In the second half of life, the fight is "backward force"
  Zhang Quanling gave a memorable example in his speech at the Peking University Deep Research Institute last year.
  There was a chicken who wanted to fly over the high fence in front of it, but he couldn't fly even though he fluttered. He tried many times. But once it stepped back a few steps, and suddenly found that the fence that looked very high was actually only one meter wide, and it could go around ...
  So, in my opinion, keeping a little distance from the nearest goal in front of you is an interesting start. But it's not easy to step back a meter.
  Many people have little experience when they are young. When they encounter problems, they only know how to be like this chicken. In the spirit of "coming to the difficulties" and "becoming more frustrated," they try to surpass it and defeat them, but they lose out. Unbearable.
  Sometimes, take a step back and settle down, maybe you will find a more convenient way to fly farther.
  Hu Ge and Tang Wei have starred in the short fire drama "Everywhere I Want to See".
  Like some actresses, Tang Wei did not go smoothly at the beginning, following the route of idols and goddesses, with traffic and money.
  Three years into the Drama Academy, everyone said that no one like her would watch. "
  Until 2007, Tang Wei starred in the movie "Lust · Caution" directed by Li An, which won the "Golden Lion Award" for best film at the Venice International Film Festival.
  However, "Lust · Caution" was soon "blocked", and even Tang Wei's acting career dropped to freezing point.
  How to do?
  In other words, they are ordinary stars, they will either brush their sense of existence frantically, or even go too far in order to get out of position, or they will feel resentful and resentful.
  Tang Wei went to the UK to study and sharpen acting skills. Later, he also squeezed into the British fashion circle and once became the royal model of the famous fashion designer Garry.
  In 2009, Tang Wei received a contract with Jacky Cheung for the movie "Full Moon Hennessy" before it was officially "lifted."
  After Tang Wei, his acting career became smoother. "Late Autumn" starring with Hyun Bin makes her the first foreign actress to win the best actress in Korean film history; "Beijing Meets Seattle" starring with Wu Xiubo is also known as a love classic in the new era .
  It now appears that Tang Wei's initial retreat was not a helpless choice but a deliberate dive.
  Last year, our company's performance was saturated and it encountered a bottleneck, which made me very anxious.
  Later, I thought, let ’s do this first, do n’t toss, and take a look at it for a while.
  I took the initiative to evacuate the front line and shove off a lot of entertainment. My colleagues said that I was "lost."
  I started to read books, regained my writing, and regularly updated original articles on my personal account to share my feelings with my friends.
  These seemingly nothing to do with work have brought me unexpected surprises.
  A boss of a super client contacted me after seeing my article.
  Now think about it, I looked back then, but actually I was improving.
  As Zhang Quanling said:
  "This life among the vast majority of future you will encounter in the workplace in the depressed and emotional life of frustration , but a wide fence. When we are faced with the fence, do not rush desperately to cross it, try Moving back a little bit, you might find a better way. "
  So backing up is actually for better growth.
  "Backward force" is not to bury your intellect, but to reserve more power for the next forward.
  "Retreating force" is not to make you feel weak, but to take the opportunity to continuously improve yourself.
  "Backward force" is not to let you avoid problems, but to give you one more option.
  In the first half of life, you may fight for passion and persistence; in the second half of your life, you fight for your back space and energy.