Feeling inspirational drama "Entrepreneurship"
        One evening a few days ago, I started watching "Entrepreneurship" from 18:30. When a ray of light ignited the whole land, the TV series had finished watching. That night did not sleep. The play is performed by powerful actors such as You Yong, Bao Guoan, Du Zhiguo, Fang Tao, and Shi Ke. The film not only incorporates the cynicism, rebellion, confusion, and emotional chaos of college students, but also focuses on the fine arts student Ye Xiaopeng and the director's intelligent Xie Hui (A Hui). The emotional life and career struggle of four newly graduated students, Cheng Shanshan, who is a acting professional, and Su Jingyi, who has come to work in the provincial capital from other places .
        After watching the film, I fell into meditation:
        It is indeed not easy to start a business, and we must endure the pressure of frustration , pain, betrayal, family and other aspects. It is more difficult for college students to start a business. They have no connections, money, resources, business experience, etc., but they have passion, and it is more important to persist .
        Understanding of human nature. In order to do business, Xie Hui went to work as a cowboy and did things he didn't want to do. Cheng Shanshan, who wanted to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry, witnessed the "hidden rules" of Wang Dayu and the female producer. Su Jingyi braced herself to borrow money. Ye Xiaopeng, the mayor's son, did not use his father's power after graduation, but was determined to use his own strength to do a career. Ye Xiaopeng, Xie Hui, and Su Jingyi joined the same company, Aile Company. In the company, President Zhang (Zhang Jingsheng) arranged Ye Xiaopeng and Xie Hui to load cars and take care of the warehouse. During the work, I met Su Jingyi of the sales department and Ye Xiaopeng liked it. Cheng Shanshan, who escaped from her aunt's house, forcibly moved into luggage 302 in the apartment shared by Ahui and Xiaopeng, carrying her luggage. Cheng Shanshan also always liked Ye Xiaopeng. Ye Xiaopeng's outstanding performance in work has been appreciated by General Manager Ai. President Zhang (Jingsheng Zhang) has a bad heart for Su Jingyi, and Ye Xiaopeng and Su Jingyi's feelings are increasing day by day, making Zhang hate Ye. President Zhang (Zhang Jingsheng) secretly ran his own Ayer company with a paycheck and emptied the Aile company. President Ai fell ill in a fit of anger and handed the company over to Ye. Ye Xiaopeng took over the Philharmonic Company, facing many difficulties and facing a debt of 1 million. Mother Ye secretly uses her father's relationship to help her son. After Zhang Jingsheng learned that he had secretly lied to him, and he had been involved in a clean and honest Ye Father ... 
  After many twists and turns, everything was clarified. Zhang Jingsheng conspired with his wife who worked in the bank to embezzle a large amount of funds, and was ultimately unable to repay the deficit. Zhang tried to evade all responsibilities to his wife. Zhang's wife was furious to cheat him to drink poisonous wine. Zhang finally repented before he died, and his words were also kind. 'He acknowledged that the only people in the world who care about him are his parents and wife. '
        In the play, Zhang Jingsheng shaped a typical Yulian person who climbed up from the countryside and deeply felt the injustice of society: Although he was the most diligent in his childhood, he was still a person who could not compete with money.
        The whole drama is more like an inspirational drama, which reflects the social problems encountered by college students in the inspirational process, and shows a new type of interpersonal relationships and life concepts. Worth a look!