Thank you for laughing at me
  Xiao Xue is my junior high school classmate. She loves to sing, sing songs while washing water, sing songs while washing clothes, and hums on the way to the toilet.
  Once in an English class, the teacher asked us what our future ideals were, and Xiao Xue said, "Singer" in a mosquito-like voice. There was a sudden flood of ridicules in the classroom-"so stupid", "fat, still irritating", the voice overwhelmed her volume.
  After graduating from junior high school, Xiaoxue went to a secondary school in the city. When she talked to her classmates about her future work once, she said "I want to be a singer in the future", which caused a big laugh again.
  After leaving school, Xiaoxue beat to a country orchestra. Duan Chashui moves a musical instrument to learn to sing, the salary is very low, the same classmates have already found a job after graduating from college, and Xiao Xue also subsidizes daily expenses with the income of the crop in the family.
  When the classmates met, everyone asked what Xiao Xue was doing. Xiao Xue said, I am now a singer. Everyone asks, where is the record company? Xiaoxue said that it was an art troupe run by the village. If there was a wedding or funeral, people would go live. A classmate quipped: "Oh, this is a country concert!"
  Xiaoxue was not seen by her predecessors in the regiment. A little famous corner refused to sleep with her in a room. She had to sleep in a convertible car. In the event of rain, it would be pitiful to have a piece of clothing on the head until dawn.
  She cried many times until a senior encouraged her to say: You can. She believed she could.
  She wants to force herself to be a real, popular singer who no one dares to bully.
  She started running around, and started to sing with a dumb throat when she had a dumb voice, and she was willing to deduct money when she sang wrongly. She performed songs at the computer at home when she didn't perform.
  Others say: You sing like this will be abolished. She doesn't care. If she doesn't sing much, how can she find out the trick? She always remembered the pain when she was rejected.
  In the past, I asked teachers, brothers and sisters, others secretly; now there are teachers, sisters and sisters to ask for advice, she knows everything. She kept telling herself: I'm still young, as long as I'm serious, I can't learn.
  Do you think that Xiao Xue eventually struck back and became a well-known Chinese singer? not at all.
  Xiaoxue is an ordinary girl. Such a small probability has not happened. She is still a folk wedding singer, but she insists on what she likes most in her life.
  What is the difference between a singer on TV and a singer in the country? If there is, it may be that singers in the country can stick to their dreams longer. She can sing as long as she likes.
  Today, Xiaoxue has her own wedding team. When there is a performance, take the team to perform, and when not performing, they will grow flowers and vegetables at home and listen to music.
  Xiaoxue said, looking back, the biggest motivation comes from those who despise themselves.
  In fact, I should also thank them for their accomplishment: Thank you for laughing at me. Otherwise, I might not dare to fight back.
  I saw a story as a kid. There was a teenager who wanted to learn drama. The master saw that his eyes were dull and he had no aura, so he didn't want to teach. However, due to the face of the introducer, it was still accepted in person. But the first two sentences of an open play have been taught a dozen times, and the teenager is still absurd. The master said: You are not the material for studying drama.
  The teenager refused to accept it. He feeds the pigeons to watch the sky, his eyes dance with the pigeons, he raises goldfish and looks down at the bottom of the water, his eyes swim with the fish. Day after day, year after year. On the stage, these eyes are Yang Guifei, who is eager to look forward to life; Mu Guiying, who is beautiful and cheerful; and white lady with affection.
  The master of these eyes is Mei Lanfang, a master of Peking opera.
  Mei Lanfang said: I am an awkward learner, I do n’t have enough genius, so I study hard.
  There may not be too many Mei Lanfang in this world, but it can rise up to tens of millions of snow.
  Xiaoxue can be you or me. Perhaps we have all been looked down upon and looked down upon, but we can, like Xiaoxue, put up the stones and bricks thrown at us one by one and step on them.
  If there isn't that senior who encourages you, say "I can" to yourself.
  When you climb to the height you want to reach, you must be grateful to the one who never flinched.