It's shameful to give up when it's hard
  "Give up when it's tough, anyway, there's more to it than just walking." In our lives, we hear such so-called advice and comfort every day. Of course, people have many choices in their lives, but choosing to give up is, after all, sorry for ourselves, and indirectly acknowledges the phrase "young is full of vigor". To tell the truth, nothing can't stand it.
  It is not a single line of misfortune to describe Rong Rong's exaggeration at this time.
  The boyfriend who fell in love with him for three years was derailed from the front desk. She thought that the job of the iron rice bowl would dissolve the department. The friend who rented with her would go home and get married.
  Her eyes were red and swollen, and she lay in bed for three days without eating or drinking. The whole person looked greasy and dirty. I cried at every turn. When I saw the farewell soldiers and dogs saying goodbye, they also cried, and they could shed tears for half an hour after listening to a love song.
  Anyway, I don't understand why I am so unlucky.
  When they met their parents during the Spring Festival, the two parties agreed to settle the marriage at the end of the year. As a result, he saw his sister-in-law on the boyfriend's WeChat, crying dearly, and watching the movie secretly.
  And the company, just last week spent the annual vacation in Xiamen, intending to change the environment to take a break, can catch up with the subway construction, the road is dusty, and the weather is gray, even two mornings with light rain, the planned route It was basically canceled, and I got a mass mail when I returned to the company.
  She was sitting in the room holding the computer, not knowing whether to find a job first or change a house quickly. After all, this master bedroom is not the price she can afford alone.
  She has only been in Shanghai for a year, and has changed jobs to become stable. Now that she has lost her job, she is struggling to pay a one-time payment of three.
  Thinking of calling for money at home and afraid of parents worrying, although she did not show up with her boyfriend, she no longer believed in him.
  So many things piled up, she felt particularly difficult. She didn't understand what she was insisting on . In the huge Shanghai, she was as invisible as dust, her boyfriend couldn't keep it, and her work couldn't be perfect. The rookie who can't squeeze it is better to roll home.
  This self-abandonment continued, and her Weibo and circle of friends were occupied with sadness .
  Rongrong's friend called her, comforted for a few words, and hummed and shouted that she would die or live. A friend asked her what she was going to do when she went home, and she said that it would be better to go home and do something than to feel uncomfortable here, at least not to be bothered.
  The friend then asked: Are you sure you can find a satisfactory job when you go home, can rent a suitable house, can make your boyfriend change his mind, and your parents do not worry about you?
  Rongrong was speechless, because she knew she couldn't, and going home was nothing more than licking her wounds.
  Friends continued to say: Everyone has a hard time. When I first arrived, I was squeezed into a five-square-meter room. The people in the five rooms were constantly squeezing into the toilet. The crowing sound of the next door could be heard. The most missed thing at night was the campus life. In addition to crying constantly when you are sick, you may even suspect that you will die alone.
  The family will also say "come back if you are tired", but if I go back, then the parents at home who have worked hard for me for most of my life and have never enjoyed a blessing, and the younger sister who believes in the good society of college What should I do. I also hope that in the future, I can freely decide where to work, when to rest, and when to travel.
  If I wanted so much, it would be shameful to give up.
  After listening, Rong Rong realized that his friend was telling his story. In her eyes, friends are always smiling, never encounter frustration when encountering any problem, always say the past is good, just stick to it, and then everything is moving in a good direction.
  Maybe my friend is right. If you stop in a bit of difficulty, then "Poetry and Distance" really becomes a place that can no longer be reached.
  She negotiated with her boyfriend, cast a few resumes, and moved into another relatively small single room in the community. The host's aunt still appreciated her. I feel she is brave to work alone in the field, and she can still hold on so hard.
  The more the landlord praised her, the more ashamed she was. Because just a few days ago, she almost became a deserter.
  What we are experiencing now may be suffering , but in the final analysis, it is just the practice on the road to success .
  After editing Rong Rong's story last night, I asked my sister who was still memorizing the words: "Did you find it difficult?"
  She told me that it would be difficult now. Thinking about myself also asked a stupid question.
  She graduated almost two years ago. She majored in pharmacy and majored in finance at school. She first worked in a securities institution for a few months, then came to Shanghai for a year of administration, and now spans to finance and accounting positions.
  This new industry is not much different from her freshman year, so she passed the probation stage when all the friends around her were paid the salary.
  Faced with a variety of research and supplementary professional knowledge, as well as various tests of " newbies in the workplace ". When you reach a certain level, you have to work hard for things at home. Not only from physical exhaustion, but also psychological exhaustion.
  I asked her again, "Can't make it, what are you going to do?"
  She was very indifferent: "Why can't I survive it? As long as I think of giving up, I just go back to my hometown, take over a thousand wages, rent in a crowded room, I ca n’t afford lipstick, and I will marry a suitable People, giving birth to a child who wants toys but you can't afford them, life becomes a mess, and there is nothing to hold on to. "
  Rong Rong's friend insisted because she knew what kind of life she wanted to live, and my sister insisted because she knew what kind of life she didn't want to live.
  I admire my sister's courage to come back again, willing to give up stability, and pursue the life she longs for, even though the thorns on the road are better than before, she has already been afraid of the abyss trap.
  Some time ago, I was in a period of self-denial. New books were sold out and articles were plummeted. When the night was quiet, even dreams were thinking about what to write, and once asked why they couldn't do anything, but still insisted, or what to do, in order to make themselves feel degraded.
  My grandma called me and talked to me about the characters in the new book. I felt that each character was well portrayed, and then asked me when I would have a second one, and I must send her one.
  Then I found out that I found no more reason than just adding a skateboard on the way away from my dream .
  No matter how difficult it is, you should not forget what you are doing for.
  I saw this sentence when I searched for the famous sentence in Baidu.
  Lu Xun said, "It's shameless at the end." Even if he is slow, he will not hesitate, even if he lags behind, even if he fails, he can certainly achieve his desired goal.
  Hardship is really hard, but it is temporary. The wrong person will eventually say goodbye, the lost job can be found again, and the house will find a more suitable one. When difficulties come, persistence is really difficult, but it takes a moment to give up, but will you really be happy after giving up?
  The more it is, the more we insist on it. Only at this time can we know what the future looks like.
  If you persist, there will always be a year when you get what you want, but if you do n’t persist, you do n’t even have the dreaming capital. You should always be painful and you can only stay where you are.
  Everyone has a difficult time, but don't give up lightly, everything is possible.