Artistic sentiment sentence
  1. I pretend that the past is not important, but I find that I can't do it.
  2, they all said that they only know how to cherish after losing. In fact, the loss after cherish is the most painful.
  3, there are two kinds of lonely people, one is to understand what is heard, one can not understand anything.
  4. The things that you once gave to love are long gone.
  5, obviously know that it is a lie, but I will still be touched.
  6, a person to eat, a group of people revelry; one person crying, a group of people laugh; one person recalls, a group of people light spit smoke. From the beginning to the end, only the wounds are seen by others. This pain is only known to oneself.
  7, you said that time will dilute everything, the distance will make us better.
  8, crying for a long time will be tired, but only others think.
  9, the most painful pain is forgiveness, the darkest black is despair.
  10. The most terrible word in the world is not separation, but distance.
  11, some memories linger, some memories can not be erased.
  12, I thought you were oxygen, it turned out to be a farce.
  13, the scenery along the way I can only forget while walking.
  14, the imprint of different shades, pay a smile of laughter.
  15. Use life to interpret your performances.
  16. We are always practicing smiling and finally become people who dare not cry.
  17, in fact, the wine is not intoxicating, just remembered the unbearable past when drinking.
  18. I used to think that receiving a message is very happy, because it shows that there are friends in the distance. Now I know that receiving a letter is not necessarily a good thing, because it means that a friend is far away.
  19. You are pale, my wait, ironic my attachment.
  20, once the sea is dry and stone, but it is better to get together.
  21, there is a kind of love, hanging tears, but very beautiful, it is called give up! Abandoning pain, but it is also a kind of happiness, and feelings can't be reluctant. If you catch it, you will catch scars and pain. The handle is tight, there is nothing inside, the handle is loose, and everything is there. Life is like this. No matter whether it has been seized or gone, those things can't leave. Although some things can't be looked back, some people can only bury them forever.
  22. Love is a sin. Suicidal, self-harming, inferior. Everyone's heart has been torn apart. The cost of those injuries is too expensive.
  23, sad, crying is not the only way to express, tears back into the belly, use strong to cover up the fragility; failure, frustration makes the mind more humble, it is better to drive away the frustrated haze, let the sun to heal the heart. What the world cares about is not your crying, but how to get up after you fall. Don't show the wounds to others easily. It's just a little pity. Just stand up and you will have your own height.
  24, how can I hide, the whim of fate.
  25, I always thought that I won, until one day I saw the mirror, I knew I lost. At my best time, my favorite person is not with me. If you want to love, don't wait, only time will really understand how important love itself is. Don't wait until you are alone to think of love; don't wait until someone loves you to learn to pursue; don't wait until separation to say that I love you; don't wait until you break up and regret not cherishing...
  26, I am not alone, because my world is only me enough to be full of excitement.
  27, sometimes fate is mocking people, let you meet, but it is late; let you see, but can not rely on each other; let us have love, but can only be separated! I once buried my love deeply in my heart, thinking that this is the safest, but I don’t know that the distance will hurt me the most. I tried to hate you, but I remembered your smile.