Ten classic inspirational movies that must be seen in life
  1. "Shawshank's Redemption" likes Andy's "Zigarro's Wedding" section of MOZART. The holy high-pitched soprano is stunned by the people who have been banned for a long time. They may not know what music it is, but the feeling of beauty, the desire for freedom, everyone is the same. People looked up at the blue sky, the beautiful feelings drifted with the beautiful rhythm, the camera slowly rose, shaken, the mortal beings looked up in the square, so focused, so affectionate, no sinister criminals, no tyranny The prison guards of the line, people return to equality and harmony, people find the ultimate and origin of life . Although Hollywood, I like the exploration of human nature, the publicity of humanity. Andy was intoxicated, and Andy forgot the danger of his own music. He happily closed his eyes on the chair of the warden. Later, he was detained for two weeks as a prisoner. However, this feeling is forever in the hearts of prisoners and viewers. JIMROBINS, the image of a cute big child. The modern version of "The Count of Monte Cristo" once became my biggest spiritual pillar. This film, taken in 1995, is a classic in all aspects, the compactness of the plot, the deep theme, the coordination of the cast of the actors, so it won 8 Oscar nominations, and became the inspirational classic in the hearts of fans. . When Andy climbed out of the prison sewer and drain pipe on the night of thunder and lightning, he took off his clothes and stretched out his arms to embrace the free wind and rain. I believe the audience is full of blood.
  2, "Forrest Gump" is the epitome of American modern history. A classic that does not need to be said, it is also a strong opponent of the "Shawshank Redemption". "Life is like a box of chocolates..." classic lines.
  3, "Brave Heart" epic film, the theme is deep and dignified but not brisk, the scene is grand, the visual and musical effects are first-class, beautiful and smooth. Although the final outcome is regrettable, its tragic level is enough to infect all viewers. "Freedom!" The shouts before the execution of the Meljip Forest have been heard in the ear.
  4, "Beautiful Mind" film critic said "2000 Oscar best film gave "beautiful heart" instead of "Lord of the Rings", which proves that Oscar has not fallen. "People who have studied economics know what is called "that Balanced." The play is based on the real thing of the economist Nash, a person who won the Nobel Prize in Economics at the age of 80 with his 20-year-old theory. A great scholar, a strong man of life, has been fighting his own serious fantasy for a lifetime.
  5. "Million Dollar Baby" for the whole movie, as the director Eastwood said, "This is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dreams and love." I have seen this movie, I believe everyone. You will know that the big win at the Oscar ceremony this year is really deserved.
  6. A good movie of "Psychic Catcher" can always impress you inadvertently, or a good movie needs to be slowly appreciated and appreciated. "Sun Like Me" does not take too much time. Show how Will is talented, but to focus on the process of Professor Sang and Will from the initial slight hostility to slowly understand until he helps him find his life goals. The film is very extensive, love , friendship, have been mentioned, just like a cup of rich black coffee, only to taste, you can enjoy the thick fragrance!
  7. "Dancers in the Dark" A film that shocks the soul. It has the penetrating power of the abyss, and is rare in the songs and dances. Reality and ideals, persistence and belief , the theme is profoundly suffocating. DANCERINTHEDARK! Beautiful and simple grand hymn!
  8, "King of Comedy" All of Zhou Xingchi 's films, the most favorite one. The bitterness of the little man, Zhou Xingchi's own true portrayal. "If there is no ideal for living, what is the difference between it and salted fish?"
  9. "Millennium and Hair" Although some people commented that the ending of "Millennium and Hair" ended in a cliché, it did not affect it as an excellent mainstream inspirational film . This movie tells us the truth, you can not understand yourself, but you must believe him (her) because everything is possible.
  10, "Flying Leap Peak" plus Stallone's film seems a bit strange, in fact, I have always preferred Stallone this actor, always think that he is different from the average Hollywood action star, there are always some exciting things in the film, like " The first drop of blood, "Rocky" and so on. "Flying Leap Peak" is a relatively easy to ignore. In this film, Stallone plays a long-distance truck driver, trying his best to regain his son, and unexpectedly won the wrench wrist champion. Personally think that this is the most successful film of his personal performance, not only an inspirational action film, but also a touching family film, far beyond the customary scope of the action film, especially he and the little actor Henry cooperated with each other, and the true feelings of father and son made countless fans shed tears. Left bank view: A friend of mine once told me that to read, you must read the most classic books. I want to see the same as the classic blockbusters, let these classic pictures flash in front of our eyes, let those words that are sultry and leaping in our ears, then our lives. It will definitely be richer, in such an impetuous society, let the classics wash our hearts, which are sometimes a little tired. There must be a new look. Let the classics accompany you and me.