No one can match you silently
  The school girl called to tell me that she didn't do well in her written test for postgraduate admissions, and should not be able to enter the next round of retests. If you are lucky enough to enter the retest, will it be brushed down? Also, is it necessary to find a mentor now?
  I asked her, did the national admission line come out?
  She said, no.
  I said, okay, now that the national admission line hasn't come out, why can't you say you can't advance into the retest?
  She replied to me, "But I'm just afraid, I'm afraid I won't be able to pass the exam, I'm afraid I won't be able to enter the graduate school. In order to be admitted to the graduate school, I was almost exhausted last year. Besides, many students around me started to contact the mentor now, call, Sending gifts and using everything ... But I ca n’t find a way in my house, I know you, can you be afraid? I have to be prepared in advance! "
  Regardless of whether it is a postgraduate entrance examination or a public examination, those candidates who feel that they are doing well will immediately burst their heads and find ways to find various relationships. Living in modern society, there seems to be no relationship chain or network of contacts, we are destined to be isolated, waiting to be eliminated by others.
  However, was it okay to have no relationship or network resources when you were young? This is not necessarily the case.
  As the saying goes, "The harder you work, the luckier you are."
  I remember when I entered the postgraduate entrance examination that year, and learned that I had achieved such a high or low score, I was also confused and helpless. I ca n’t eat, I ca n’t sleep well, I always feel that I ’m irrelevant and I ’m better than others.
  But then one day, I accidentally contacted my brother through a college classmate.
  The brother probably understood some of my basic situation and told me categorically: "Student, the brother will do his best to help you. But you must work hard now, don't worry, because the next way depends on you Finish it by yourself. If you are not confident , do n’t work hard, do n’t learn more, and you no longer improve your ability, even if I introduce you to you today, there is no guarantee that the mentor will want you. ”
  After thinking about my brother's words for a few days, I finally overcame my inner cowardice and began to review it in earnest.
  On the day of the re-examination, I won the appreciation and recognition of the teacher with my most sincere attitude and strength, and became a medical graduate student.
  Although I do n’t read the first choice, and the major is not very good in the eyes of others, and maybe it ’s not easy to find a job in the future, I like this major and believe that I am suitable. In addition, although my mentor was not a leading cadre of the school, and was not a popular figure in the medical field, as my only student in that session, my mentor was very good to me.
  There are many graduate students around me. Some of their mentors are the school principal, some are the college dean, some are academicians, and so on. But my classmates who are not also feel happy, because you want to see a face mentors and had to make an appointment, even if met, just a simple greeting, instructors are they not time to focus on their recent learning achievement and academic level.
  The instructor is too busy, either on the plane or on the high-speed rail, and the talk time is always less than one minute. This is really miserable for my classmates, but in order to successfully complete this school, I have to continue to suffer.
  People used to think that they would find a big tree to enjoy the cold, but now I know more and more that people who can always care for you, treat you well, and can give you education and help are the most important and meaningful people in your life .
  I have a classmate named Stone. Recently he complained to me that the chief physician of the department was really unfair to him. Why did he keep Xiao Zhang who came in at the same time with him, but assigned him to an attending doctor in the department? Raw.
  Stone was resentful, so he asked me if I had any good suggestions.
  I said, then you can talk to the director frankly.
  At first, Stone was reluctant. He said: "The director is my cousin, and my cousin didn't help me, but I was given to an outsider, so I didn't want to find him, and said that he was ashamed."
  But then one day Stone told me that he really regretted finding the director, his cousin. The reason why the director assigned the stone to another attending doctor was because the attending doctor was young and capable, both capable and responsible, and always willing to take his precious rest time to give lectures to the students.
  Arranging such a good teacher for the stone is the greatest care for the stone.
  In contrast, although Zhang followed the most prestigious director in the department, he did not enjoy the treatment of stones. Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing for Xiao Zhang. Xiao Zhang is also likely to learn to be self-reliant and self-reliant because he can't rely on the help of his teacher and can survive tenaciously in loneliness.
  There are absolutely no good things and no bad things in this world. All the happy or sad things we have experienced will become unforgettable memories and memories.
  Even if you are as small and ordinary as me now, there will still be people in this world who will remember your figure for the rest of their lives. In addition, no one can compare with you, because you will only work hard and go forward.
  You are your own sun, and it emits dazzling light!