Sad love sentence
  1. Know that it is the pain that makes the other party painful. Don't let it continue, let go. If not, freeze it in the deepest corner of your heart.
  2, I am very ugly, but I am very gentle today, the man and woman have adapted the version of Zhao Chuan: I am not perfect, but I am very real; I am not beautiful, but I am cool; I am not rich, but I am very happy; I do not succeed , but I am very confident ; I'm not sentimental, but I know how to cherish.
  3, all the sorrow , always leave a hint of joy. All regrets will always leave a perfect corner. I am looking for the gap in hope in the frozen deep sea. But when I woke up at midnight, I suddenly saw the beautiful moonlight.
  4. When you like someone, it is important to understand each other's meaning. Then two further understandings, then a long adaptation phase, we need to run in. If love overcomes itself, then he will be willing to change it for you. Your own bad habits, if he said that we are not suitable because of this, prove that he loves only himself.
  5, subject to a big blow, as long as life is still, please believe that the sun is new every day.
  6, the renunciation will never be retained, the cherished will never let go.
  7, you are single, I am waiting for you; you say you don't want to fall in love, I am waiting for you; you suddenly have a new beginning, I am waiting for you; you end your love needs healing, I am with you, I am waiting for you. I don't mind accommodating you, I can always look up at you, just, you really, never look at me. Do you know how hard it is to wait without a response? How many blazing I used to be exhausted. Don't say that I am fine, I am fine why you don't.
  8. My concern is nothing but your humble appeasement. Why do you have no regrets for you to take down your youth?
  9, love is a matter of two people, if you are still clinging, entangled, in the same place rolling painful love. After the time has passed, you will find that you have dug a pit, and all of the buried below are youth.
  10. You are the prince in the fairy tale I made, and I am just a passing passenger in your life.
  11, many years later, when I look at the sky too much, the traces of the birds passing by can not be found, only the undulating clouds are broken when the sky is broken, and I still will always be your passerby, A, B and D.
  12, lonely, who will accompany me with loneliness, sad, who will accompany me with sadness, happy, who will be happy with me.
  13, please tell him, I hate him, please don't tell him, I miss him very much.
  14, there are only so many places around, some people have to come in, some people have to leave.
  15, the man's love is to look down and the woman's love is to look up and live.
  16. It is hard to love someone. It is even harder to give up your loved one. When a man encounters love, he will become tolerant and tolerate all the weaknesses of women.
  17. At that moment, I seemed to hear the sound of the collapse of the world.
  18, when you meet the right people, you can integrate life, whether simple or complex, do not hesitate, hesitant, he or she may become her or his people. Don't be greedy for the enjoyment of material, and don't want to be noble in the spirit. There are no perfect people in the world, and there is no perfect life. It is poor and rich, happy.
  19. Even a little bit of damage. True love is not so simple a man, a loving hug, a kiss deep as we thought, a same oath, a pledge not fade ... all this time in front of true love It is tasteless, dark and dull.
  20, can not be friends after breaking up, because they hurt each other! We can not be enemies, because we loved each other.
  21, you will not lose me, but I am constantly losing you.
  22, love is a lamp, friendship is a shadow, when the light is off, you will find that you are surrounded by shadows. A friend is someone who can give you strength in the end.
  23, must not because of loving him, I hope that he will become what he hopes, in case he does not achieve it, he does not love him.
  24, you exist in my deep mind, in my dreams, in my heart, in my songs.
  25, love is not to love a perfect person, but to accept him like me, is an imperfect person. We are not perfect, there are too many shortcomings; however, it is these imperfections, the desolateness and devastation of love that make me grateful, and stretch out a pair of shaking hands to caress that seeing all my shortcomings is still the case. People who love me and are willing to be with me.
  26, loneliness, loneliness like smoke. For a happy person, loneliness is not terrible, but it is even a kind of enjoyment. But when his happiness has been lost, he will understand how terrible it is to be lonely. Sometimes even sharper than the blade, you can pierce deep into your heart.
  27, the letter in the bottle thrown into the sea, always lost. Was it eaten by whales? Still drifting to another uninhabited island? This kind of drifting fate, in addition to young and romantic children, who would believe it? Although I am afraid of nightmares, I can only see the beautiful and peaceful world in my dreams.
  28, if love is like a mountain, then the more men go up, the more women can look down, and the more women go up, the fewer men they can look up.
  29. I love you not because of who you are, but who I am in front of you.
  30, the rainy air, tired and sad, the fairy tale in my memory has slowly melted.
  31. In the world, everyone has an angel in their own life, but it is not absolutely unique. Only when you meet someone who truly loves you and loves you, you have already found an angel in your life!