Sentence sentence with connotation
  1. There is no love at first sight in the world. The so-called love at first sight, but you have met the person you have always wanted to meet.
  2. Some people can't hurt you in ten sentences. Some people poke your heart in one sentence.
  3, tears, sometimes a kind of silent happiness. Smile, sometimes it is a pain that can't be said.
  4, the so-called understanding, is to know the pain in the deepest part of the soul, where the pain.
  5. Is there such a person that makes you red-eyed, but you still laugh and forgive.
  6, you suddenly wake me up, the time we met can be calculated in years, you found what you love, and I, still in the same place.
  7, the water is cool, you can drink, and the heart is cool, even the happiness seems to be lonely.
  8. The pain of exporting has been calmed down, and the heart is not touched.
  9, we are familiar strangers, seemingly familiar with the reality is strange; think that familiar with the strange.
  10, the years of death, youth is difficult to station in the world, where is the way back!
  11. In love , we are all insecure people, because we care too much, we are afraid of losing.
  12, the important sign of falling in love with someone is: I am sorry to meet any beautiful scenery, why are you not around.
  13. I have been working for three minutes, but I have loved you for so long. I always forget about losing me, but I remember you so clearly.
  14. The worst feeling is that you can't fall in love with someone else, just because you still love the one who hurts you.
  15. The degree to which a person is fully realized is exactly the depth of his suffering.
  16. How can a person's "heart" break up and break, and "body" must maintain its state, must be healthy and strong, and support a weak soul.
  17. In the world, the only thing that can't be fooled is your own heart. It always exposes your joy and sorrow when you are least wary.
  18, only when the pain is affordable, we will blame ourselves; when the pain can not bear, we will only laugh.
  19. Thank you for your indifference, let me see a lot.
  20, always have to wait a long time, always have to wait for retreat, only to know what we have personally abandoned, in the days that later, can no longer meet.
  21, some things, you hide it in your heart, maybe even better, and after a long time, it becomes a story.
  22, will not lose if you do not take the initiative, but the initiative is much more tired.
  23, can you not see me strong , I will hurt me.
  24. I still believe in love, but I will never believe that love can last forever.
  25, when there is not much to be nostalgic in a place, then only leave.
  26, people with eyes on the content, the heart has already tasted hundreds of poisons and walked through thousands of miles.