88 quotes that value time
  1. Time is the soil for all achievements in the world. Time hurts the dreamer and gives happiness to the creator. -McKinsey
  2. The young man does not work hard, the boss is sad. —— "Han Yue Fu Long Song"
  3. The coming day is longer than the past year. ——Folster
  4. Success = hard work + the right method + less empty talk. --Einstein
  5. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material of life. ——Franklin
  6. People who give up time, time also gives up on him. - Shakespeare
  7. Using time is an extremely advanced rule. -Engels
  8. Time is the most seasoned judge who examines all criminals-Shakespeare
  9. Time is a great mentor. -Burke
  10. A person who dares to waste even an hour shows that he does not know how to cherish the full value of life. -Darwin
  11. Don't wait for tomorrow for what you do today, don't wait for others for what you do. —— Goethe
  12. People who never waste time have no time to complain about lack of time. -Jefferson
  13. It must be remembered that our study time is limited. Time is limited, not only because of short life, but also because of the complexity of personnel. We should strive to use all our time to do the most beneficial things. ——Spencer
  14. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow. -Goethe
  15, time is the development of capacity and so on. ——Marx
  16. Reasonably arranging time is tantamount to saving time. ——Bacon
  17. Ten thousand years is too long. ——Mao Zedong
  18. We only live once in the world, so we should take care of our time. You must live a real life and a worthy life. -Pavlov
  19. The most genius is time. -Belinsky
  20. Time is my property, and my acres are time. -Goethe
  21. Don't sigh for the years that have passed, you must face up to the time rushing away. -Brecht
  22, Chunguang does not stay, no wonder Dongfeng evil. ——Shakespeare
  23. Time is the least favored, 24 hours to anyone; time is also favored, not 24 hours to anyone. -Huxley
  24. The golden age is before us and not behind us. ——Mark Twain, American writer
  25. Don't sigh the old, it will never come back; you must improve wisely now. We must invest in a confusing future with a determined will without fear. -Longfellow
  26. It ’s a long time to come. There are n’t many days to come. Twenty beauties, please kiss me. -Shakespeare.
  27. The way to get the job done is to take care of every minute. -Darwin
  28. All savings come down to time savings. ——Marx
  29, set armpits into Qiu, gather sand into towers. Although a few seconds are not long, they constitute a great era in the eternal river. -Fletcher
  30. The philosopher cherishes the age, the sage cherishes the day, and the saint cherishes the time. —— Wei Yuan
  31, Zhishi regrets the short days, worrying that the night is long. —— Fu Xuan
  32. Those who understand the true meaning of life can extend short life. ---- Cicero
  33. There is no way for Shiji to strike the hour that has passed for me. -Byron
  34. Ordinary people only think about how to spend time, and talented people try to use time. ——Schopenhauer
  35. Wasting time is a great sin. -Rousseau
  36. Those who abandon today will not have tomorrow; yesterday, however, is nothing but running water. ——John Locke
  37. What should be done today is not done, and tomorrow will be delayed no matter how early. -Pestalozzi
  38. Of all the critics, the greatest, most correct, and most genius is time. -Belinsky
  39. Observe carefully for understanding; strive to understand for action. ——RomanRoland
  40. Don't wait for tomorrow for what you do today, don't wait for others for what you do. -Goethe
  41, the situation does not treat others, must burst into silk. —— Li Bai
  42. Lao Dang Yi Zhuang, Ning Zhi Bai Shou's heart; poor and strong, do not fall into the cloud of aspirations-Wang Bo
  43. The person who abandoned time also abandoned him. ——Shakespeare
  44. Life is short and short. If you spend years in your life, your short life is too long. -British playwright Shakespeare.
  45. An inch of time is an inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy an inch of time. —— Enlightened Sage
  46. ​​The hard-working bee never has time for sorrow. -Black
  47. The people who are least good at using time like to complain about the short time. ---- La Bruyelle
  48. No matter how long your time devours everything, we must strive to gain our reputation while this interest still exists, so that the sickle of time cannot hurt us. ——Shakespeare
  49. Strangling the mind with depression, with blame and coldly ticking time. --Gorky
  50. The full power of man is nothing more than a mixture of patience and time. -Balzac
  51. The setting sun is endless, and this day is even more busy. ——Chen Shidao
  52. Just use time! What do you want to understand, don't look away. —— Goethe
  53. When many people are lingering along a road, they have to give way to let the person who cherish time rush to them. -Socrates
  54. Think of each day of life as the last day of life. --Helen Keller
  55. Any saving is ultimately a saving of time. ——Marx
  56. As long as we can make good use of time, we will never worry about running out of time. -German poet Goethe
  57. The most wasteful time is time-Ding Zhaozhong.
  58, Yu Shengping the essay section, mostly on three: is the right, the pillow, the toilet too. —— Ouyang Xiu
  59. My life has its limits, and knowledge has its limits. —— Zhuangzi
  60. Mo was idle, the teenager was white, sad and empty. —— Yue Fei
  61. Time is a great author, and it will write the perfect ending for everyone. -Chaplin