What are the sad words?
  1. Everyone is singular. When you come, it is also when you go.
  2, can not be together can not be together, in fact, life is not so long.
  3, love , just like two people are pulling the monkey rubber band, the pain is always the one who left behind.
  4, love is like a shell on the beach - do not pick the biggest, do not pick the most beautiful, pick and choose your favorite, and when you pick it up, you will never go to the beach.
  5. I allow you to walk into my world, but you are not allowed to walk around in my world.
  6, some things must learn to forget, one day, forget you, forget our previous vows. I was touched by a small, happy little house, and it was a big day when my great happiness was greatly touched.
  7. If beauty is a recommendation letter, then goodness is a credit card!
  8, life - off class, school, holiday, graduation, mixed enough, old, regret, dead.
  9. If you pick up your toes, can we get closer to happiness?
  10. We meet at the wrong time and separate at the right time.
  11. You know that God is unfair. You can choose to love me or not, but I can only choose to love you or love you more.
  12. Mom said that it is best not to miss two things, the last one to go home and a person who loves you deeply.
  13. Time is still there, we are flying away.
  14. In my world, you are still pure, and the only thing that is dirty is the world.
  15. If your marriage is not happy, then come back to me, Even if I am too old to walk, I will take you away.
  16, I ran wildly, in order not to let myself feel lonely.
  17, many people, because of loneliness and love one person, but more people, because they love one person, and lonely life.
  18, after many years, in the autumn of the white clouds hanging in the blue sky, in the afternoon of the red leaves in the sunset, when I reopen your page, I still feel the wet impression.
  19. Women who don't eat may have several in this world. Women who are not jealous have not even one.
  20, everyone feels that it will always be very far away, in fact, it may not be visible for a short time.
  21, love is a dream, but some people have always slept.
  22, there are records of aliens in ancient times, because the two monks of Zhang Er could not figure out.
  23, love is like a luxurious feast, often dressed up to attend, but the results are always full of wolves. The next feast is coming, but it still has to be dressed up.
  24, there is only a lot of people around you, you can only give so much, in this small circle, some people have to come in, some people have to leave.
  25. Give me a fulcrum, let me reinvigorate your heart? What makes me sad is that until you leave, you will never give me this fulcrum.
  26, secret love is very hurting the body.
  27. In our love, I have always played the role of loving you. When breaking up, don't ask me why I broke up and ask yourself.