Entrepreneurs must watch the top ten inspirational movies at the end of the year
NO1, Seabiscuit 襟
堂 堂: A businessman who is unwilling to be lonely, from bicycle accessories repair, to selling cars, to operating horses, he is a microcosm of entrepreneurial struggle , an endless hero, himself The experience has become a strong support and encouragement for his speech . 
NO2, Forrest Gump, and the                                      
feeling of enthusiasm: Before embarking on this competitive and crowded society, "Forrest Gump" teaches you that the world is not arguing with the world, but for the people, but for The goal is to fight silently and to be optimistic. After reading "Forrest Gump", entrepreneurs can have more peace of mind and less impetuousness, which is already very valuable. 
NO3, Million Dollar Baby 
cuddles: As directed by Eastwood, "This is not a story about boxing, a story about hope, dreams and love." Entrepreneurs can Realize that money is not the most important, hope + dream + love is the reason we continue to struggle.

NO4, graduates (The Graduate) 
squatting feelings: Dustin. Hoffman's ambiguity and yearning for the unknown world, as well as the end of passion and impulsiveness, are in line with the mood of the graduates. From the graduates to the road to entrepreneurship, it is the road to escape from the hustle and bustle of passion.

NO5, The Pursuit of Happyness 
: You have just got a college degree, ambitious, and hope to show your career in business, but the process of finding a job has gradually wiped out your ambitions and hit the wall. What should I do afterwards? At this time, watching this film, I can always comfort myself: What about me, I am also lucky than the protagonist! At least I am in business, my destiny is in my own hands!

NO6, Legally Blonde
Cangtang feels that this is not only a motivational film for the younger generation of the United States, especially young women, but more like a film that tells young women how to defend their rights. The law is reason, Free from passion. Freedom and rights are the most basic demands of entrepreneurs, and female entrepreneurs also need to be self-motivated. 
NO7, King Of Comedy, 
squatting and feeling: all of Zhou Xingchi 's films, the most favorite one. The bitterness of the little man, Zhou Xingchi's own true portrayal. "If there is no ideal for living, what is the difference between it and salted fish?" 

NO8, Good Will Hun ting, 
stunned: A good movie can always touch you inadvertently. Professor Sang and Will gradually learned from the initial hostility until they helped him find his life goals. Just like a cup of rich black coffee, you can enjoy it with a savory taste! 
NO9, The Devil Wears Prada, the 
sorrowful sensation: Andreia has just found a thousand when she left the campus. The girl's dream job - assistant editor of fashion magazine. Although it is close to celebrities and fashion, the taste of being oppressed by the boss is also tormented. Perhaps only entrepreneurship is the state closest to the dream? ...... 
NO10, A Beautiful Mind 
襟抱堂感悟: A person who won the Nobel Prize in Economics at the age of 80 with his 20-year-old theory. A great scholar, a strong man of life, has been fighting his own serious fantasy for a lifetime. Entrepreneurship is much easier than winning a Nobel Prize – so age is not a problem, and mentality is the most important.