I earn 3500 a month, but what really scares me is not 3500 a month at all
  Recently I saw such a news: Xiao Zhou is 24 years old this year. After graduation, he will do accounting under the arrangement of his parents. He will get 3,500 yuan a month, and his work will be easy and stable.
  But Xiao Zhou didn't like civilian work. When he wanted to be a salesman, his parents resolutely disagreed because the accounting work was stable and the salesmanship was very uncertain.
  Xiao Zhou was afraid to see the job at first, and then resigned secretly. After the parents knew it, they had a big fight with her. Xiao Zhou's father threatened her: "You can do sales, but as long as you still live at home, you must pay 1,000 yuan for living expenses each month."
  Coincidentally, a boyfriend who has been with a girl for five years is forced by her parents to break up just because she is in a private company, saying that the other party's work must be in the system, and the worst is a career editor! For the same reason, work is stable.
  There is also a master's graduate who graduated from a prestigious university in Beijing. After hard work, he found a good job, but because he was not in the system, his parents asked him to refuse the job and continue to apply for a job.
  These social phenomena invariably point to the same problem:
  Is stable work a talisman?
  Will stable work really be forever stable?
  What makes you more worried and afraid behind stable work?
  The so-called stability is more comfort
  Most people think that stability is actually just because the post looks stable.
  As everyone knows, the stability of the post does not represent the stability of the individual. In a stable position, you can't sit back and relax for life.
  What's more, what seems to be a stable industry or job today is gradually being replaced or even dying.
  Instant noodle sales have fallen by 8 billion bales in three years. The opponents who killed them are really not white elephants, Jinmailang, but Meituan, are you hungry? These new Internet food delivery platforms.
  It's not because instant noodles are not good or there is a problem with quality, but because the takeaway is delicious and convenient, everyone switches to takeaway. Why go for instant noodles with a single taste?
  Taleb told such a story in Anti-Vulnerability:
  There are a couple of brothers in the United States. His elder brother is a top 500 executive, and his income is rich and stable. My younger brother is a taxi driver. His income has fluctuated. Although unstable, his total income is about the same as his elder brother.
  When the economic crisis broke out, my brother was unemployed and had to rely on his savings to save his life. His younger brother still drove a taxi to survive, and his income was the same as before.
  After analyzing a large number of similar cases, Taleb concluded that the more stable the more fragile.
  Immediately after the industry recession was the disappearance of jobs.
  Liu Qiangdong announced that the number of employees in JD.com will be halved in the future, fully realize "unmanned company", and use artificial intelligence technology to change the traditional management and service methods.
  Obviously, 50% of the employees will be eliminated, it is those employees who contribute moderately, have low value, and are highly replaceable. What remains are those who know more about technology, artificial intelligence, and the future.
  In an era when it is no longer to find the "iron rice bowl" and manage it for a lifetime, anyone can be replaced at any time, regardless of whether you are happy or not.
  When the tide comes, you can't change the direction of the tide at all. What you can do is to provide yourself with the ability to swim for survival and reduce the risk of being flooded by the tide.
  No stable work, only stable ability
  Last year, Tangshan Expressway canceled the toll station, and the remarks of the toll sister who was laid off were embarrassing. She said:
  "I'm 36 this year, and my youth has been charged. I don't know anything now, and no one likes us, and I can't learn anything."
  I have been in a stable position for more than ten or twenty years, thinking that this is the reason
  Yes, but never thought that one day they would be eliminated and abandoned, wouldn't it be sad.
  Sister Tangshan just didn't understand that in this era there are no longer stable work and stable units, but only stable ability.
  On the contrary, we are refreshed by such tireless and progressive elderly people.
  Alibaba recruits product experiencers with an annual salary of 400,000. The job requirements are as follows:
  Over 60 years of age, unlimited academic qualifications, and unlimited working background;
  Rapport with children;
  There is a stable circle of middle-aged and elderly people, which has a greater influence in the group (square dance KOL, community neighborhood committee members are preferred), etc.
  I thought it was impossible to recruit people, and I did not expect that the candidates who came for the job would make the circle of friends boil, and how many young people felt ashamed.
  83-year-old Aunt Li Lu graduated from Tsinghua University. She has a clear mind and a rigorous logic. She is an opinion leader in more than a dozen WeChat groups. She often organizes offline activities and is full of energy.
  Uncle Huang, 62, introduced the PPT directly to introduce himself. Identity tags include: "Taobao 12-year buyer experience", "Sesame credit score of 785 points", "proficient in operating photoshop design software".
  When people reach old age, not only do they not rely on the old to sell the old and reject new things, but they always keep their freshness and sensitivity to the outside world and keep their thinking and cognition active.
  They learn new skills and new knowledge and resonate with the times. The old people at sunset not only live wonderfully, but also gain recognition and respect.
  Behind the ability to be stable is the need for continuous learning and motivation for self-growth.
  Just as Luo Zhenyu proposed the "U-disk survival" strategy, he warned young people:
  "Bring your own information, do not install the system, plug and unplug at any time, and collaborate freely."
  Simply put, it is to exercise your stable and professional ability to become a "craftsman." That is, in the organization, all the focus is on whether they have learned new things, their cognition has been upgraded, and their abilities have been improved.
  You only need to be responsible for your own value growth.
  Once your value accumulates, given time and maturity, whether for passive or active reasons, you have the complete freedom to choose to leave the organizational system that limits your ability to play, with no regrets or regrets.
  Write at the end
  The stability of work is just a hallucination and psychological comfort brought by the instinct of human security. It cannot lead you to the ultimate inner stability.
  Inner stability comes from strong confidence and irreplaceability.
  What can make you truly change and break through is not something you are used to and familiar with.
  Only those things that you are unfamiliar with and dare to try and challenge outside the comfort zone can bring you essential changes.
  I like this sentence :
  "If you want to struggle , no matter how comfortable you are, you can't stop you; if you don't want to struggle, no matter how uncomfortable you are, you will sink here.
  Young as you, but still resentful, paralyzing yourself with laziness and ignorance?
  Maybe, it's time to change.