Ten classic inspirational movies you must watch in life
  1. "Shawshank's Redemption" likes Andy's release of MOZART's "The Wedding of Figaro". The holy soprano soprano stayed in the prison for a long time. They may not know what music it is, but everyone's feelings about beauty and their desire for freedom are the same. People looked up at the blue sky, the beautiful sentiment was floating around with the beautiful rhyme, the camera slowly rose, and shaken, all sentient beings looked up in the square and looked up, so focused, so affectionate, no criminals, no brutality When the prison guards are working, people return to equality and harmony, and people find the ultimate and original source of life . Although Hollywood, I like to explore human nature and publicize it. Andy is drunk, and Andy forgets the danger of his private music. He closed his eyes happily in the warden's chair. He was then held in solitary confinement for two weeks. But this feeling is in the hearts of the prisoners and viewers. JIMROBINS, cute big kid image. The modern version of "Earl Monte Cristo" was once my biggest spiritual pillar. This film shot in 1995 is a classic in all respects in all respects. The plot is compact, the theme is deep, and the actors' lineup music is matched. Therefore, it has won 8 Oscar nominations and has become an inspirational classic in the hearts of fans. . When Andy climbed out of the prison sewers and drain pipe on a stormy night, took off his shirt and stretched his arms to embrace the free wind and rain, I believe the audience was a little bit passionate.
  2. "The Forrest Gump" is the epitome of modern American history. Needless to say, the classic is also a strong opponent of Shawshank's Redemption. "Life is like a box of chocolates ..." a classic line.
  3, "Brave Heart" epic film, the theme is deep and solemn, but still brisk, grand scene, first-class visual and musical effects, beautiful and smooth. Although the final outcome is regrettable, it is so tragic enough to infect all audiences. "Free!" The cry before Mel Jeep's execution was ringing in his ears.
  4. The critics of "Beautiful Mind" said, "The best Oscar film of 2000 gave" Beautiful Mind "instead of" The Lord of the Rings ", proving that Oscar has not fallen." Everyone who has studied economics knows what it means " Even balance. " The play is based on the real life of the economist Nash, a man who won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his 20-year-old theory at the age of 80. A great scholar, a strong man in life, has struggled with his serious illusions all his life.
  5. "Million Dollar Baby" For the entire movie, as the director Eastwood said, "This is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dreams and love." You will know that the victory at this year ’s Oscars really deserves its credit.
  6. A good movie of "Mind Catcher" can always impress you inadvertently, or a good movie needs to be slowly appreciated and appreciated. "The Sun Like Me" did not spend much time on Show how Will is talented and intelligent, but instead focus on the process of Professor Thorn and Will from being slightly hostile to understanding slowly, until helping him find his life goals. The film involves a wide range of love , friendship, and mentions. Just like a cup of strong black coffee, only by tasting it, can you enjoy the strong flavor!
  7, "Dancer in the Dark" is a shocking film, which has the abyss-like penetrating power, a rare classic in song and dance films. Reality and ideals, persistence and belief , the themes are deeply suffocating. DANCERINTHEDARK! Beautiful and rustic hymns!
  8. The favorite of all Chow Xingchi 's films in "The King of Comedy" . The bitter experience of the little person, Zhou Xingchi's true portrayal of himself. "If people live without ideals, what is the difference from salted fish?"
  9. "Jinjun Yifa" Although some people commented that the ending of "Jianjun Yifa" ended up being stereotypical, but this did not affect its becoming an excellent mainstream inspirational movie . This movie tells us that you can't understand yourself, but you must trust him or her because everything is possible.
  10. The film "Leap to the Peak" and Stallone seems strange. In fact, I have always loved Stallone as an actor. I always think that he is different from ordinary Hollywood action stars. There are always some exciting things in the film. First Blood "," Rocky ", etc. "Leap to the Peak" is a relatively easy one to ignore. In this film, Stallone played a long-distance truck driver, tried his best to regain his son, and accidentally won the wrench wrist championship. Personally, I think this is the most successful film he has performed personally. It is not only an inspirational action film, but also a touching affection film, far beyond the established category of action films, especially he and young actors. Henry cooperated with the tacit understanding, and the sincerity of the father and son's feelings made countless movie fans shed tears. View from the left bank: A friend of mine once told me to read the most classic books. I want to see classic blockbusters too. Let these classic pictures flash before our eyes, and let those irritable words pulsate by our ears, then our lives. It will definitely be richer. In such an impetuous society, let the classics wash away our sometimes tired minds. There must be a new look. Let the classics accompany you and me.