I started working at the age of 35. Is it still too late?
  Many readers will ask such a question: I just started now, is it too late?
  Last night, a reader first talked about his situation:
  I am 35 years old. After graduation, I successfully entered a small company. Although the salary is not high, the boss is good, the work pressure is not great, and the colleagues get along well, so I have not changed jobs.
  I do n’t have any big pursuits. I thought that it would be good to be in a class for a lifetime, but now something happened at home, and the economic pressure is so great.
  Years later, I looked around on the recruitment website and found that it was too hard to find a job. Now I really regret that I have lived so peacefully in these years and did not work hard.
  Later he asked me: Uncle Ha, you said that I just started working hard now, is it still too late?
  In the past two years, many readers have asked similar questions:
  I'm 30 years old, and now I want to learn writing, is it too late?
  I'm 32 years old, and now I'm learning English. Is it still too late?
  I heard that a certain industry earns money, and now it is too late to enter?
  I know that many people ask such questions, but in fact they already have an answer in their hearts. What they want is a reassurance, affirmative, but it does not rule out that someone really wants to get a valuable answer.
  So, let's talk about this issue in the form of an article today.
  Some things in life, you have no choice at all
  People often ask if the effort is too late.
  That ’s awkward. This question is nonsense. If I tell you it ’s too late, do n’t you plan to work hard?
  In fact, there are many things in life, you have no choice at all.
  For example, the 35-year-old reader is now in trouble at home and has great economic pressure. He is beginning to realize that he has to work hard. This is no choice.
  Many people are like this. When they were young, they lived smartly. It was because they had a foundation and someone was carrying a load for him. But once the person who bears his weight broke down, then his good days were over and he had to take over. Come over the stick.
  Therefore, there is often no such thing as "effort" in the matter of "effort", but in many cases, you must work hard to shoulder this responsibility.
  If you carry a heavy load, someone will carry the weight for you, and this person will be your old parent and young child.
  What is predictable is that no matter how bad the situation is, efforts will make the situation better and better.
  There are things in life that are better than not done
  Many readers want to learn painting, writing, English, programming, skateboarding, singing, dancing, fitness ...
  I think it's good. It's better than finding no hobbies, no pursuits, and doing nothing all day.
  I chatted with a reader in Beijing a while ago and after seeing his paintings (posted in the article), I suddenly wanted to learn painting.
  However, considering the issue of age, considering that there is no basis before, and considering a series of obstacles such as the decline in one's acceptance, we will often ask one question: Is it still too late?
  It is normal to have such a question.
  There is an old saying: But do good, don't ask about future.
  This means that if you want to do more charitable acts, do a good job of the present, and don't worry about future development.
  The subtext is: If you do well, do everything you need to do, then everything that comes should come.
  This principle is actually applicable to today's topic.
  What you want to learn and what you want to do, as long as you are uplifting and improving yourself, just do it. Do n’t ask if it ’s too late.
  The earlier you get in touch and the deeper you work, the faster and more feedback will come.
  Don't waste too much time on hesitation
  I have seen such a sentence : The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now.
  Some people have been asking since the age of 30, and I still have time to start now; by the age of 40, he may still be asking this question; by the age of 50, he is still hesitating.
  This is absolutely true, and there are so many of them.
  I often talk about what height a person has and what kind of life he can live in. Don't blame parents, society, and the world. Find the reason from yourself first.
  Many times, you are not without a chance, you are not incapable, but you have not taken that step, and you have been wandering in situ. This is a fatal injury to a mediocre life.
  There are certain things that you would rather get on impulse than lose in hesitation. The cost of self-doubt is often much higher than making mistakes.
  Years don't wait for anyone, I hope you will understand this when you are young.
  Don't set limits on yourself, life has no sense of age
  As I mentioned earlier, some people have asked if it is too late for reasons of age, acceptance, basic considerations, and so on.
  Behind these obstacles, in fact, one is the lack of confidence in oneself, and the other is that there is a limit on oneself, thinking that whatever age you have to do.
  For example, a 60-year-old started to learn to paint, but if you learn skateboarding, even if you really want to learn it, you usually can't take that step because you are afraid of jokes.
  In fact, a good life has no sense of age.
  In other words, you can only reap a good life if you live yourself without a sense of age and have the pride of a "old man talking with a young man".
  So please don't set limits on yourself, because you don't even know how much potential you have, because there is no script in life.
  Finally, I would like to send you a word I like:
  Today you waste is the tomorrow that those who died yesterday expect; the present you hate is the future that you cannot return to.
  Don't ask again if it is too late, as long as it is up, you work hard to go!