accomplishing this merits. -Belinsky
  5. We have to eat, sleep, idle, and fall in love, that is, we have to touch the sweetest things in life: but we must not succumb to these things ...-Jolio Curie
  6. It is advisable to retreat first when you are deep in thought, and you can take a break when you are proud.
  7, aggressive speech, may not be justified. -Sadie
  8. Don't promise others easily if you can't do it. Once you promise others, you must fulfill your promise. -Washington
  9. Everyone has different standards for the determination of happiness. It is not necessary to care whether others agree or not. The important thing is whether you are satisfied or not. ——Monte New
  10, smart out of hard work, genius lies in accumulation. ——Hua Luogeng
  11. There are two kinds of things. The deeper and more persistent our thinking about them, the greater the surprise and awe they evoke will fill our hearts. This is the starry sky and the morality in my heart. law. -Kant
  12. Backing mountains and mountains will fall, relying on water will flow, and never fall on their own.
  13. Don't be overly obsessed with laissez-faire freedom, freedom without restrictions at all, it has many harms and dangers. ——Krelocka
  14. Genius can start a great cause, but it is hard work rather than genius that wants to accomplish a great cause.
  15, gentleman Yu Yu, villain Yu Yu. -Kong Qiu
  16. An objective art is not just for viewing, but for living. But you have to know how to get near it, so you have to do meditation.
  17. Without redoubled diligence, there is neither talent nor genius. -Mendeleev
  18. Gentlemen donate money to others, and others give money to others. ——Condition
  19, human life, like a flood, without encountering islands and reefs, it is difficult to stir beautiful waves. --Ostrovsky
  20. Genius needs never-ending hard work. -Carlisle
  21. Geniuses are the most powerful cattle, and they work 18 hours a day without stopping. -Renan
  22. Every thought is a prayer.
  23. Genius does not make people unnecessary to work, and cannot replace labor. To develop genius, you must study for a long time and work intensely. The more genius a person has, the more complex and important his tasks are. -A. Smirnov
  24. The exquisite works created by genius are rendered by tears. -Balzac
  25. There are many sleeping powers deep in the human soul; awakening these powers that people have never dreamed of, and using them skillfully, can completely change a lifetime. Orrison Melun
  26. A man's genius is just a spark. If he wants to make it a blazing flame, there is only learning and learning. -Gorky
  27. Whoever wants assistance in times of distress should be lenient on weekdays. -Sadie
  28. Remember to always give more to others and take less from others. -Gorky
  29. People do not cultivate patience when they have time. The correct concept is that because people learn to be patient, they have more time than enough. -Paul Pierce
  30. If I have inspired more or less people ’s efforts, our work, have more or less expanded the scope of human understanding, and thus added a joy to this world, then I also I feel satisfied. ——Edison
  31. Many geniuses disappear in this world for lack of courage. Every day, obscure people are sent to the grave. Because of their timidity, they have never tried to work hard; if they can accept the inducement to start, they are likely to succeed. ——Sheba Smith
  32. Genius is 99% sweat and 1% inspiration. ——Edison
  33. Geniuses and beauties are destined to shine brightly, make people jealous, and vilify. -Balzac
  34. Every one is a genius, but many people do n’t know how to use their genius and wisdom.
  35. Don't worry about poverty, don't learn from wealth. -Tao Yuanming
  36, villains dare to be the first, dare to be the last.
  37. Everyone has his own theater. He integrates managers, actors, speeches, screenwriters, scene changers, box waiters, janitors, and also an audience. -Julius Haier
  38. Selfishness is an obstacle for others. ——Lu Kun
  39. Life is a hero, and death is a ghost, so far, thinking about Xiang Yu, he refuses to pass Jiangdong. ——Li Qingzhao
  40. Talents work, while geniuses create. -Schumann.
  41. Our life seems to be replacing our lives. The strange impulse of life itself leads us to a dizzy direction; in the end, we will feel that we have no choice of life and have no control over it. -Sorkar Rinpoche
  42. Chiseling can make a road straight, but only rugged, uncut roads are genius roads. -Black
  43. Genius inevitably has obstacles, because obstacles create genius. ——Roman. Roland
  44. The strong heart is not old with age, and he can still be a ghost male when he dies. ——Lu You
  45. At the beginning of a person, do n’t take people as a bully; in the evening of people, do n’t take people as a disgrace; before people, do n’t take yourself to the public; Above, don't take people as wrong; below people, don't take yourself as wrong. "