Top Ten Classical Inspirational Movies: "Shawshank Redemption"
  "Shawshank Redemption" introduces:
  "The Shawshank Redemption" is directed by Frank Darabont, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name included in Stephen King's "Four Seasons", which covers the whole theme of "Hope". The film is presented through a special background of prisons, which is deprived of liberty and highly emphasized. The fear of "time lapse, environmental transformation" as an individual. The ending of the film is "The Count of Monte Cristo"-style revenge. Among the more than 1.6 million members in the IMDB, they were selected as the first among the 250 best films. Into the American Film Institute's list of the top 20 movies of the 20th century.
  "Shawshank Redemption" plot:
  The story took place in 1947, when banker Andy was accused of shooting his wife and his lover.
  Andy was sentenced to life imprisonment, which means he will spend the rest of his life in Shawshank prison.
  Reid (Red) 1927 year due to the crime of murder was sentenced to life imprisonment, parole several times have not been successful . He became the "authoritative figure" in Shawshank prison, and as long as you can afford it, he has almost everything he can do: cigarettes, candy, wine, and even marijuana. Whenever a new prisoner comes, everyone will bet on who will cry on the first night. Reid thinks that the weak and the book is full of angry Andy will cry, and the silence of Andy makes him lose two packs of cigarettes, but also makes Rhett look at him differently.
  For a long time, Andy didn't touch anyone. When everyone complained, he walked leisurely in the yard, just like in a park. A month later, the first thing that Andy asked Rhett to help him was a small pickaxe. His explanation was that he wanted to sculpt some small things to kill the time, and said he tried to escape the prison. Routine inspection. Soon, Rhett played the chess of Andy. Later, Andy made a huge poster of the movie star Rita Hehuas posted on the wall of the cell.
  Once, Andy and several other prisoners went out to work, and he accidentally heard the prison officer talking about the tax. Andy said that he had a way to make the prison official legally exempt from this large tax. In exchange, he won two bottles of Tiger beer for each of the dozen prisoner friends. Two days later, they sat on the roof in the sunset and drank beer. Rhett said that for the first time, he felt the feeling of freedom.
  Because of Andy's knowledge of the financial system, he quickly got rid of the heavy physical labor in prison and the harassment of other perverted prisoners. Soon, the well-known Andy began to deal with tax issues for more and more prison guards, and even the children's study problems came to ask him. At the same time, Andy has gradually become an important tool for Shawnke prisoner Warden to pay money. As Andy kept writing to the governor, he finally applied for a small sum of money for the prison library construction. Prison life is very dull, always find something to do. Andy heard that Rhett originally liked to play the harmonica and bought one for him. After the dead of night, you can hear the melodious and slight harmonica echoing in prison.
  The arrival of a young prisoner broke Andy's peaceful life in prison: the prisoner had heard of Andy's case when he was serving his sentence in another prison. He knew who was the real murderer. However, when Andy asked the warden to re-examine the case, he was rejected and severely punished for two months in solitary confinement. In order to prevent Andy from being released, the prison director designed to kill the insider.
  In the face of cruel reality, Andy has become very depressed. One day, he said to Rhett: "If one day, you can get a parole, you must go somewhere to complete a wish for me. That is the first time I dated my wife, put a big oak under it. A box is dug out. You will know what it is." That night, the wind and rain, the thunder, and the soul redeemed Andy escaped successfully.
  For the past twenty years, Andy has used the little pickaxe to dig holes every day, and then used a poster to cover the hole. After Andy was released from prison, he took away some of the money left by the prison director and reported the truth about the corruption and bribery of the warden. The prison director saw a copy of the Bible left by Andy in the safe deposit box of his own account. The first page reads “The Way to Salvation, It Is in It”, and there is a hollowed out part in the Bible. A pickaxe used to hide holes.
  After 40 years of prison career, Rhett finally got a parole. He found a tin box under the oak tree agreed with Andy. There was some cash and an handwritten letter from Andy. The two old friends finally got in the blue. The Pacific Ocean has reunited.
  "Shawshank Redemption" Film Review: Ten Years of Shawshank Redemption
  It has been ten years since Stephen King and Frank Darabont created this great work. I know that good things must be felt by everyone, but I am sorry, my noise will continue as always.
  In my eyes, Shawshank's redemption is related to faith , freedom, and friendship.
  First, faith
  Red said that hope is a dangerous thing and a source of mental distress. He has been in prison for 30 years under heavy pressure and he is indeed qualified to say so. Because from the day I came in, the prison commander said, "Give the soul to God and give me the body." In addition to the cigarettes he can get and the cards printed with naked women, any other changes in this dark It seems that there is no growth within the high walls.
  However, Andy told him, "Remember, hope is good - maybe even human beings are good. And good things never go away."
  So Andy was able to dig up a tunnel that Reid thought could not be pierced for six hundred years. When he finally climbed out of the 500-mound stinky sewage pipe and stood in the midst of heavy rain, we seemed to see the belief piercing the heavy black curtain and making a dazzling night in the dark. Under the light, our weak souls appeared under Andy's open arms and trembled.
  We in the ordinary life seem to have become accustomed to step by step, used to say "that is impossible", used to no miracles, used to, used to. But as the One Flew over the Cuckcoo's Nest says, "Don't try, how do you know?"
  Try to keep some faith before they are lost. They may not be finalized, and may not allow us to live more meaningfully – even for myself, they will only bring me more emptiness. However, I know how much I need such hypocrisy and self-deception, because you can say that I am dreaming, but I will not be the only one.
  - We have seen that when the warden opens the Bible with Andy's stoning hammer, the page that turns to that page is "Exodus." This section details the process by which Jews fled Egypt.
  Second, freedom
  I still don't understand today, what are the two Italian women singing. In fact, I don't want to understand. Some things don't say better. I think that is a beautiful world that can't be described. However, it makes you so sad.
  The sound is flying, high into the clouds, more than any prisoner in the imprisonment dreams, like a beautiful bird, flying into the gray bird cage, let those walls disappear, so that all the prisoners in the iron window feel a moment free.
  When Andy desperately placed Le Nozze di Figaro in the prison's trumpet, the camera slowly passed through the prisoners and prison guards who were venting the square. They moved to the ground and moved away all the resentment, viciousness and resentment, bathing in the sunshine I never felt so free. Mozart's music is spread on these people, and the wonderful notes from the world seem to wash them all pure.
  The strong self saves, the holy ones pass. I understand the purpose of Andy. When he was repairing the roof, he fought for beer for everyone. In fact, he got the feeling of being as comfortable as repairing his own roof, so he didn’t drink, smiled with great happiness; Weddings are also about awakening the sense of freedom they have lost.
  However, the strong is a minority after all. In the face of freedom, more people have chosen to ban. Brooks, who has been in the prison library for 50 years, wants to stay in jail by injuring prisoners in order not to be released on parole. Very strange? Freedom should be something that people yearn for and pursue. But Brooks has already ruled themselves under the rules of the prison. They need rules, need order, and without them, they can't survive.
  “The high walls in the prison are really interesting. When you are in prison, you hate the high walls around you; slowly, you are used to living in them; eventually you will find yourself having to rely on it to survive. This is the system. "." The mouth of the fake Rhett, Stephen King pointed to humble.
  Brooks got the freedom of the body, but the soul has been irrevocably institutionalized. He finally failed to get rid of the predicament of being unable to adapt to freedom. The wise as Reid, after he was released from prison, also sadly found that he even reported to the manager even peeing, otherwise a drop of urine could not be squeezed out. He also considered how to violate the rules in order to return to prison, and even consider leaving like Brooks.
  Either busy with life or Busy for living, or busy for death. People who are rushing should probably stop by and jump out to see what they look like. We will eventually know that people who are accustomed to obeying the rules will pay a huge price to get used to the freedom that belongs to each individual.
  Third, friendship
  This film has nothing to do with love , except betrayal. Some are just friendships between men in prison. The friendship between Rhett and Andy is placed under the high wall and seems to be more pure and clean than our friendship in the world. They are all introverted people, but they understand everything and agree with each other. I like this feeling. So when they finally met on the sunny beaches of the Pacific Ocean, they couldn't help but laugh.
  Who am I if I am in Shawshank? If you are in Shawshank, who are you?