Sad phrase to talk about
  1. The love that is engraved behind the chair will be like a flower on the concrete, and a lonely forest without wind.
  2, the wind blows like a flower-like broken year, and your smile shakes and shakes, becoming the most beautiful embellishment on my way, watching the sky, watching the snow, watching the deep shadow of the season.
  3, the mood into a paper plane, sobbing in the wind, tears in the rain, falling into your hands in an accidental moment.
  4, a lot of roads in the dream, but when I wake up, I am in bed.
  5, you have said bad, I will be very sad; you said better, I will be more sad.
  6. Take my hand and walk with your eyes closed. You won't get lost.
  7. The glory and brightness of the world, the joy and happiness of the world, like the clear stream, in the wind, in front of my eyes, passing by, the warmth is like a spring, I have no hope, I only want you to be happy, not sad.
  8. If one day we are not together, we must be together.
  9, a person always has to take a strange road, look at strange scenery, listen to strange songs, and then in a casual moment, you will find that the things that you have tried to forget are really forgotten.
  10, you laugh once, I can be happy for a few days; can see you cry once, I am sad for several years.
  11. I don't ask you to remember me deliberately. If one day, we will hit the street full of emotions. Before I call you, you will first call out my name. Then, my love is also satisfied.
  12. In this sad and bright March, I passed through my thin youth, through the purple sable, through the kapok, through the sorrows and impermanence that existed in time.
  13, I count your smile every day, but when you even laugh, you are lonely. They said that your smile is beautiful and falling.
  14, lonely people will always remember every person who has appeared in his life , so I always think of you still remembering my loneliness over and over again in every night of starry night.
  15. I have subverted the whole world just to correct your reflection.
  16. You are a slave to the North. I am a servant of the South. I only turned one quarter of a turn and missed you in the crowd.
  17. There are so many warmth in my life, I have given you all, but you left me, you told me how to laugh at others again.
  18. Those things that I thought I never remembered were forgotten in the process we never forget.
  19, once there was a smile in my life, but in the end it was dissipated like a fog, and that smile became a rushing river buried deep in my heart, unable to cross, the sound of the river became my daily Desperate singing every night.
  20. If God wants to destroy a person, he must first make him crazy. But I am crazy for so long, why God still does not destroy me.
  21, hiding at a certain time, miss the palm print of a period of time; hiding in a certain place, miss a person standing on the road and standing on the way, let me care.
  22, some people will always be in the memory, even if he forgets his voice, forgets his smile, forgets his face, but the feeling when he thinks of him, will never change.
  23, some things have not finished, then forget it. Everyone is a king, squatting in his own world, you should not listen to me, but you should not let me listen to you.
  24, in that mouth, you turn to the left, I turn to the right, you do not say, I am speechless, beautiful beginning, broken ending! If we don't get permission, if the sky is still blue, the clouds are still floating, the sea is still roaring, please don't cry, because, my departure, did not take your world.