Worth watching English inspirational movies
1, "Million Dollar Baby" 
   For the entire movie, as the director Eastwood said, "This is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dreams and love." Here, dreams are life! 
2.``Rocky ''
   The weak should strengthen themselves and keep fighting . A piece of lyrics can perfectly express the theme: Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, Would you capture it or just let it slip? 
   Tell the story of a person from a football enthusiast to becoming the main force of a professional team. The general structure can be said to be basically similar to "Wan Fu Mo Di". 
4.Chariot of Fire
   The most typical inspirational film, four Oscar winners in 1981, the best movie about the Olympic Games, the script of "Chariot of Fire" is based on two young sprinters in the 1920s-Eric Liddell and Harold Abraham , Was written for the true story of participating in the German Olympic Games held in Paris in 1924 and finally winning the championship. 
5. "Farewell to yesterday"
   This film is rarely mentioned, but it is indeed a classic inspirational movie, telling the story of the cyclist, and is one of the top several inspirational movies rated by AFI. 
6, "Wan Fu Mo Di"
   Describes the story of an ordinary person who is nearly 30 years old, and has become a professional rugby player by chance. The actual event adaptation is very inspirational. 
7.``Million Gold Arms ''
   The best baseball movie has changed my attitude towards life after watching it, but unfortunately it is hard to find it now, and it is almost extinct on the Internet. 
8. "Reinvigorating the Wind"
   The miracle of football describing a group of juvenile offenders is still a real-life adaptation.
1. 《Beautiful Mind》
   A man who won the Nobel Prize in economics for his 20-year-old theory at the age of 80. A great scholar, a strong man in life, has struggled with his serious illusions all his life. "The greatest pain of schizophrenia is that it is impossible to distinguish between what is true and what is false. Imagine that when you suddenly realized the people and things you used to do and the moments you most treasured, they did not disappear, and what is worse, , Those are never true, how terrible this is! " 
2." Dancer in the Dark "
   A shocking film, with the abyss-like penetration, a rare classic in song and dance. Reality and ideals, persistence and belief , the themes are deeply suffocating. 
3. "When happiness knocks on the door"
   How hard it is to find a job, how much effort it takes, how many life bottles you can meet before you succeed , I believe that no one will have a new understanding after reading this story. 
4. "Fashionable female devil"
   This inspirational film is relatively easy and witty, and the theme is not deep. But it is still a good inspirational article. 
5.``Flowing Rivers ''
   The film tells a "legendary" story of a pimp enters the hip-hop world. Dijie is a pimp, but in the middle of his life, he achieves nothing. The middle-aged crisis forced him to ponder the meaning of life all day. The dull life made him miss the days when he was in a church choir in middle school. Suddenly, Dijie's mind suddenly developed a strange idea: to be a rapper. Life can be very creative. 
   It's just a personal recommendation, because I really appreciate this role played by Leonardo.
1, "Redemption of Shawshank"
   Tribulation does not change a person's life, unless you give up your faith. We must learn to survive the ordeal, and believe that there will be a day out of the shadows. 
2. The Passion of Jesus
   This movie shows us the bloody crucifixion of Jesus, without any reservation, and feels like it! While expressing Jesus tolerance and greatness, it also tells people the powerful power of faith and belief. 
   The background is the ancient Mayan era, and the focus of the story is on the hunting scene behind. When faced with chasing and killing, most people will only instinctively escape. But what do you do when you realize that escape is not the answer? 
4. "My Left Foot"
   When a person has only his left foot to move, he still does not give up his life and ideals. 
   After the baptism of a turbulent life, even if the state of life is deteriorating, you must live strong . 
6.``Pianist ''
   Life is humble, but it is tenacious. He just wanted to survive, and that was the only goal.
1. "The World of Chumen"
   Living in a world that is well known, at least it will be safe. Not everyone has the courage to break into the unknown, because there you are nothing. But because of this, life is meaningful. 
2.``Elizabethtown ''
   The story of a man who failed in his career finally found himself in life. The prose-style narrative style is full of romantic strokes. 
3. "Talk about Love and Dance"
   This is one of my favorite movies. Everyone can get rid of the dull, tedious, tedious life, as long as you can find what you want. What most people lack is just the passion of life.