Be strict with yourself
  1. If you fail, you may stand up again immediately, lose faith, you may never recover-Franklin
  2. Don't bully inside, don't bully outside-Master Hongyi
  3. People do not believe without trust- Confucius
  4. Those who do not believe, do not succeed-Mo Zi
  5. Treat people with truth, not just benefit people, benefit people even more-Yang Tong
  6. Taking the path of life of integrity and honesty, there will be a well-deserved destination-Gorky
  7. Don't believe or not, don't be honest-I say
  8. Sincerity is an open mind--La Rochefoucauld
  9, sincerely come, the stone is open-Wang Chong
  10. People who touch with sincerity should also be sincere-Cheng Yi
  11. False sincerity is more terrible than the devil- Tagore
  12. Only sincerity can break the hypocrisy of the world, but real can break the vanity of the world——Xue Yan
  13. Where is dignity without honesty-Cicero
  14. Honesty is a symbol of strength, it shows a person's high self-esteem and inner sense of security and dignity-Erin Kaser
  15. People who do n’t trust their names ca n’t reach their names-Liu Xiang
  16. Credit at work is the best wealth. Youth without credit accumulation must become losers-Daisaku Ikeda
  17. Honesty is the foundation of people- Lu Xun.
  18.The truth is that half is often a big lie-Franklin
  19. When credit disappears, the flesh has no life -Dumas
  20. Life can't bloom brilliant flowers from lies-Heine