The noblest person in life is a hardworking self
  As soon as the TV series "Big Rivers and Rivers" was broadcast, the ratings remained high. Song Yunhui, played by Wang Kai, has been insulted with cold eyes because of poor family composition.
  In order to change his destiny, he studied desperately , taking the first exam every year.
  But when he took the first transcript every year and went to apply for high school, he was turned away. Because "socialist schools are not for the children of bad elements"!
  After resuming the college entrance examination, he was admitted to the university by self-study and passed the first in the county.
  But because of composition problems, his political trial was suppressed. Parents are weak and helpless except sighing and tears.
  He went back and forth, going to the countryside, to the county, to the post office, looking for someone, begging for the sun, backing up the policy and conditions, and launching humble yet unyielding struggles against fate.
  In the end, under pressure, the notice, which was held for a long time, was finally given to him.
  After entering the university, Song Yunhui immersed himself in studying hard, cherishing every opportunity, every inch of time, and reading newspapers that everyone could not avoid.
  As a result, he became a faculty favored by his mentor, with his first major every year; he was also very familiar with national policies and had a precise grasp of the future direction. Laid a solid foundation for his future life.
  The hard-working Song Yunhui, relying on his own efforts, not only changed the fate of the family, realized the value of life, but also became the vanguard of reform and opening up, and became a tide in the new era.
  In this life, if you want to change the status quo and change your life, there is only one way to go most confidently, that is, to fight by yourself !
  You, the only one who is willing to work hard, is the greatest nobleman of his life.
  Looking at one step at a time, Song Yunhui came down to earth, I remembered Xiaohui next door.
  Xiaohui was misled by his father's "relationship theory" at an early age. He didn't like to study, but he didn't pass the university. He didn't pass the university. He bought it with his family.
  His father often said: "Learning what is better is not as good as" relationships! "In this year, nothing can be done without" connections ". With" relationships ", climbing into" nobles "will not worry you for a lifetime ".
  Therefore, Xiaohui went to work in the company of "expensive people" after graduating from college. This "nobleman" is the "connection" of his father.
  The "noble" paid special attention to him and cultivated it. In less than a year's work, Xiaohui rose all the way and actually took the position of chairman of the company.
  At a young age, he became chairman of the board, and Xiaohui was very proud. All day the luxury car is driving, the mansion is living, the rhetoric is eloquent, the bulls are blowing, and they are ascending to the sky in one step and live a high-end life.
  But the good times didn't last long. The "nobleman" ran away with money, leaving nowhere to leave him a mess. It turned out that the company had long been hollowed out by the "noble", and Xiaohui was just a scapegoat.
  Once "ethics do not match", it will inevitably lead to trouble.
  Xiao Hui knows nothing about the company's operations, but is driven by vested interests to dare to be "chairman"! Follow-up is inevitable.
  Today, the scapegoat has gone to jail, and his parents have been away from home for years to avoid debt.
  The idea of ​​gaining nothing, made Xiaohui look forward to your nobleman's support. As everyone knows, this is a trap that has fallen into desire.
  Down-to-earth hard work, although the road to dreaming is more difficult, but the days are steady, the mind is stable, and people are calm.
  In this once and never returning life, whether to be your own noble, or to drag yourself on your hind legs, is entirely your own.
  None of the roads going up was easy.
  If you don't have Yang Koo's Koi, it's best not to dream about success without effort . Your support is important, but more important is your own effort.
  The son of Macau King of Gamblers, He Yingjun, a world-renowned mathematical elite. Born in 1995, he became a master of finance at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, becoming the youngest student in the history of the college.
  Liu Guojie's daughter, Liu Yujie, won the world championship in golf at the age of seven.
  In addition to the aura of their parents, these children rely more on their talents and efforts.
  The aura of their fathers did not hinder their personal struggle, and the inheritance of their ancestors did not become their enjoyable capital.
  On their way to personal growth, they have always worked hard, firmly grasp their destiny, and become a noble person of their life.
  There are also children who do not have an aura to rely on. They do not expect the help of nobles. Like Song Yunhui, they are fighting on their own, earning an aura for their unknown grandparents, and thus rewriting the family history.
  Emerson said: Everything must pay for its success: struggle.
  Carlisle said: Stop fighting and life will stop.
  life is long so add oil.
  Putting your destiny on others, or you can gain a momentary gain; only by struggling yourself can you grasp the happiness of a lifetime.