Love quotes are the most inspirational
  1. When I get to you, I have a lot of things in my heart to say to you. When you are by my side, I feel quietly leaning on you. Even if I do n’t speak, it ’s fine. Fall in love with all of me.
  2, no matter how tired, you must protect yourself; no matter how painful, you also have to bear hard; no matter how busy, you must pay attention to rest; no matter how far, you have to keep going.
  3. He makes you cry and let you down. Even so, when he stands there, you will still walk over and take his hand, and you can't help it.
  4. In the world, what it gives you is boredom, burnout, and depression; it deprives you of hope for the future, cuts off the friendship between you and others, makes your mind gradually narrow, and your life becomes increasingly skeptical.
  5. In the distribution of women's feelings, the husband gets the least amount. This kind of shame is not necessarily because of the loss of feelings. A large part of women's feelings are thrown to phantoms.
  6. When a person who loves to laugh cries, it is more heartbreaking than anyone else!
  7. It is the growth ring of a tree. It can only stop its progress if it is truncated. Fortunately, we are still alive. Unfortunately, we are old.
  8, often ignore those who love us, but love those who ignore us.
  9. When a woman falls in love with a man, he will never see his shortcomings.
  10. In fact, men are more sober than women when it comes to love issues. They will put emotional issues in a reasonable position, and women can easily treat emotions as the whole of life.
  11, love does not need to deliberately grasp, the more you want to grasp your love, the easier it is to lose yourself, lose principles, and lose tolerance and understanding that should be maintained between each other.
  12. I hope I can cross back in time to meet the little one who is still a child.
  13. When they can't meet, they miss each other, but once they can meet, once they walk together again, they will torture each other again.
  14. Don't envy others, everyone has pain; don't lose yourself, perk up is better than everything.
  15. It doesn't have to be to love a person, but you must love a person well.
  16, no matter how annoying, don't forget to smile; no matter how urgent, you should pay attention to the tone; no matter how hard, you must continue to persist ; no matter how afraid, you have to be brave.
  17. Thank you for appearing beautifully and enriching my simple life .
  18. When women say "don't need you to control", they all want you to hurry up and control, but they are unwilling to be late. When a woman says "who is rare", it means that she is very rare.
  19. Life is actually very ordinary. No one can get everything they want. There are gains and losses, but in the choice of gains and losses, you have your most precious things.
  20. In your early 20s, do something that will still smile when you are 80 years old.
  21. It's easy for a person. After being dull, it's not easy to stick to that promise.
  22, girls, if you are good to yourself, you will become better and more valuable in the eyes of others. And if you pay too much to others, you will become weaker, and your use value is over, and it is over. So don't keep thinking about pleasing others, the more you care about others, the humbler you will be. Only pleasing yourself and others to please you will make you more valuable. Life is not long ... be nice to yourself.
  23. A man wants to be a woman's first lover, and a woman wants to be a man's last lover.
  24. Every woman yearns for love in her heart, eager to get loved happiness. The desire to be protected, enhanced, and compassionate is a characteristic of women. Coupled with sentimentality and uncontrollable feelings, it is often difficult for women to reject each other. This makes them think they are in love.
  25. If you have to separate, say goodbye well, and keep thanks in your heart, thank him for giving you a memory.
  26. It never caters. Noisy, no scolding, can be considered true love. In fact, if you really love someone, you will fall into the whirlpool of can't help.
  27. Don't love wrong because of loneliness, don't live lonely because of wrong love.
  28. Whatever way you can get love, but it takes wisdom to keep love.
  29. This kind of love knows that there is no way forward, but the heart has long been unable to accept it.
  30. People can grow old, die, and have short time, so you should meet early, fall in love in time, and use your best efforts. Until retreat is irreversible, reborn. Then you will know what a heart is like a mirror.