I used 24 departures in exchange for 6 blood-like lessons
  I graduated in 2014.
  After graduating, I thought I was young, some were willful capital, and some were development possibilities. As a result, I frequently changed jobs and resigned a little.
  I graduated 24 times in 5 years.
  The shortest time, only half a day. The longest time is 4 months.
  However, his resignation was refreshing, and his career became a crematorium.
  So far, I'm 30 years old, and I can't do anything, and then go to apply for a job, there is no company to ask.
  Earlier this year, dozens of rounds of briefings were posted on major recruitment websites, and only one telephone interview was turned out.
  On the phone, HR asked, "Why have you changed your job so hard these years?"
  I said, "Maybe I still haven't found the right job."
  When they heard it, they hung up the phone politely. No more echoes.
  Later, I wanted to ask a friend for a job introduction.
  But because he was too turbulent, he flipped through the phone book and found that there were no friends with strong connections and rich resources.
  As a part-time job, as long as people have their own skills and professional skills, me? Forget it, I haven't settled down to learn things at all these years, I can't find such a job at all.
  Do physical work? service industry? Sorry, I ca n’t take the hardships.
  In this way, I have been in a dilapidated rental house for several months and I do not know where to go.
  There was even a time when I thought about asking the former leader and BOSS to re-accept, and once the application was issued, "XX has opened friend verification, you are not his friend ..."
  As a self-destructive person, I want to use myself as a negative case to tell all the impulse, naive, willful, ignorant of the workplace, the pink fantasy, the only post-90s cry Suggest.
  I hope that each of you can take a good look. Don't be like me, but step into these pits.
  Article 1: Resignation really dies quickly
  If you are a post-90s, you must overcome your stupid idea: I am still young and have time.
  In fact, we really have very little time.
  I heard some HR say that people who come to apply for a job now, even those born in 1990, will be excluded, because it is nearly 30, the grinding cost is high, and the other party ’s asking price is higher.
  Especially for women, because of various protections, enterprises cannot move or quit, employers have been cautious, and their working age is shorter.
  Once over the age of 25, in the workplace on it became embarrassing.
  When you go to apply for a job, others will inquire about your marriage situation very politely. Then there is no more.
  In other words, we have only a few years of golden job age. After this time has passed, there is no longer an age advantage in the workplace.
  With frequent resignations, it is difficult for you to learn the true skills of an industry.
  A boss of mine said before that if you want to understand the essence of an industry, you must stay in this industry for more than 5 years.
  I stayed 5 years for 5 years, but only 5 years in 24 places.
  This led me to be interviewing forever.
  Try it forever.
  Always being rejected.
  Can you learn how is this possible!
  I am so embarrassed now that I can even order an 8 yuan takeaway for two meals. When I buy clothes on Taobao, I dare to buy less than 30 yuan, and one year after wearing.
  Speaking of Taobao, I suddenly remembered that some foreign media once asked Dad Ma: "What do you think of the frequent resignation of young people today?"
  Ma said something, I think everyone should listen well.
  He said not to resign frequently.
  His first job was as a teacher, and he didn't really love it, but because a dean said to him when he graduated: promise me, and I will do it for 6 years.
  He kept his promise and started his business after 6 years .
  During these 6 years, he slowly found the joy of this job as a teacher.
  Faced with the resignation addiction of young people at the moment, he said, "You have to make a commitment deep down in your heart. This job will take me at least 3 years to leave."
  "A lot of people, jumping around, this is really bad."
  "Usually, young people between the ages of 20 and 30 have no direction for their future. They have a lot of ideas in their minds and think that they can do everything well, in fact they can't do anything well."
  "You have to follow a good boss, keep a job and stick to it."
  "Just focus in front of you and do what you do best."
  Alas, it is really until now that I understand the truth of Da Ma's words.
  Article 2: Emotions must be stable
  My last regret was my resignation from a new media company.
  Because the industry is good, everyone in the company has a high income.
  There, I would have paid over 10,000 a month.
  But also because of arrogance, I felt that the company couldn't see my depression, the boss didn't trust me, and because I had done something wrong, I was remembered for a small fee, deducted 100 yuan, and resigned in a hurry.
  Since then, no such good company has been found.
  Later I reflected on my failure and found that my emotion was too impulsive, which was my biggest fatal injury.
  I always thought naively that when I got angry at work, it was the company's fault, the leadership's fault, and the system's fault.
  But I didn't think that the solver of these emotions is not others, but should be myself.
  I didn't want to take the initiative to communicate in the past.
  I didn't even think about solving it in the past.
  Rather, he was allowed to ferment his emotions, which led him to find fault every day, somehow, full of inner drama, more and more trapped in the "victim psychology", every day stubbornly felt that the world owed me the same.
  In the end, the boss could not bear it anymore.
  And I only voluntarily resigned.
  Emotional stability is the most basic emotional intelligence in the workplace.
  After all, the company is not a counselling room.
  Not a nursery.
  I can't be responsible for my depression and irritability, nor will I be able to serve my joy and sorrow.
  All emotions, I must learn to deal with them myself.
  We are all adults.
  The biggest sign of an adult is self-responsibility.
  This kind of self-responsibility includes not only being responsible for your own future, income, development, and growth, but also being responsible for your own emotions. No one has the obligation to protect our glass heart. Except ourselves.
  Article 3: Must be reliable
  The so-called reliable, as we are familiar with, "Everything is accountable, everything is upset, everything is echoed."
  Each company has its own operating mechanism.
  But one thing is the same. That is, leaders want to reduce communication costs as much as possible, so that the company's cooperation is efficient and smooth, each link is clear and clear.
  Therefore, the things explained to you must be done with feedback, review, summary, and improvement plans.
  One of my classmates quickly gained recognition and a raise based on this momentum.
  The company gave her a project without saying deadlines, reporting targets, and performance indicators.
  But after receiving it, she quickly formulated an implementation plan.
  The plan includes not only the achievement of goals, practical steps, fission methods and partners, but also the time limit and profit budget.
  Her supervisors were shocked.
  When talking about this project, she will carefully report on the progress every night, even if she is tired.
  Even if it is not completed, tell the leader the truth and ask him for help.
  The project is not over yet, even the big boss knows her existence. Later, when he talks about her in the company, he says, "That pretty girl!"
  I am the opposite.
  What the boss asked me to do, I did, but never said.
  I thought it was modest, but I don't know. In the workplace, you can't let others guess, let alone the leader to play this game of guess and guess.
  What did you do, say it.
  What difficulties did you encounter?
  I haven't said it because of this lack of knowledge.
  This led to 80% of the bosses I met, who felt that I was a hard-working, hard-working, non- learning , initiative, and aggressive person.
  Then I was misunderstood and fluctuated again.
  Resign as soon as mood swings.
  Alas, everything deserves me!
  There are no shortcuts in the workplace.
  If there is only one, it is reliable. That is, everything is accountable, everything is upset, everything is echoed.
  This will not only make you quickly see and grow quickly.
  It will also get you recognized quickly.
  Article 4: Understand that your current job is the best choice within your current ability.
  I believe that before you took a job, you also found a long job and made a long choice.
  In the end, a company, business, or organization was selected because it is the best choice in your choice.
  Since it is the best, it is worthy of this "best".
  Not to mention 100% energy and effort to do a good job, but at least 80% of energy to invest.
  I didn't, so I collapsed.
  Every time I joined a company, I felt fresh for the first three days. Later, when work started to run efficiently, I started to feel that every day these boring things are really annoying and boring.
  Slowly began to find the company's stubble in the subconscious.
  Afternoon tea.
  The monthly bonus is too small.
  The leader is too serious and not kind.
  The atmosphere in the office is not happy.
  Performance appraisal standards are too strict.
  Why am I fined for doing something wrong instead of encouraging me?
  Why am I not doing well and the leader will not tell me in an encouraging way?
  I'm a personal person, can I be emotional? Why not serve me well? Why didn't you come to comfort me? Solve my problem?
  Then it became more and more uncomfortable.
  It's so good that the scar forgot the pain.
  I forgot how I submitted dozens of resumes before I got two interviews.
  I also forgot how I asked for leadership in order to find this job: "I don't want pay, I want to learn something here."
  I even forgot how excited I was when I received OFFER.
  I've ruined my best choice time and time again with my own hairiness, waywardness, laziness, narrowness.
  And it was actively destroyed.
  Because I resigned.
  And I was relaxed when I resigned.
  I thought that I got rid of a broken company again, but what I didn't expect was that under my irrationality, my choices gradually became worse than one.
  The best job is that new media company.
  Secondly, it is a travel company.
  Again, it's a comic company.
  In other cases, my monthly salary did not exceed 4K, and the company became smaller, more complicated, and more chaotic.
  Article 5: Don't make enemies everywhere
  In particular, don't use your little temper to make enemies with the objects you should study and cooperate with.
  One of the most stupid things I've ever done was to talk about bosses in a circle of friends.
  Of course it is not directly cursed. It refers to Sanghuai, saying how bad some people are and how small they are.
  The result was of course known to the boss.
  This became a trigger for my dismissal.
  Another time, during a meal, a colleague and I wentssiping excitedly, talking about things. I didn't expect that in a few days, all these words would reach the ears of colleagues and leaders who were gossiping.
  It is conceivable that a group of enemies were immediately established in the company.
  Really, don't engage in small circle culture.
  Don't grumble or vent.
  Don't talk bad things behind people, colleagues, leaders. All these bad words will eventually be heard by the other party.
  Doing good with others is never wrong.
  After scolding the leader and the company at that time, I didn't feel any great, "I have emotions, I can't vent it! I'm fired!"
  I thought that the world is so big, there is no grandfather here, and he has his own grandfather office, so he pats his ass and leaves. As a result, because of his low emotional quotient, so far, he has not made a friend from 24 companies.
  I didn't understand until now--
  The more people offended, the narrower your path will be.
  The more people you help, the wider your path will be.
  In fact, life is nothing more than attention to details.
  Give everything in one step, do more for good things, endure bad words and hurt others, and do n’t do it.
  Especially those who might benefit your growth and promotion, don't offend.
  This is not just the principle of life.
  Instead, when you have a mustard in your heart, it is difficult for you to really learn from him.
  By the way, break up to see the character, leaving also see the character.
  When leaving, do all the transfer work as carefully as possible.
  The other thing is to pay attention to the leaders and colleagues who are kind to you and help you a lot.
  Don't bother, at this step, you must do it.
  Of the 24 employers I left, in the end only those leaders I had said goodbye to did not black me out.
  Last one: Thanksgiving
  I know the post-90s generation doesn't care much about this now.
  I feel that my company has let me stay in a five-star hotel, take a plane, travel abroad, and train me with all my heart.
  But the problem is that companies also need costs.
  These costs, they could not have paid for you. Spending it on you, of course they will want something in return.
  You can't return performance, you can't return good words, let the leaders think.
  The hearts of men are flesh.
  Opportunity is not for whom.
  Why give a wolf?
  Your attitude is too reasonable, and the leader will think: this kind of person is like a farmer's snake, and this kind of person is ashamed of her, no matter how cold he is, forget it.
  So just like this, you will miss every opportunity, and you will miss the benefits again and again.
  This is also where I do very badly.
  Before, a boss liked me very much and took me to various conferences, industry conferences, press conferences, celebrity cooperation, full five-star service, and then took me abroad to communicate.
  But I never said thank you once.
  Even thinking, isn't this what you should do?
  When he left, the boss said, "You are the coldest person I have ever met."
  What can i say
  To get such an evaluation, I blame myself and I can't blame others.
  And the people who are really in the workplace are very few people who are full of gratitude.
  They always understand that possession is all they need.
  Beyond the gain of duty, it is grace.
  Then I will be grateful for all this, and pay back with double work.
  So the last thing I want to tell you is that because other people are not grateful, if you do it, you will get extra points and even become very outstanding.
  Everyone needs work.
  If you don't work, you will have problems, and you will eat away our hope and will.
  But since you have to work, try to be a qualified professional.
  Don't be like me, because one's waywardness, willfulness, indifference, unreliability, and indeterminacy will gradually turn the one-by-one front road into one by one road.