The 985 colleague who graduated from the school didn't get promoted, and his salary was cut ...
  Over the years, we have heard too many stories about the negative energy of hard work but no effect. In fact, behind that seemingly busy effort, it is always a "pseudo-effort".
  What is real effort?
  The real effort is to step out of the comfort zone and work with pain.
  Xiaoya, who disappeared for a long time, finally issued a circle of friends, which was a certificate of a third-level human resources division.
  I hurriedly sent a private letter to congratulate her: "I still wanted to ask why you didn't send a circle of friends. I didn't expect to study hard ."
  She returned to me in an instant: "I'm busy studying for the exam, I don't even have time to sleep. How can I make friends?"
  When I heard this sentence, I was very moved.
  This friend of mine, who used to be in several circles of friends a day, went out to play, watched a movie, and fell in love. The life in the circle of friends was colorful and the life in reality was boring.
  Later, she found that her seemingly colorful life was actually of inferior quality.
  I spent a lot of time elsewhere. In the circle of friends, I didn't move to a higher level, but instead, my work was stagnant and there was no improvement.
  Especially when she realized that those who used to be inferior to her were now about to catch up, she was determined to make a change.
  So she began to aggressively attack her professional field. The party does not go, the photo is not exposed, and it almost disappeared from the circle of friends. When it appeared again, it was this certificate that passed the third-level human resources exam.
  While rejoicing, she did not stop but chose to continue her efforts to the second and first level.
  I think of an article I read before that says someone who has suddenly disappeared from the circle of friends. Bacheng is the one who has found a new direction of struggle and is determined to work hard for it.
  When you do n’t know, the really powerful people are quietly trying to be good.
  There is a colleague who is doing design in the department. Once I chatted with her, I realized that this usually quiet colleague would pick up design lists after work, and do extra part-time jobs to increase his income.
  She said humbly that because she can pass the technology, she can first draft according to customer requirements, the design is novel, and the revision is timely, and the number of customers and orders is gradually increasing.
  Although she was really tired sometimes, but watching her life getting better every day, she was very happy, and now her extra income is close to the normal salary.
  Not only that, she also said that she would apply for professional courses every year and use her spare time to work hard to recharge in order to improve her design level.
  In the short communication with her, the amount of information she revealed made me deeply impressed by her efforts and self-discipline.
  I believe that after a busy day, the most important thing to do when returning home is to rest, tremble in a comfortable bed, watch a TV show, and pass the time until sleep.
  Rarely will someone choose to continue working hard after a day of exhaustion, which requires much willpower.
  A friend used to say in the WeChat group: time is passing so fast, the plan made at the beginning of the month has not yet begun, it will be the end of the month.
  I opened her circle of friends and updated it several times a day. Instead of sharing a party with friends, I would forward the small paragraphs on the vibrato, and I often brushed the circle of friends at midnight or two.
  By the end of each year, but there will be many people feeling that time had gone: still no weight-loss success , or not to save money, promotion and pay rise or not, or not skilled learn English ......
  But I want to say that there is time, you just abandoned it at will.
  I suddenly discovered that there are many efforts in the world that do not require others to know.
  Where you don't know, when you hesitate to wait and see, there will always be someone working silently.
  There is no luck, there is no "amateur wins a career", behind all the glorious successes, there are efforts and persistence we can't see .
  Some time ago, Salary Network announced a TOP200 list of China's college graduates in 2018.
  The top ten universities in the list include Tsinghua University, Peking University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and University of International Business and Economics. It can be said that most of the top rankings are 985 and 211 key schools.
  The salary list has been hotly debated. Many people are saying, yeah, I'm a prestigious school, which is really amazing.
  It's great, but it's really not that great. Graduates from prestigious schools do have a high starting salary, and they do win on the starting line.
  But what is life?
  Life is a marathon, a long-distance race.
  Can I laugh to the last when I win the starting line?
  A person insists on hard work, sweating, and his legs are so soft that he will not quit. A longer time dimension will inevitably break the starting line effect.
  When the department opened the year-end meeting, Xiaoqi was praised by the leaders, praised her for her excellent work, and recommended her to be the company's outstanding employee of the year, and she was also given a raise.
  Colleagues are envious of Xiaoqi, but all this is what she worked hard to earn.
  Xiaoqi has not been in the company for more than a year. She has a college degree and was very unremarkable when she first came. She is often called to do some rough work.
  But she has no complaints and has been working diligently.
  Make a form, others will use the data to make a chart, she will make a few, and repeatedly compare, even if the data in the table, she must carefully check it several times;
  A colleague asked her to print a document, and she would not only help the other party print it, but also help them to correct the typos in the document before printing, print and bind it, and give it to the other party neatly
  Some people say that her education is low, and she can't compare with the graduates from key colleges. If she wants to get a promotion and raise salary, she will have to work hard.
  She is always the first one in the department and always waits for her colleagues to leave before leaving.
  In fact, there are many people around us like her. They are holding their hair and struggling to get out of the current mire.
  They are all struggling to live their lives, and they want to live up to their lives .
  I used to ask myself, "Is your current life the one you wanted? If not, what else can you do to change the status quo?"
  A few years ago, I always felt that I was still young and had plenty of time for my pastime. But when more and more people who were younger than me appeared beside me, I suddenly realized that I was already very old. Already.
  You are already an adult. You must learn to face all the difficulties and frustrations of life, and you must be responsible for your own life and for the future.
  Time is like a net, where you spread your harvest.
  Hopefully, after decades, we can all rightly say to ourselves, "The years have never spared me, and I have never spared them."