Xiaohui University is an English major. After graduation, he entered a children's training center. After several years, he also accumulated a certain amount of industry resources and work experience. After that, he always thought about starting his own business and starting a training institution of his own. .
  For a long time, Xiaohui often sighed with us, feeling that everything is ready now, and there is a noble person to help. "As long as I have the first start-up capital, I can guarantee that I will be able to make a big push and make a career."
  After a long time of heart and mind, Xiaohui finally met the noble person who dreamed of.
  Two months ago, Xiaohui’s uncle helped her introduce a friend of the investment business after learning about her entrepreneurial vision. After listening to the other party, there is also a great investment intention. Just waiting for her to prepare the project plan, we can sit down and discuss specific cooperation matters.
  When I heard this news, everyone was very happy for her. But no one thought, just yesterday, Xiaohui suddenly told us that this was a yellow matter.
  It turned out that from the beginning to the end, she could not even make a decent plan. In this regard, her explanation is that she did her best to do it, but when she did it seriously, she discovered that there were too many things to prepare for the plan, which was completely beyond her knowledge.
  The more problems she encountered, the more she wanted to escape. To the back, watching the other party did not come to remind, she simply found a variety of excuses for herself, but also ran to travel with friends.
  Last weekend, she went to the uncle's house to eat, and my uncle told me euphemistically that people had found a better investment project and gave up cooperation with her.
  "I think, anyway, such an important thing, but also urgent, it is better to slowly prepare, who knows that this will be the result. If I know it, how can I find a way to make the plan first." Xiaohui I want to cry without tears, and I feel very helpless.
  In my opinion, although Xiaohui missed a precious opportunity, this incident is also a very good lesson for Xiaohui. She is telling her that if she wants to be truly valuable, she must first become the one. Prepare the person.
  All the opportunities that others give you are rooted in your hard work and strength. If you don't want to do it, you will not only miss the opportunity, but also let those who originally wanted to help you down.
  A truly intelligent person will know how to be his own noble person first.
  Some time ago, I met with my colleague Zhang Ning and learned the good news of her promotion.
  Five years ago, when she went to our company as an intern, she was a newcomer. However, because she was diligent and her attitude was very modest and earnest, she was quickly recognized by many old colleagues.
  On one occasion, the company received a tax spot check notice, which required a large inventory, and it happened that someone was on vacation, and the manpower was seriously insufficient. Seeing this situation, Zhang Ning actively volunteered and offered to give us a hand.
  In those few days, she worked overtime every night until the early morning, but she didn't call for a hard work. Instead, she always had full energy. When she didn't understand, she asked for advice, and she quickly mastered the essentials of the checkbook.
  In the later work, Zhang Ning still maintained the modest and docile style as always. For such a small girl who is eager to learn, everyone is naturally willing to give her more points, and she will share some work experience from time to time.
  Not long after, Zhang Ning smoothly turned from the intern, and then gradually grew into the backbone of the department. But every time she heard someone boast that her progress was very fast, she seemed very polite, often said that she was lucky because of her luck, and she was very grateful to have met so many nobles along the way.
  In fact, we all know that the person she should most appreciate should be her own.
  Heavenly rewards, opportunities always favor those who can hold it.
  Just like Zhang Ning, we must first win the affirmation and dependence of others with our own excellent quality. Later, others will be more willing to help her.
  This is true of any success . No one who has fallen from the sky, only the rewards he has received after hard work.
  All the blessings of life come from oneself.
  Last year, friend Xiao Zhou was in need of a large treatment fee because of his mother's sudden illness. In addition, the hospital needs someone to take care of him. He can only choose to temporarily transfer the restaurant.
  Originally, he was ready to transfer at a low price, but he was told in an accident that someone was willing to take over the restaurant at the highest price. This person is a friend he has received many years ago.
  At that time, the other party went bankrupt because of business failure, and life was in a very difficult situation. It was Xiao Zhou who did not hesitate to lend him money to help him through the storm.
  The other party told Xiao Zhou that he had been looking for an opportunity to thank him all these years, and now he finally has a chance to repay. On the day of signing the transfer agreement, he also specially attached a clause to the contract stating that as long as Xiao Zhou has time to come back and continue to take over the restaurant, he can give up ownership at any time.
  Lovers love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed. The greatest person of man is actually himself.
  Just as the Buddha language has a cloud: if it is a cause, it is a fruit. In this world, there is no luck for no reason, and there is no need to pay for it. Behavior determines fate, and all current conditions are actually the result of self-selection and hard work.
  In the end, it is human nature to expect to meet a noble person who can help you.
  But what we should do most is not to wait for the arrival of the nobles, but to try to make ourselves better and to attract the favor of the nobles.
  The reason is very simple. Only by making yourself a valuable person can someone who has the talent to see you, appreciate you, and be willing to approach you.
  Doing things with heart, doing things seriously, cultivating your own conduct, learning and conservation, and accumulating these bits and pieces, it is your noble luck, that is what you want in the future.
  Be your own noble person, that is, be the master of your own destiny.